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NYC Pop Princess Kendra Black Releases New Club Banger 'Air Pack Jet'

Kendra Black, Italian pop artist based in New York City, released new club banging pop single "Air Pack Jet" on August 17, 2016. She teamed up with major songwriters and producers to put together this single and others to be released on her forthcoming album "The Edge."

The song was produced by Hollywood production house Trend Def Studios (Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida) and cowritten by Bravo Reality TV actor Nick Nittoli and former EMI songwriter and performing artist Lachi. With a launch party on August 16 celebrating the single's release at Webster Hall and hosted by NYC's Hot 97 Morning Show host Laura Stylez, Kendra is bringing out this club banger with a bang! The Tuesday rainy night, drew a fiery, excited crowd as buzzing NYC acts Demi Grace, Chris Casino and Lachi opened up the night for Kendra. There was also a special performance by R&B vocalist Dudley Alexander a finalist of the New York Star of the Day tri-state reality series.

At the end of her set, Kendra thanked her dancers, band and fans and gave a special thanks to Lachi who appears to play a large role in the production of Kendra's music.

Kendra's got the look, the moves and the music to step on to the pop scene as a viable contender for the hearts of millions! Check out her new single Air Pack Jet on all online music stores!

Find more of Kendra Black:

Official website

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Marko Stout Retrospective Opens in Times Square this Fall

The popular New York Artist Marko Stout will be bringing his latest collection entitled “Erotic Dreams” to Times Square this fall. The prestigious Art Nation Gallery of Miami will be sponsoring this long awaited exhibition and retrospective at it New York Gallery at 4 West 43rd Street, New York City. The show is set to open with a VIP and collectors preview party on October 23, 2016 and will open to the public on the following day.

The last few years has seen a rapid growth by collectors and galleries in the works of Marko Stout. There is also a very large social media conversation about his work with much anticipated excitement about the upcoming New York solo exhibition. Many have begun to compare Stout to other popular New York artists such as Warhol, Koons, Basquiat and Haring. Luxury Magazine reviewed his work saying, “echoes of Warhol and Koons” and BuzzFeed calls his works, “deeply penetrating with a gritty edge, in the spirt of Jean-Micheal Basquiat.”

This upcoming “Erotic Dreams” Times Square exhibition is much anticipated with long line expected, so early ticketing is highly recommended. Details and tickets can be obtained by contacting the Art Nation Gallery directly. We have also learned that a special preview of the exhibition will be held in The Rivington SoHo Street Gallery, 2 Rivington Street, New York City 08/31/16 thru 09/04/16. This limited preview is open to the public.

For more news and information about Marko Stout, go to

Monday, July 18, 2016

Review: Srdjan Brankovic’s Expedition Delta II

A supergroup has re-formed and released a new record: ‘Expedition Delta 2.’ This project, the brain-child of Srdjan Brankovic is: Expedition Delta who has been an entity since 2008 when the predecessor of ‘Expedition 2’ was released.

Expedition Delta was lauded in the Serbian scene and landed some notable gigs. Since 2008, the outfit has released music here and there, but hasn’t actually committed to a full length return - until now. Thus, ‘Expedition 2’ is essentially a record eight years in the queue.

It calls upon the talent of a huge variety of artists to craft its sonic landscapes on ‘Expedition 2.’ For the sake of this review, we’ll shine our gaze particularly onto Brankovic, who performs lead guitar and songwriting duties, and Nikola Mijic, the lead vocalist, an high-octaves singer, similar to a mix between Geddy Lee and Axl Rose. The dynamic between the two (Brankovic-Mijic) is lovely, and they’re the primary catalysts for making ‘Expedition 2’ the infectiously fun experience that it is.

‘Expedition 2’ opens with‘ Spectacular’ a track that sets an interesting tone for the album. It’s explosive, anthemic, and surprisingly versatile as Brankovic dances about a synth-soaked soundscape with a powerhouse lead guitar performance. There’s a ‘vintage’ feel to Expedition Delta’s music - something that’s noticeable right out of the gate. ‘Spectacular’ is a track that sounds like it’s mixed the best of arena rock from the80s together. (Think Rush or the like.) Also people who enjoy the likes of Rush, Poison, Van Halen, and acts akin to them, are probably going to love Expedition

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that the veteran indie label Perris Records is the house that Expedition Delta has signed with for this release.

This is important, because it’s a great example of a label and band being perfect for one another. Perris specializes in rock and roll with an 80s twist. Having a label the power of that niche will likely aid Expedition Delta very well with this project. ‘Fly With Me’ offers some female duets with Mijic, which adds some diversity to the vocal space of the album. It’s a feel-good rock and roller. Instrumentally, I’d argue that Brankovic’s compositions do a spectacular job. I mean: just because it’s thunderous80s-esque rock and roll doesn’t mean that the instrumentation is simplistic.

Nay, the performances are intensely complicated!

One of my favorite tracks on the endeavor is ‘Canis Major,’ a classical piano interlude near the halfway point on the record. It’s only a minute long, but goodness, it’s breathtaking!

After it, there is a lead vocal switch to the aforementioned female vocalist who is Andjela Isic. Isic is a beautiful vocalist, and I’d argue ‘Without You’ the first track with her at the forefront, is served stunningly by her. ‘The One Who Lives a Dream’ is a bizarre, charismatic track. I’d go as far to argue that there is a deep-seated ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ influence somewhere in the track.

‘House of God’ takes the vocal experimentation even further, and succeeds in doing so. I love that the album takes liberties in that department.

‘I Don’t Believe’ is probably another one of my fav on the album, offering a glimpse into Brankovic’s talent as a tactful songwriter. The track is followed by ‘Remember You,’ that is: another highlight of the album. The subject matter and 80s infused sound makes the track reminiscent of the 1985 track,’ I’ll Remember You,’ by Bob Dylan.

‘Connected’ is the final piece of ‘Expedition 2,’ and it’s essentially a pure statement of instrumental rock and roll. Brankovic flies through the track with unbelievable power, making it a lovely closer to an awesome album.

That’s exactly what ‘Expedition 2’ is, too.

It’s a fun album. It’s a good time. It’s amazing talent. There may not be enough of that nowadays. (D.S.)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You may find more of Srdjan Brankovic on: Facebook

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Interview with composer and music producer Yang Zhang

Hollywood-based film composer and music producer Yang Zhang has a multi-faced career. Her music career can track down when she was a teenager; she builds her early stage music career as a classically trained composer then immediately jumped into the electronic music world. After spending years of music production in the fields of film, TV, major and indie albums productions, she electrifies and re-defines film music genres by infusing her unique sound architecture designed for a variety of combined textures with electronic music elements and modern orchestral productions. Being part of the creative team of Flint Dille's, (known as the director for video game blockbuster "Transformers"), she has been working closely with tons of Hollywood-based top music publishing companies, including but not limited to Megatrix Music, Ole Music Box, Fine Tune music, etc.She serves as a member of Emmy music peer group.

 Interview with Yang Zhang

What inspired you to become a film composer?

Yang: "I was fascinated by the idea of how limitless powers of the imaginations are connecting the images and sounds. Sometimes, images can visualize the whole concept of music; sometimes, music can carry out another layer of meaning beyond image's."

What got you into producing music?

Yang: "I have been making music since middle school when I grew up in the Conservatory of Music, but to really dig my inner desire to produce music especially to create your own voice was after I heard those EDM's heavy hitters during late '90s. It sparked me to discover another landscape of all possibilities in Electronic music field; I was like Alice in Wonderland......."

What music productions have you worked that you're most proud of?

Yang: "I would say, my first electronic music album featured Asain futuristic sound. It was a challenging yet fun production processing. I wanted to find a new way to remix and concrete the element of Asain folk instruments and the texture in Electronic music, it affected the way how you programme, arrange, write a melody, record and mixing. Another project if I can describe the second one, was the transmedia project working with Flint Dille. The whole process with his creative team was really interactive, and it gave me a lot of space to develop artistic creativity. I was asked to provide the theme cue only by giving a short description of the storyline and a couple of images, but I love it! The story itself already marked a vivid image in my head, and I was glad that I also got room to develop by my own. After I had delivered my cues, then the writer team followed up to story line, and I added up another cue as the consequences......this is how we build up our creative circle."

Tell us your current projects.

Yang: "I am in the process of preparing my next album and other scoring production sessions. Will update more details through my websites."

What drives you to create your own music publishing firm?

Yang: "The idea of creating my own digital music firm came up with that scene where still 90% of composers or musicians in film scoring business today still fantasize their music and their living in a very traditional way. I want to build a digital community where members can truly be empowered by the full force of the digital revolution, share and benefit every aspect of the music biz in the digital era.”

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Christian's Favorite Companion is a Christian’s favorite companion! Stream music and sermons from Christian radio stations
of your choice while at work, home or college.

Check out their website here:

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Interview with The Ries Brothers

The Ries Brothers an Alternative Pop and Rock a band duo with a blend of Blues, Reggae and Funk Headlining at Side Bar Theatre in Tallahassee, FL.

The Ries Brothers (Charles & Kevin) Alternative Pop and Rock band duo from Clearwater, FL.. The brothers’ music is a unique sound, influenced by many genres, including rock, blues, funk, and reggae.

The Ries Brothers’ rise to success has been their creative genius and aptitude with playing multiple instruments. The band leaves fans amazed as Charlie, the lead vocalist, simultaneously plays drums and the keyboard bass, while Kevin plays guitar and provides background vocals, Their talent is also displayed through original lyrics they co-author and the music the brothers produce together

Their music is available on Spotify and SoundCloud

The Ries Brothers had the honor of touring twice with the legendary band CHICAGO in 2014 and 2015 and recently toured with Butch Trucks and The Freight Train Band. They have also opened for talented and well known bands such as David Cook, REO Speedwagon, Daughtry, Little River Band, Los Lonely Boys, The Wilson Van to name a few. Other performances include three SOLD OUT headlining shows at Ruth Eckeard Hall in Clearwater, Florida and several music festivals.

Music is part of the Ries' family their grandfather’s was a top rated bass player in Chicago. Opened for icons such as the Beatles in Comiskey Park, played with Sonny & Cher, John Denver and The Jackson Five amongst other artists.

Interview with The Ries Brothers

Tell us about your music. What and who does your music sound like?

Rise Brothers - Our music is a blend of Rock, Alternative, Pop, Blues, Funk and Reggae. We love to blend different genres together to create a new and unique sound. As far as similar artists, I’d say we sound like a cross between The Black Keys, John Mayer, Sublime, and Ed Sheeran.

What do you want people to take from your music when they listen to you?

Rise Brothers - We just want people to have a good time listening, have something to move to, and really feel something special. Music allows us to release complex emotions and we want the same for our audience. We want a genuine reaction of feeling from our music and give our listeners something to relate to and something to make them happy, help them through tough times, have a good cry if they need one, and just really make them feel something.

What influenced you guys to become recording artists?

Rise Brothers - We’ve always been interested in music from a young age, but mostly just as a hobby early on. After our dad introduced us to the Beatles we became more and more interested in the writing and performing processes. We used to both play competitive baseball for most of our lives until that point, but pretty soon, after school, instead of going out to play baseball, we were picking up instruments and playing for hours. We played for different bands around town, but realized the best way to really go for it was to form a band ourselves, since we’re brothers and could practice whenever we wanted. I (Charlie) taught myself to play bass lines on a keyboard with my left hand, drum with my right, and sing at the same time to fill in our sound. Once we had some material, we went out and started playing local shows. We’ve played over 500 shows since and haven’t looked back!

In your young careers, you’ve performed with some of the most recognizable names in music. What is it like being surrounded with so many legends?

Rise Brothers - It’s been incredible, in particular, the legendary band, Chicago! They were extremely kind and supportive of us while we were on tour with them. They offered amazing life and career advice and the legendary Robert Lamm even complimented my multi-instrumentalist style and said he couldn’t figure out how I was doing it! That was amazing to hear from such a legend!!

What song seems to be your fan favorite right now?

Rise Brothers - I’m so happy to say there’s a few right now! “Lockdown” is our big sing-along, and we always close our sets with that one. But other ones that are resonating with fans because of the lyrics and messages are “Run To The Sea”, “Road Map”, and “On and On.”

What is on the horizon for The Ries Brothers? What can fans expect from you in the coming months?

Rise Brothers - We hope to be constantly touring and releasing new music! We have big things in the works that we can’t announce yet, so keep checking for updates!!

The Ries Brothers original lyrics, "Run to the Sea" on YouTube

Stay Connected with The Ries Brothers: Website

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‘A Place in Hell’ Lands Best Horror Movie at the Garden State Film Festival

"A Place In Hell” is a new cult horror movie directed by David Boorboor. The film is creating
Hollywood buzz after being awarded the Best Horror Movie at the Garden State Film Festival, “A Place In Hell” is now the official selection of the Hoboken International Film Festival. One of the 10 biggest film festivals in the world. This is the 3rd festival following the world premiere at Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.

The screenplay tells the story of a disgraced detective on the trail of a serial killer while a group of student filmmakers cross paths at a Halloween fright farm in the wintertime. Set on a Halloween fright farm in the New Jersey countryside, this psychological thriller follows Nicole Hart and a group of film students as they shoot a Horror movie for their final grade. Meanwhile, Detective John McInnis struggles to find redemption while consumed by his 5 year obsession to catch a notorious serial killer. When a winter storm blankets the countryside, and the killer seeks refuge, the students quickly realize they are not alone. While facing his inner demons, McInnis could be their only hope. Featured in the movie and on the soundtrack is an excellent track "Still" from Red Animal War a rock band from Dallas, Texas who after a 2006 SXSW performance the went on long hiatus but left us with some great music.

Directed by David Boorboor
Executive Producer - Mike Reuten
Producer: Ed Cuffe
Official movie trailer -
Kings of Spins:
Source: AWJ Platinum

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Latin Pop R&B artist Marcel Red is a young singer/songwriter from the Inland Empire who is making a statement with his new EP “I Am…Marcel Red!” The new EP touches on all elements of the mind and soul with feel-good sultry pop, funk and R&B tunes. The first single “What You Did” dropped March 2016 on iTunes. “What You Did” is about a man struggling with suspected infidelity and the pain of seeing the women he loves in the arms of another man, it’s driving him crazy.

Marcel’s music incorporates a vocal style reminiscent of music icons Maxwell, Sam Smith and Brian McKnight while remaining true to his own unique sound and style. Marcel has performed with some of the industry’s biggest names including Pretty Ricky, Silk, Troop, J. Holiday, Annette Moreno, among others. He’s also been able to work with industry heavyweights like Jonas Weeks and Multi-Platinum producer Carlos Battey from The Jackie Boyz. Weeks and Battey have worked with artists such as Bruno Mars, NeYo, Linkin Park, Madonna, Chris Brown, Justin Beiber, and many others.

His new single “What You Did” and the EP are both available now on iTunes and Listen to the new single here -

Interview with Marcel Red:

Tell us about your career in music. What was that pivotal moment when you decided you wanted to become a Music Artist?

Marcel: I am Marcel Red. I am a recording artist and music is my life. Since I was a little boy, I was exposed to music. I am fortunate to have a talented family. My grandmother was a singer and so was my dad, that's where I get my talent from. My dad and mom constantly played oldies such as Prince, Al Green among few. My family and I use to have fun singing their songs. The moment I decided that singing was my call, was after my brother passed away. I found myself pondering about my future. Then somehow I decided that I belong on stage, and that my soul is my music. I decided that no matter what the sacrifices or obstacles, I was going to face it and accomplish my dreams.

Who helped to inspire and shape who you are today?

Marcel: My family has been very influential in my life and in my singing career. As I mentioned before we all love music and they are very supportive of me as an artist. Other influences are artists like Prince, Maxwell, Sam Smith and Brian McKnight are just a few artists that I have always look up to. I love the fact that they are constantly reinventing themselves and always challenging their artistry. That is what I try to do because I am always looking for ways to better myself.

What is your new EP I Am Mercel Red about? What do you want listeners to take away from your project?

Marcel: Most of the songs on my EP are about relationships from finding love to dealing with infidelity and breakups. Other songs are about encouragement, such as my song “Freedom.” "I Am... Marcel Red" is influenced by many genre R&B, Funk and Urban. The tracts have been shaped into its unique style giving today's generation a different outlook from sound and rhythm of yesterday music. This project was more experimental for me. I want the listeners to hear the diversity of this project, so they can experience the diversity of my vocals. So far, track # 2, "Love Me Better" is causing the most sensation in many parts of the world such in Japan and the U.K. and "Freedom" in Latin America.

Tell us about your new single "What You Did"? What is this song about?

Marcel: The song is about a man struggling with a suspected infidelity. The pain he is going through seeing the woman he loves in the arms of another man, it’s driving him crazy. The shadows of desperation and insecurities are suffocating him insanely.

What artists do you look up to today?

Marcel: I am always fascinated with artist who are not extremist and not so traditional. Artist that I like today are Beyonce, Jason Derulo, The Weekend, some to mention. In my opinion, these artists have overexcited their expectations. My all time favorite artists are Maxwell and Prince, may Prince rest in peace. This is a huge lost to the music industry. He is an all times music legend.

If you could share the stage with any artist, who would you perform with?

Marcel: I'm a performer when it comes to the stage! I definitely would have to say Chris Brown or Beyoncé. They know how to work the crowd with their amazing choreography and dance moves.

What is in store for 2016 and what can fans look forward in the coming months?

Marcel: ? I am currently promoting my new EP "I am ... Marcel Red" and soon I will be releasing the video for "What You Did" directed by Olia Oparina. Olia has work with many artist, so I am excited about that. I will also be performing soon in several cities across California and I’m in the process of starting my new album soon for later this year.

Connect with Marcel Red:
Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –
Instagram –

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The Secrets of LOST: Interview with Gillian Harris

Gillian spent a decade as a Broadcast Journalist in Los Angeles, CA where she enjoyed a very successful and exhilarating career as a radio 'air personality' rubbing elbows with Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, and other greats in the R & B world. Her experiences have assisted in making the transition from media personality to a successful entrepreneur and influential voice of the metaphysical. An ordained minister, Gillian is now founder and CEO of Bless & Clear, a business that focuses on sacred ceremonies. In the early 2000’s she also founded Valet Of The Dolls, which is a private event valet company based out of Malibu, CA. A longtime student of Spirituality and Metaphysics, Gillian says “My interests in the spiritual world began when I was a teenager with clairvoyant and inter-dimensional experiences.” Those experiences eventually led to her first and best selling manuscript, ‘The Secrets of Lost; The Validity of Multi-Dimensional Existence.”

Interview with Gillian Harris

All Indie: Tell us about your career. How did it all start? 

Gillian: My career began unfolding the day after graduating with my B.A. in Speech Communications. The day after the ceremony at Long Beach State I did my first shift as a Broadcast Journalist on a then famous Rock & Roll station KNAC FM. Over the next 20 years I covered the dial AM and FM finally ending as a DJ/Air Personality at 103.9 KACE FM where I owned afternoon drive 2 – 7pm Monday – Friday! I LOVED that job!
In 2000, stuff happened, the industry and life changed. Next thing I knew I was parking cars for a living! What?! Yes! True story! Ha!

Actually, KACE was sold and the new owners turned it into a language I don’t speak so I was job hunting! Found a cool company of female valet parkers that I just couldn’t resist! Fell in love with the concept, the product and as the daughter of a precision driver, I was a natural for handling any Maserati or Lambo to come my way!

I ran this company for a while in an effort to learn the operational part of it. I offered my service as Operations Manager for a mere $10 per hour in exchange for the opportunity to apprentice under the owner promising that if I liked it and was good at it, I’d buy it from her.

Nearly 2 years later, with her company now larger and more profitable than she’d ever experienced in her 19 year history, she fired me and proceeded to turn down all of my 5 offers to buy.

What was I to do?! Here I had an amazing skill for an incredible product which I loved and had grown to master. The business and the know-how was a burning passion inside me. I prayed for a sign. I said, “God, give me a great name and I’ll know I’m supposed to do this”. I brain stormed for 3 days and on that final day Valet Of The Dolls was born! In that moment – silent electricity and my mind couldn’t help but travel in a flash to moments when as a latch key kid, home alone I sat on my Dads side of the bed. Inside his nightstand drawer (where I wasn’t supposed to be looking!) was a copy of the paperback, “The Valley of the Dolls”. Though I never read it, I was always fascinated by it. And now, Valet Of The Dolls, made perfect sense to me. I did see a potential sticking point in the name given the racey subject matter of the book. I would have to market around and through it.

In the book and movie Valley of the Dolls the ‘Dolls’ were …not people! Right?! Lol! But in our story VALET of the Dolls it’s completely different, as the Dolls are attractive (145 women and about 5 guys), kind, helpful people who can maneuver your Bentley, in reverse, with quarter inch precision!

Nearly 15 years old now, Valet Of The Dolls provides valet service to roughly 600 private events per year serving Los Angeles, Orange County and Palm Springs California.

The beauty of owning my own company has been the flexibility to explore my truest desires and studies in alignment with my life purpose which is in the realm of Spirituality and Metaphysics.

Over the years I studied to hone my gifts as a medium, channel and intuit. Ultimately I climbed the ladder of attunements to Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui & Tibetan Reiki). I was eventually ordained a minister and earned a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology. I own an additional company called ‘Bless & Clear’ which specializes in sacred ceremonies. Weddings, house blessings & clearings and more than a dozen other types of passage rites. Most recently, there’s been a surge in requests for ‘Conscious Decoupling’ ceremonies! This has led to a processing workshop to prepare singles and severing couples for their Conscious Decoupling Ceremony which is (in short) a rite of passage blessing and celebrating what was, what is and what shall be.

- How did my career start? Which one?!! I’m also an author and speaker which is the newest career but feels born out of all the previous. I guess my career(s) each started with… an idea and a resulting feeling that screamed “YES!” from my heart & solar plexus simultaneously. I then follow the visions, one at a time, setting them in place with 100% focus on manifestion.

All Indie: Who are the most memorable people you met while you worked in Radio?

Gillian: Stevie Wonder (worked for his 102.3 KJLH, then interviewed him live, in-studio at 103.9 KACE), Gladys Knight, Patti Labelle, Lionel Richie, Tina Marie & Rick James and a really amazing on-air colleagues like, Wolfman Jack, Charlie Tuna and the Real Don Steel. After enjoying them as a kid, what an honor it was to share the airwaves with them. And there were also many other talented people who became friends and made going to work even more fun!

All Indie: Looking back, who was your most influential figure or figures?

Gillian: In Broadcasting: Two women in particular; Linda Ellerbee and the late Jessica Savitch. So poised. Delivery that would absolutely mesmerize me! These two ladies in particular were masters of inflection unlike anything I’ve yet to experience from anyone else since. Well, other than me! They taught me to deliver my information in a professionally brazen & daringly raw way. – How to work a pregnant pause to its very …last …beat!

In Entrepreneurship: Oprah Winfrey

In Spirituality: Visionary Michael Beckwith, Author/Teacher Marianne Williamson, Medium James Von Praagh and Multi-Dimensional Healer Lori Board Camacho.

All Indie: You recently wrote the book,  The Secrets of Lost: The Validity of Multi-Dimensional Existence. What inspired you to wrote this book and what is it about?

Gillian: I was inspired by a combination of things; my life-long involvement in and study of metaphysics and my experience of watching the T.V.Series ‘Lost’! I’m not even a T.V. watcher! The mere fact that I bumped into this series and watched the entire (121 episodes) (TWICE), is amazing! What came forth for me from seeing the series the first time, was the opportunity to use this exciting show as a springboard for discussion about life and life after life – and maybe a little life in between life, while we’re at it! I enjoyed bringing as much science as I could to the subjects but it’s also very spiritually thought provoking, comical and intermittently vulnerable as I share from my personal hearts journey in facing life and the transitions of my most beloveds to life after life… Ultimately, the book is about living and doing it with no reservations or fear! All the while, know that the people you are closest to in this incarnation – and even some you’re not so close to (!) are sharing other incarnations with you in other dimensions, at this very moment. The book explains why that’s VERY mportant information! For clarity; There is no life after death. Because …there is no death. There is only life…after life, after life… ‘The Secrets of Lost’ reveals what’s really going on. How MUCH is going on. How BUSY we each are, here, there and everywhere! It explains why, right now, you and me, are as dead as dead gets!

All Indie: What is in store for Gllian Harris in the near future? What can fans look forward to?

Gillian: Getting “The Secrets….” Out is an exciting campaign for me. I’m looking forward to book signings and other opportunities to meet not only like-minded beings out there who may have read the book. But also looking forward to simply engaging in conversation about the subjects covered in the book. My overall goal with this information is to share the comfort understanding can bring.

To find more about Gillian Harris’s incredible journey, please visit:
Twitter - @parallelparkit

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Featured Music Video: As The Tide Goes By by Scott Taylor

Music by Braver Noise
Vocals Scott Taylor
Guitar and Bass Tony Fazio
Drums Dean Dalfonso
Directed By: Sophia Dagher
Director of Photography: Jason Mannings

Starring: Connor Wylie, Tricia Collins

For such a long time now
these years have haunted me
so alone in my bare existence

For in a cry, there is hope
many years of hurting

For such a long time now
these years have taunted me
so alone in my bare existence

For in a cry, there is hope
many years of hurting

I am so cold
I am so very lonely
wanting your love
as the tide goes by.
For in a cry, there is hope
many years of hurting