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Featured Music Video: Break My Heart Again | Finneas | cover by New Rules Duo


Break My Heart Again | @Finneasofficial | cover by New Rules Duo 

 Recorded by New Rules Duo @overtonerecords3361 

Video recorded by @gorillastreetmedia and Tony Brown Recorded in Cyprus in @Golden Coast Hotel Paralimni 

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Sunday, December 25, 2022

Featured Music Video: Singolo unplugged by Don Pasquale Ferone


Singolo unplugged by Don Pasquale Ferone @donpasqualeferoneartista Su tutte le piattaforme digitali. TESTO: 1. La ricerca della pace dentro te, il motivo del cammino verso Lui, tra problemi e contrasti passerai, senza sosta alla Vita arriverai; Rit.: In eterno il tuo nome rimarrà, nel Suo cuore e nella Vita tu sarai, non temere se difficile sarà, ma fiducia sempre in Lui! 2. La ricchezza dell'Amore gusterai, quando il cuore al Signore aprirai, non cercare quello che non durerà, ma il tuo sguardo verso Lui resterà... Rit.: By Don Pasquale Ferone

Monday, July 25, 2022

Seeking justice with "Violence And Hate" by Darrell Kelley

With last month’s release of Darrell Kelley’s blazing “Gun Reform” (released worldwide on the Viral Records label) that decried the raging gun violence plaguing the United States, Mr. Kelley, originally from Boston, MA but currently residing in the sunshine state of Florida, now addresses the Washington, DC, January 6, 2021, riots by Trump supporters, and the ongoing investigation into that matter. It appears democracy itself may be clinging to dear life by a thread, and prayer, as more evidence is uncovered, presented, considered, and reviewed. What better way to sum up the situation than the succinct but precise title of his latest single, “Violence and Hate”.

Singer, composer and entrepreneur Darrell Kelley was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He’s a performer, singer, songwriter, social activist, spiritual leader, author and entrepreneur. Where injustice prevails Kelley has been known to plunge headlong into the fight to seek justice, understanding, acceptance and unity for one and all.

Beginning his career as a Gospel recording artist Darrell Kelley eventually, seamlessly and successfully made the crossover to the contemporary R&B/Hip-Hop and Mainstream Top 40 radio genre formats. His songs address both secular and non-secular subjects with not only deep insight but often with humor.

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Friday, July 22, 2022

Tarah Who? - ‘Toast to the Brave’

Los Angeles-based rock duo Tarah Who? have given us their 2nd single of 2022, ‘Toast to the Brave,’ inspired by a holiday that originated in Mexico called ‘Día De Muertos’, which translates to ‘Day of the Dead.’ Each verse discusses a different topic, the first being about an Indonesian submarine that tragically sank in 2021. The second is a more personal story about a friend of vocalist Tarah Carpenter, who was going through some tough times without his friends knowing; he kept a strong face-up and showed resilience. The final verse touches on the execution of Quintin Phillippe Jones, who was on death row for an excruciating 20 years.

This track starts as it means to go on, with lyrics of ‘don’t be afraid, you’ve got to be brave, we will all end up there anyway’ being sang in a sinister and threatening way alongside some unsettling electric guitar that paints the picture of an evil, mysterious, slimy creature emerging from cracks in the ground. The track gradually picks up more and more aggression for the next 30 seconds, with explosive drums and hard-hitting vocals bringing the intensity.

Unexpected guitar riffs change the pace of the song, and chants in unison of ‘Dead! Dead! Dead!’ steer us through the rest of this organized (I think?) chaos. You never really know where you’re at during this song, but that’s the beauty of it. Tarah Who? give you everything you want from a grunge-punk band and then some more.

Listen to their new track ‘Toast to the Brave’ here:

And check out the music video:

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Album Preview: "Friday Night Time Warp" by BadCameo

The Tampa Bay-based 3-piece BandCameo's new album "Friday Night Time Warp" will be released on August 5, 2022. The ten-track effort  will include three singles that are already available on all platforms: "Funk Train," "Healin'," and "Fast Love". With these three singles, BadCameo proves themselves to be more than capable of making high-quality funk music. Anyone who enjoys listening to funk music should give listen to all three of these songs and keep the upcoming release date of the album in mind. In fact, the album can be pre-ordered now should one choose to do after hearing the three singles. 

The first impression many people will have of "Funk Train," "Healin'," and "Fast Love" is the these are three up-tempo funk songs that will make people want to dance. On "Funk Train," lyrics such as "So pull up to the station/the party will ignite" reinforce this sentiment. On "Healin'," listeners will hear lyrics including "I'm movin' on like a rolling stone," an ode to their classic rock roots in a song about moving on from a relationship. Finally, "Fast Love" lyrics like "Don't make me beg/Don't make me plead/Don't make me get down on my knees" see BadCameo singing about the complexities of love. 

To pre-order, "Friday Night Time Warp" by BadCameo, visit Unable Records ( To listen to BadCameo's currently-released discography, including "Funk Train," "Healin'," and "Fast Love" off the upcoming album, visit Spotify ( To connect with BadCameo, visit Instagram ( and Linktree ( Be sure to also check out BadCameo's website (

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Every Third Night: An Interview with Author Mitch Maiman

About Dr. Mitchell Maiman became a physician at age twenty-four and is now retired. As a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology and sub-specialist in Gynecologic Oncology, he has had a distinguished academic, clinical, and research career in medicine and served as both a Director of Gynecologic Oncology and Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology at major New York City-based university hospitals. He has been recognized for his numerous educational contributions in the field and his devotion and commitment to the teaching of residents and fellows.

Mitch lives with his wife, Dr. Judy Levy, in Long Island, New York, and is an avid tennis player and practitioner of yoga. They first met during their residency training. This is his first novel.

Book Details 

Every Third Night is an eye-opening yet poignant novel set in a busy, dehumanizing, and unyielding New York City residency program in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1984. It brings the reader into the real world of medicine at a time of limited supervision and brutal duty hours through the vantage points of young physicians enduring stressful conflicts and volatile relationships.

Jimmy Zito seemingly has it all—strikingly handsome, brilliant clinical skills, and a talented teacher—but a troubled past and a rash of new demands leave him struggling to survive in his last month of training. He desperately tries to guide his fellow residents through their own personal traumas but is not as prepared to handle the pressure as others might think, especially considering the unchecked aberrant behavior of attending physicians, the highly emotional demands of Ob-Gyn, and the turmoil surrounding an ultra-needy girlfriend and stubborn father.

As Jimmy and his colleagues grapple with the overwhelming friction of their circumstances, the intertwined subplots collide and come crashing down when a haunting mishap leaves the program reeling and Jimmy’s life forever transformed.

Author and Book Questions – Interview 

AIM: What is your favorite Quote or Words to live by?

Mitch Maiman: “Writing is its own reward” – Henry Miller.

For those of us who are blessed with the ability to effectively compose the written word, nothing else is necessary. It doesn’t matter if you are recognized for your work, compensated for your efforts, or universally admired or detested. Writing is pure joy. The process, whatever your unique and individual form of it might be, is like cooking the greatest of gourmet meals, with the completed manuscript becoming the savory dinner. The beauty lies in the elation of expression, in relating your version of the world in whatever style suits you. You could delete your entire novel the moment it is finished, or print it out only to rip it up and throw it in the trash, and the result should be the same – a sense of accomplishment, comfort and delight in your ability to create.

AIM:  In your book, who is your favorite/most relatable character?

Mitch Maiman: The protagonist, Jimmy Zito. He is complex young man, with an enormous amount of internal conflict that characterizes so many of our lives. In addition, although outwardly he seems very put together and stable, his inner demons haunt his ability to find true peace in his life. One-dimensional characters may be functional in the simplest of movies or on television series, but good novelists must create identities that are believable and move the reader. Ones that elicit emotion. And for that to happen, the stars of every novel must grapple with similar issues that plague real people’s lives. Jimmy Zito is all of that.

AIM: In your book, what is your favorite chapter?

Mitch Maiman: Chapter 29, by far. That is the place where the entire novel comes together, where all the sub-plots merge and the story becomes whole. When I started the novel, I had absolutely no idea where the plot would take me. I simply created the characters and let them emerge and develop their distinct personalities. I allowed their growth to dictate the progression of the plot. Then, and only then, could the story line logically proceed accordingly. I didn’t know how Chapter 29 would turn out until I completed Chapter 28.

AIM: Please share your favorite excerpt from you book.

Mitch Maiman: “He used a fresh bar of soap to violently clean every crevice of his body as if the force and completeness of this ritual could remove the pain from his core. His tears mixed with the water from the showerhead, and at times seemed equal in volume.

     As steam continued to accumulate around him, he cleaned himself into utter exhaustion, using the last ounce of his energy to turn the silver knob

expelling the water to counterclockwise completion.”

     This excerpt illustrates the obsessive desperation that the protagonist demonstrated in attempting to rid himself of his awful experience.

AIM: Please share your favorite quote from your book.

Mitch Maiman: “Sensations were suppressed until the next hour or next day or next month, and vague anxiety lingered indefinitely until it became outright discomfort.”

     This quote exemplifies the poisonous quagmire of residency training and its inherent sense of helplessness.

AIM: Explain your book cover design concept and how you came up with the idea.

Mitch Maiman: The book cover design was created in an effort to transmit three distinct messages. First, the life of a resident, continuing to work as the sun comes up, unshaven and obviously awake all night, exhausted beyond comprehension. Second, the shabby conditions of the environment; unmade bunk beds, disheveled on-call room, dirty cups of coffee and medical records randomly dispersed in the environment. The paradoxical expectation that first class medical care is expected to be delivered in third class surroundings. And third, this dedicated young professional still trying to concentrate and perform his job no matter what the obstacles. Commitment even in the face of turmoil. Dedication despite hypocrisy.

     Coming up with the idea was easy. I just imagined myself enduring the countless sleepless nights in the hospital during my own residency training, creating an internal picture of my actual life during that difficult time.

AIM: Even though your book is Fiction is it based on a real-life experience?

Mitch Maiman: Yes, it is based not only on my own experiences during a grueling residency program in a large New York City municipal hospital in the 1980’s, but undoubtedly on the similar encounters of thousand of my colleagues throughout that time period and others. In addition, although conditions in health care training have dramatically improved over the last couple of decades, many of the issues still glaringly exist today, and our youngest and our brightest physician pool is still exposed to unnecessary hardship and trauma. My novel attempts to bring the civilian reader into this foreign world of health care, while, at the same time, potentially validating the career experiences of the physician reader.


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Song Review: "I Want You'' by Nasim Siddeeq

Nasim Siddeeq has released the song "I Want You" via MLife Records. This song mixes multiple genres, primarily R&B, Pop, and soul, and will be enjoyed by fans of all these genres. "I Want You" will also be enjoyed by fans of love songs, as lyrically this song is about wanting to be with a love desire. In addition to releasing the audio, Nasim Siddeeq has offered a music video for "I Want You," directed by Lenny Lopez and produced by Traviso Milner. 

The music video starts off by showing an open road while synths begin to play. Soon after, listeners will hear the first lyrics: "It don't matter/We both got floors." The music video takes place in a wide variety of settings, including that road. Viewers will also find Nasim Siddeeq playing guitar in an open field and skipping rocks at the shore. Regardless of what activitiy Nasim Siddeeq is doing and what the setting is, "I Want You" perfectly gives off the 90s vibe, and people will surely be able to relate to it, especially those who remember their love interest. 

As the lyrics progress, listeners will come to realize that "I Want You" speaks about Nasim Siddeeq wanting to be in a relationship with someone. For example, he sings "You'll always be the best I ever had," a romantic line. By belting out the chorus, Nasim Siddeeq has made that part of "I Want You" rather memorable, and for a good reason.


Listen on Spotify:

Official Music Video:

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(And For Anyone Who Wants More Energy)


Millions are needlessly suffering from 

chronic fatigue instigated by viruses, COVID 19 and a variety of other causes and triggers. Historically, the medical community has struggled to both identify chronic fatigue and treat 

the causes of this affliction. For the first time, a book has come along to provide information on a huge range of potential remedies, both natural and pharmacological to help remedy all the symptoms of Long COVID, ME/CFS, Lyme and fibromyalgia, many of which, your doctor probably hasn’t thought about.

The author, Jason Boyce, a long-time sufferer of ME/CFS and then long COVID, uses his own body as an experimental petri dish and provides incredibly valuable insights into therapies you probably didn’t know existed. The long list of therapies includes nebulizing hydrogen peroxide, nebulizing glutathione, high dose vitamin D, red light therapy, PEMF therapy, the lightning process, Mickel therapy, and ketamine therapy, amongst others. These therapies combined provide a powerful knock-out punch for chronic fatigue and other common symptoms related to chronic illnesses.

The book also delves into what supplements best increase energy levels, the best diet for those with chronic illnesses, and the latest developments on biotechnology companies attempts to create drugs specifically for chronic fatigue.

The book also provides advice on how to beat depression, how to get back to sleep, how to stay motivated long enough to get better, how to remain positive and how to create a positive habit.

If you or someone you know suffer from fatigue related issues, or are just low on energy, then this book is the greatest gift you could give yourself or others who suffer from fatigue.

Interview with Jason Boyce:

In writing this book, Boyce aims to shed light on both chronic fatigue and Long COVID, provide comprehensive solutions, and inspire those who suffer to hold onto hope.

Thank you so much for talking with All Indie Magazine. First question, is Chronic Fatigue Gone! your first book?

Yes this is my first, but not my last! I read a lot of books about chronic fatigue and many of them were helpful, but few, if any, provided a plan or any remedies for relieving fatigue. After learning so much about the disease and slowly figuring out how to fight back, I logged everything in a journal to help myself. It became quickly apparent that I needed to share everything I had learnt with others, as I knew it’s full of information not available elsewhere. Creating the book felt like a moral imperative rather than an impulse! Furthermore, during the writing of the book, long COVID became a disastrous reality, and I knew that the treatments for M.E. were also going to help the symptoms of long COVID.

How long did it take you to compile all of the research for your book?

It took two years of intensive research, reading and analyzing many scientific and academic studies. But I had been experimenting with various therapies for many years and logging the results. This became the foundation for writing the book.

Would you mind telling us a little more about what your book seeks to teach readers?

This book teaches readers to overcome chronic illness and to help them live a relatively normal life again.

The truth is that millions are needlessly suffering from chronic fatigue instigated by viruses, COVID 19 and a variety of other causes and triggers. Historically, the medical community has struggled to both identify chronic fatigue and treat the causes of this affliction. 

This book provides information on a huge range of potential remedies, both natural and pharmacological to help remedy all the symptoms of Long COVID, M.E./CFS, Lyme and fibromyalgia, many of which, your doctor probably hasn’t thought about.

I have suffered from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (AKA chronic fatigue syndrome) and then long COVID and used my own body as an experimental petri dish to provide incredibly valuable insights into various therapies. Therapies include nebulizing hydrogen peroxide, nebulizing glutathione, high dose vitamin D, red light therapy, PEMF therapy, the lightning process, Mickel therapy, and ketamine therapy, amongst others. These therapies combined provide a powerful knock-out punch for chronic fatigue and other common symptoms related to chronic illnesses.

The book also delves into what supplements best increase energy levels, the best diet for those with chronic illnesses, and the latest developments on biotechnology companies attempts to create drugs specifically for chronic fatigue and long COVID.

The book also provides advice on how to beat depression, how to get back to sleep, how to stay motivated long enough to get better, how to remain positive, how to create a positive habit and longevity strategies for living a longer life.

If you could only give readers one piece of advice that would really help them throughout their struggles, what would it be?

That’s a difficult question as the book provides a wide range of advice regarding therapies and medications, that when combined, can help you live a normal life. However, it is extremely important to be your own health advocate. Only you can make the change you need to get better. Don’t take no for an answer. Make sure you see a holistic physician, either a naturopath or integrative medicine specialist. A primary care doctor may not know enough to help you.  Ask for the widest blood test possible, what you don’t know can kill you. Make sure you get a poop test to ascertain the balance of the bacteria in you gut. This vital to maintain a health immune system.  

Do you have anything else you would like to share with us?

Firstly, never, ever give up. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. I would ask the reader to learn about the most important therapies and make the effort to try them out.  I would ask them to buy a nebulizer (a device that vaporizes liquid into a fine mist) and to nebulize 3% hydrogen peroxide (HP). HP kills all pathogens and bacteria, increases blood oxygen levels and provides a substantial burst of energy. I would also ask them to learn about the master antioxidant; Glutathione, that can also be nebulized, which helps reduce the toxic load from both food and environmental toxins. 

I would ask the reader to conquer their depression (most people with chronic fatigue suffer from depression). There is an amazing therapy gaining national attention called Ketamine therapy, a psychoactive compound that can substantially reduce depression in as little as 24 hours. (Google it now!)

I also discuss the importance of high dose vitamin D (not actually a vitamin, but a hormone), which reduces the symptoms of fatigue. In fact, those deficient in vitamin D are 3.4 times more likely to perish from COVID.

I would ask the reader to research these therapies in order to help motivate themselves, as motivation is hugely important to beat any chronic affliction. Of course, my book will help them on their research endeavors.  

The book is currently available on Amazon. For more information, please visit

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Director Freddie Jarrett’s Indie Thriller Short Film “Cicada” Examines Our Obsession with the Perfection of Social Media Versus Real Life Expectations at a Cottage in the Woods


June 13, 2022

Director Freddie Jarrett’s Indie Thriller Short Film “Cicada” Examines Our Obsession with the Perfection of Social Media Versus Real Life Expectations at a Cottage in the Woods

Orlando, FL - In the short horror film “Cicada”, a young couple gets more than what they anticipated at a secluded romantic getaway in the woods. When an invisible foreign presence attacks them throughout the night, they realize that the glowing reviews and ratings they saw online aren’t exactly correct. Lead actress Roxy Rivera and director/producer/writer/actor Freddie Jarrett convey the terror and fear that arises when they are held hostage to the ratings and approval of others. The tense moments scored by Kathleen Enriquez and Bernard Kyer’s cicada sound design keep the viewer stuck in determining what is real. With minimalist dialogue and creepy cuts, Jarrett’s screenplay will have you trapped in the terror and despair, unable to escape the nightmare.

While traveling to an Airbnb in the woods, Jarrett was curious about how a UFO sighting might be perceived in 2021. His story took form as he connected the problems that arise when we become accustomed to our obsessions with perfection and reject anything that doesn’t fit our narrative. Jarrett explores how our reliance on social media keeps us stuck with unrealistic expectations and stunts our ability to adapt to change. In the end, the couple leaves the cottage and recommends the place to others because they aren’t ready to admit the terror they faced, resulting in the cycle doomed to repeat again.

Originally created for The Orlando Independent Filmmakers (OIF) Chaos Challenge, Jarrett’s film “Cicada” is currently on the festival circuit for the next few months. The film has already received an Honorable Mention at the ATX Short Film Showcase, Best Sound Design at the Thrills and Chills Film Awards, and Best Sci-Fi at the KINGS CROSS FILM AWARDS. Jarrett is an accomplished director, producer, writer, and actor who has received a total of 9 awards for his three short films (“Cicada”, “Woke”, and “The Girl with the Pumpkin”) and has starred in over 36 short films and feature-length films.


For more information or to conduct an interview, please contact Freddie Jarrett at 321-745-5072 or email

Film Freeway: 




Cicada Review

Cicada is a 2022 short horror film directed by Freddie Jarrett who also wrote the script. It is a confidently made genre flick.

It follows a young couple who go to a secluded romantic getaway in a cottage that has glowing reviews and ratings online. However, a perfect night quickly turns into a nightmare as they are attacked by an invisible demonic spirit of sorts and they cannot escape it. Eventually, the two leave the cottage seemingly happy in spite of what happened to them and ending up recommending the place to others on the Internet as well.

The film isn’t just a regular horror short, but it offers a deeper metaphor about the seemingly inescapable reality of online recommendations and ratings system that leaves most people hostage to it. The movie is creepy and very well executed in its scenes of terror that are further elevated by strong acting from its two leads, but what it says about our current obsession with ratings says a lot.

Cicada is also aptly titled as the sound of cicadas and crickets fulfill many moments here. The idyllic cottage is very well shot and the film is well directed and superbly scripted in particular as Jarrett’s screenplay with minimalist dialogue is thematically intriguing, but never forgetting to be scary as is expected of horror stories.

As a result, Cicada is a very successful indie short that benefits from a strong atmosphere of terror and despair that are further complemented by an interesting central metaphor and excellent technical aspects. It’s a very original short indeed.

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Introducing Terah Lynn: The extraordinary story of Blue Collar Barbie

Appalachian native Terah Lynn left her home in the mountains at a young age with nothing but a backpack and a guitar. The six-foot-tall powerhouse traveled for years, working hard labor in the hot southern sun doing everything from roofing to sheetrocking to ditch digging.

In 2020, Terah was discovered by Grammy, Dove and Stellar Award-winning producer, Billy Dorsey while living in Houston and promptly released her debut EP "Wild Calling" with singles hitting No. 4 and No. 5 on the iTunes Blues Charts.

Fast forward to 2021 when Terah made history being hired as the first-ever female supervisor of Gibson Guitar's lumber mill in Nashville. She packed her bags and headed to Music City to work for the famous guitar brand and to make her Nashville debut. She recorded her latest single, "Landmines" produced by Jeff Huskins of the multiplatinum award-winning band,' Little Texas' on Music Row. The single dropped 4.15.22 and was spun on radio stations across the U.S. and was added to several Hit Country playlists on Spotify.

Terah is currently recording several new singles, produced by Award-winning producer, Dean Miller, son of Country Music Hall of Fame's Roger Miller.

This unique artist, who has been dubbed the "Blue Collar Barbie" boasts a gritty vocal tone that has been likened to legends like Melissa Etheridge, Tracy Chapman, and Bonnie Tyler.

In addition to working for the famous guitar brand, she is also the owner of Bridge Music Magazine, a Nashville digital publication in partnership with Universal Music Group.

Interview with Terah Lynn

AIM: Thank you so much for coming on All Indie Magazine. First question, who inspired you to want to pursue your career in music?

Terah Lynn: Thank you for having me! That’s a great question! I think it was a combination of my little blue-eyed, blonde haired Mama and Johnny Cash. My mom was really the only person in my life that never laughed at my dreams or chastised me for being different and creative. She gave me the space and safety to be an artist. Johnny Cash was my first musical love as a kid. He was gritty, moody and honest. I always say the torture in his voice resonated with my own so I always related to and was inspired by him.

AIM: You recently released a song called, “Landmines”. Can you talk about this track and tell us the process and who you worked with on the production? 

Terah Lynn: Landmines was a fun track! I wrote it in my head while working on the bandsaw at Gibson’s lumber mill last summer. It helped me process what I was going through relationally at the time. 

It was recorded on Music Row at Sound Stage studios. Jeff Huskins of Little Texas produced the track and brought in some phenomenal musicians to bring the song to life. It was awe-inspiring watching that team work, I am so honored to have had them all involved.

AIM: You first were recognized for your single “Not So Nice” and it was also during the pandemic. How did releasing your music in 2020 affect your career? 

Terah Lynn: Oh gosh, well that was such an unexpected season but it taught me so much. Because we unknowingly released it right before the world shut down, it delayed everything. Every artist putting out music at the time was understandably overshadowed by the collective tragedy the world was facing so it really knocked us down but even so, the response to that song was incredible! I really couldn't ask for a better group of fans. I am a firm believer in God’s timing though, that sometimes what is best for us is to have to wait. It’s extremely character-building.

AIM: For a rising music artist, what do you think has been the toughest part about this journey?

Terah Lynn: I would have to say learning that it truly is a business. I think every doe-eyed artist comes into it thinking it’s completely centered on the art, and it’s not. It’s the music business and operates like one. But once you start to learn that, and learn not to be controlled by it, you can learn how to exist inside of the business model while still maintaining your creativity. After all, some of the best art is created in adversity so the challenge of it I think makes us dig our roots a bit deeper.

AIM: What are your top 3 music artists that you loved as a child that you never get tired of hearing?

Terah Lynn: Definitely Johnny Cash. And I absolutely love CCR and of course the Queen Dolly Parton.

AIM: Who do you consider your most influential artists of today?

Terah Lynn: I still find the most influential artists to be those like Dolly Parton, Reba, Loretta Lynn and the like. The current artists are really just a product of their hard work so while I enjoy what they’re doing, I know that what exists in them was only made possible by the blood sweat and tears of those before us.

AIM: Do your songs represent a story about yourself or are they simply creative works based on your imagination?  

Terah Lynn: There are almost always something I’m going through that I’m processing, and from that, I just try to paint the picture for it in a relatable way. The best compliments I get are the ones that say “This made me feel so understood” and “I relate to this more than you know” - That’s why I love to write. I’ve felt so alone for a lot of my formative years and if I can do anything to make someone feel a little less alone, then I can call my life a success.

AIM: Some people say writing songs is hard. Some people say creating the music to convey what you envision your music to sound like is the hardest part. What do you think has been the toughest part of writing and creating music?

Terah Lynn: For me, it’s really the music itself. Lyrics are my heart but music and arrangements are difficult. I play a little bit but I’m not innately a musician. Because of the manual labor Ive done in my life, I’ve had my right shoulder reconstructed 3 separate times and because of that, I can only play the guitar for a little while before my hand completely goes numb so I’ve really hard to learn to write in other ways. And because I’m naturally introverted and always in my end, that’s where I end up going to write. Words come easy, but definitely not the music!

AIM: I know it might be too early to say so this early in your career, but what are you thankful for?

Terah Lynn: Aw it’s never too early to be thankful! I have so many things I’m thankful for but if I had to pick one I would just say I’m thankful for the people I’ve met on this journey. I love people and meeting so many different, amazing artists, managers, producers, labels, etc has been such a blessing. I wish I could list them all. They have blessed my life and made me a better person.

AIM: Are you working on new material to release in the near future? If so, what is something you can share with us right now?

Terah Lynn: Yes! I am about to get back in the studio to finish a project we started a few months ago. A single called, “So Strong” I wrote that in my head, sent it to my amazing manager and she said “That’s the one!” So I’m excited to finish that one up and get it out into the world to hear.

AIM: If you had one or even two million dollars set aside to do whatever you want, what would you invest that money into right now?

Terah Lynn: I love this question! People! I really have gone through such an interesting year of finding myself, my purpose and truly realizing what is important in the world and it is always PEOPLE! There will never be anything more worth your time and money than investing in another person. When I was a little girl, I started this list of people I met that if I ever got rich, I would just mail them a bunch of money, and I still have that list today so it’s only a matter of time!

AIM: If there was a major festival you could headline or even be announced on the roster, which one would you want to be on?

Terah Lynn: Oh man, it’s so hard to pick one specifically because it is just as much an honor to me to be invited to a big festival as it is to be invited to a dive bar on a weeknight. Even after all this time, it’s just so amazing to me that people want to listen to me so each invite, I am incredibly thankful!

AIM: If you could meet any person or celebrity right now, who would you love to spend the day with?  

Terah Lynn: I would have to say Dolly Parton. First and foremost to thank her. Then to glean from her, to soak up her wisdom and knowledge and hope that some of her genius would rub off on me. I think it’s so easy for the next generation to get enamored with the “next big things” and as talented as they are, we shouldn’t forget those who have pioneered and paved the way for us to be here! None of this was possible without them. Nowadays, we are rarely breaking down walls, its all fairly “easy” and people like Dolly are the reason. They broke the glass ceilings, they endured the skepticism and sexism and prejudice. They fought battles we could not even imagine to pave the way for us to casually upload our music. I would love the opportunity to thank Dolly and people like her whose pain served a greater purpose for us all.

AIM: Thank you so much for coming on All Indie Magazine. We wish you the very best and we hope to see your name everywhere very soon!

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