Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Best things to do for New Years & New Years Eve in Pasadena

There is nowhere better to celebrate the New Year in Pasadena, CA. After all, Pasadena is home to the Rose Parade and The Rose, the newest and only concert dinner theatre. 

1. Norton Simon Museum (Open New Years Eve/ Closed New Years Day). 
Norton Simon Museum is one of Pasadena’s most respected and most visited gems with the greatest private collection of rare art on display. Some known artists pieces on display are by Rembrandt, Goya, Degas, Monet, van Gogh, and Picasso. It may seem like a small museum until you are inside. Before you leave, visit the sculpture garden and pond created in the likeness of Monet private garden. For more info, go to https://www.nortonsimon.org  
2. Huntington Library (Open daily. Closed on Tuesday)
The Huntington Library is known for its rare Art Collections and their Botanical Gardens and is a collections-based educational and research institution established by Henry E. Huntington. For more info, go to http://huntington.org/

3. 129th Annual Tournament of Roses Parade (Monday Jan 1, 2018 8am to 4pm)
People from all over the world come to Pasadena on New Years Day to catch the Rose Parade. Instead of watching it on television, come see it in person. There is nothing like it in the Country. People come a day early camp on Colorado Blvd the night before to save a prime seat to the parade.  For more info, go to https://www.tournamentofroses.com/events/rose-parade

4. The Rose Bowl: Georgia Bulldogs VS. Oklahoma Sooners (1/1/2018 at 2pm)         
The ranked No. 3 Georgia Bulldogs take on ranked No. 2 Oklahoma Sooners at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena.  For more info, go to https://www.rosebowlstadium.com/

5. Caliburger – One of Pasadena’s newest and most popular burger joints is located across from the Pasadena Convention Center and next to The Rose is Caliburger. This isn’t just any burger. Each burger is hand crafted and made from the freshest ingredients. Be sure to add grilled onions and order their famous “Cali-fries” or some home cut natural fries and a delicious real ice cream shake to wash it down.  For more info, go to https://caliburger.com/
6. The Rose: 
Voted Best Concert Venue in the 2017 Readers Choice Awards and voted Best Music Venue by residents of Pasadena as seen in Pasadena Weekly, The Rose is Pasadena’s first and only Dinner Theatre style concert venue. This style of venue caters to those that love live music, but want to bring a date or host a party with friends at a sit-down dinner with a show. The Rose has a full American style menu to fulfill anyone’s desire and a full line of cocktails and an array of beers. 

The Rose hosts the top local and national headlining bands from across the world.  This New Years Eve (Sunday, December 31), Motown favorites, The Dramatics featuring Willie Ford will bring in the New Year in Pasadena. For more information, go to http://wheremusicmeetsthesoul.com/rose-pasadena/events/

Thursday, July 20, 2017


WILLIE BASSE, best known for his role as bassist/frontman for legendary metalheads Black Sheep, who were mainstays on the Los Angeles Sunset Strip during the 1980's metal explosion.

The band, best known for their songs, technical prowess and precision, has boasted members that include Slash, Paul Gilbert, James Kottak, Randy Castillo, Mitch Perry and Kurt James.

3pm Friday July 28, 2017 The City of Los Angeles will recognize Willie Basse for his Philanthropy and Community Service by proclamation at:
The Rainbow Bar and Grill
9015 Sunset Blvd.
W. Hollywood, CA. 90069

With his charity, http://RockForRecovery.com
The mission is a campaign of awareness and financial support through Music and Entertainment Media.

Through http://FeedAmerica-Now.org Basse is feeding the masses. His touring covers select cities throughout The USA and Canada to help raise awareness, food and funds for the plight of America's hungry.

These are often hard-working, educated adults, children and seniors who simply cannot make ends meet and are forced to go without food for several meals, or even days. Predominately children, working poor families, and the recently unemployed.

1in 5 children go to bed hungry every night. "Through music and entertainment, we can make a huge difference in a short amount of time” comments Willie Basse regarding hunger. “I had to step up with solutions to an epidemic that is out of control in our own back-yard."

For more information visit http://rockforrecovery.com a 501C3 Non-Profit Corp and http://www.feedamerica-now.org donations, sponsorship and support is tax deductible.
# # #

WILLIE BASSE 213-947-3786
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willie_Basse 🎶
Music: http://artistecard.com/williebasse#!/musics/50726
Facebook: http://facebook.com/pages/williebasse/111912668872815
Twitter: @wbasse
Web Site: http://williebasse.com
Podcast: http://thesunsetstriponline.com
 Charity: http://feedamerica-now.org
 Skype: loudluv / Willie Basse
National "End Hunger" Hotline: (866) 3-HUNGRY
For all things WILLIE BASSE, download my Smartphone App
iPhone App: https://t.co/KcJv2jB08u
 Android App: https://t.co/c1ZS868QXn

Friday, April 7, 2017

Tripp Denom Releases New EP “The Funktional Addict”

Get the rolling papers, lighter, and get ready for an experience! On April 21, 2017, rising artist, Tripp O.K.C. feat K-Buck & Captain Atlanta" or “Coupe Life (Smoke & Ride Mix)”. It is very apparent that Tripp Denom has added so much substance into this 7-track collection that "The Funktional Addict” is much more than an EP… It’s a trippy experience. "Stoner Indie" is the self-proclaimed genre in which he operates. His music is a natural blend of Hip-Hop and R&B and Funk with nodes of style from multiple genres. His tracks have a sense of longevity, the type of music that you can keep coming back to and it will mean something different every time.

Denom, will finally release his new smoked-out EP titled "The Funktional Addict”. The EP acts as a platform for Tripp to set himself aside from the pack with his own sound, which he calls Stoner Indie. It is an addictive new genre that draws its influences from hip-hop, funk, and soul music! Within just the 1st few tracks you will learn so much about Tripp as he lures listeners in with his unique sound. Get lost in the soulfulness and supreme dopeness of tracks like, "Bright Lights Fast Living". Or get lost in soothing psychedelic smoker’s anthems like, "

"Stoner Indie" is best described as smooth yet sometimes upbeat music that incorporates stoner culture and life. Not only is Tripp Denom a name, but also a Mantra. It represents that which brings a person joy in life.” 

Please follow Tripp Denom growing movement and share!!! 

Fans can join Tripp Denom on that hike to success by connecting with him on his social networking, all of which can be found below! 

Tripp Denom official site: http://www.trippdenom.com
Tripp Denom on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/trippdenom/sets/the-funktional-addict-ep/s-DSBup
Tripp Denom on Twitter: http://twitter.com/trippdenom
Tripp Denom on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/trippdenom

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pasadena Beatz: Going LOCAL on Thursday Nights

KGUP FM Emerge Radio had a spectacular Red Carpet and Entertainment Networking event on January 26 at The Rose. Immediately following our event, we continued to party with the people at the Golden State Tattoo Expo pre-party. You just never know what will take place during one of our events!

KGUP FM is hosting a new regular event to bring you a night of networking and music together called, Pasadena Beatz. Come join us on March 2nd for the inaugural event featuring the sounds of DJ sensation, Brandi Garcia of KDAY 93.5FM, plus a different local band each and every Thursday night.

And of course, we always roll out the RED CARPET, so dress up...or not, but at least show up!

Oh, yeah! Don't forget to bring plenty of business cards.

Whether you're seeking to promote a new project, promote a new release, hire new talent, seeking employment in the industry, wanting to expand your network, meet new people, or simply need a place to hang out with your friends to hear great new music from up and coming local bands, then this is an event not to miss!

Happy Hour 4-7pm ($3.75 wells + lots of great discounted food)
Red Carpet arrivals 5-8pm
Live Music begins at 7pm (main stage)

Note: To qualify for FREE entrance, you MUST RSVP HERE, otherwise the cost is $10.00 in Advance / $20.00 Day Of Show + applicable fees.


Perform on our 60' x 40' stage with professional sound and lighting at our 1,500 capacity venue. We are looking for local bands to open and headline at future Pasadena Beatz events. To apply, please contact our booking agent at liveunsigned@canyonclub.net. Be sure to email your EPK with links to your social media and live videos.

Note: Selected Artists may be interviewed and featured on the KGUP FM blog and featured on Where Music Meets the Soul. Artists will be promoted on our social media leading up to each show, so the sooner you apply and are approved, the sooner we can promote you!


The Rose
245 E Green St, Pasadena, CA, United States

Thursday, March 2, 2017
5:00 PM — 6:00 PM PST

Get in Touch
Box Office: 888-645-5006

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

You Own the World: Interview with Gitaron

In 2006, guitarist Giovanni "Gio" Smet formed Gitaron. The concept was clear and simple: creating heavy metal in the purest way, with an innovative vision. No nonsense, just pure headbanging heavy metal.

The band worked on several songs and recorded the first album in the summer of 2007 at 'Midas Studios'. The album called 'The First Battle' and had the following songs on it: 'Enter My Church', 'Excalibur', 'We're Knights', 'Blood On The Wall' and 'Flame Of Hate'. The line-up at that time was: Gio (vocals/guitars), Tom Willems (drums), Aaron Onghena (guitars), Wilfried Vandenberghe (bass) and Femke Waterschoot (backing vocals).

Gitaron had some changes in the line-up, as Aaron Onghena, Tom Willems and Femke Waterschoot left the band. Replacements were found in David Van Gompel (guitars) and Steven Van Dijck (drums). Gio also decided to concentrate on the guitar parts only and Nico De Clerq became the new vocalist.

In 2009, Gitaron recorded another album called 'Mental Visions', again at 'Midas Studios'. The album got great reviews and the band played a promo tour for the new album. Gitaron played shows together with bands such as Mystic Prophecy, Blaze Bayley, Killer, Mother Of Sin, Fireforce,... Shortly after the promo tour, vocalist Nico De Clerq left the band and was replaced by Kevin Andries.

In 2012, three members decided to leave the band. Both drummer Steven Van Dijck and vocalist Kevin Andries moved to Denmark. With both them leaving, guitar player David Van Gompel also made the decision of leaving the band.

After a sabbath year, the band was born again. Guitarist Aaron Onghena re-joined and another
guitarist was found in Philip Pedraza, as Gio became vocalist only. On drums was Jef Boons shortly, as he was replaced by Michael Bauwens. Wilfried Vandenberghe was again the bassplayer for the band. With this formation, Gitaron started to play new shows. At the end of 2014, Gio had the idea of recording a new album along with several national and international guest musicians. Lots of musicians agreed to be a part on it and a special project was born. Sadly, some band members didn't want te be a part of it and only Gio and drummer Michael Bauwens worked on the project. The duo build a home studio and lots of guest musicians came and did there part for the new album, that was given the title 'You Own The World'. The release for the new album is scheduled for late 2016.

How did you start with this project?

Gio: There was always the idea of starting a project with guest musicians. The time was also right to start preparations for a new album, since the 10th anniversary of Gitaron came very close. When there was some disagreement with other band members, the idea of creating the new album with guest musicians was suddenly the right way to go. I made a personal wish list of musicians that inspired my when I was still a teenager and other musicians that I’ve got to know along the way.

Tell us more about the musicians taking part in it.

Gio: The responses I’ve got from everyone were really very positive. Everyone took part of this project with the very best intentions. Musicians like Paul “Shorty” Van Camp” (Killer), Filip “Flype” Lemmens (Fireforce), Mark Van Luijk (Civilian),… are musicians that inspired me since along way back. Other musicians, like Srdjan Brankovic (Alogia, Expedition Delta) and Sten Veiths (Breakfast At Midnight), are very talented guys that I’ve met along the way. I am overjoyed with every single guest appearance on the album.

What’s your working method? How was the songwriting and then the recording process?

Gio: Every song, except “Camelot Rising” and “Feudal Obligation” which are co-written songs, is composed by myself. Most of the guest musicians recorded their bit in our studio. Others recorded their part at home, because the travelling distance was too far. Everything was done with the best communications and planning. The mixing and mastering was also done at the Gitaron Studio.

Every artist has his music influences; which are yours?

Gio: Ever since I was a kid, my father inspired me to listen to Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Queen, Helloween,… I really rolled into it to be honest. Later, when I went to my very first concert (Manowar, at the age of 12), I knew right away…that’s what I want. I fell in love with the sound of the guitar, the beating of the drums, the powerful vocals,… I really “felt” the music. Since then, there was no stopping, I bought my first Strat guitar and started to play along with my favorite tunes.

What makes you different from all the other guitar-oriented projects?

Gio: We really have the freedom since Mike (drummer) and I plan everything by ourselves. There’s no pressure of other band members or record labels. We do what we like, when we want it. When we feel the need to enter the studio and write some new material, we have the freedom to do so, without obligations.

Is there any particular message you would like to spread with your music?

Gio: Not really. Most of the lyrics are straight forward, medieval war songs and other songs have a personal kind of touch. There’s no real message, just stuff we like or want to share. What’s next in Gitaron’s world? Can we expect a Gitaron II?

Gio: I really think so. Like I’ve said, I really enjoy the working method alongside Mike. And the work we’ve done with every guest musician was really exciting and reward full. I don’t see myself playing in a full band anymore. We’ve done that and just didn’t “feel” it anymore. I’ve already made up a new wish list of guest musicians, since we started working on new songs straight away.

Any other plans on the future we should be aware of?

Gio: Writing new songs, enjoying them and taking our time to make them into real Gitaron songs. Maybe there will be some exclusive live shows together with some guest musicians. There are some talks, but it’s really too early to speak of. We also made our own parody project “Genietdarom” (which simply means “Enjoy It”). We changed the Gitaron lyrics and recorded them in our mother language. Just for the fun of it of course, nothing to serious, but still hilarious as hell!

Where can we find more about your music?

Gio: The new triple album “You Own The World” can only be ordered online by mailing merchandise@gitaron.eu or at our website www.gitaron.eu. The instructions are very easy and you will receive immediate response. Some lyric videos like “Camelot Rising” and “You Own The World” can also be found on the website and on YouTube!

Any latest words to all our readers out there?

Gio: Feel free to get to know Gitaron and enjoy our music! Thanks for your time and always follow your metalheart!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Expedition Delta & Chianti Rock: new endorsement deal & new video released

Breaking Newz!
Thank You For The Good Times

Expedition Delta &Chianti Rock: new endorsement deal & new video released

Srdjan Brankovic’s Expedition Delta just released a new music video for the track "Thank You For The Good Times” taken from the album “Expedition Delta II” out now via Perris Records.

Alongside Srdjan Brankovic (founder, songwriter, guitarist and producer of the band) also many other, celebrated musicians have been involved in the project: Bobby Koelble (Death/DTA) Nikola Mijic, (AlogiA, Eden’s Curse) Nicola Di Già (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso), Santiago Dobles (Aghora), Dario Esposito (Il Balletto di Bronzo).

Also: exciting news concerning an exclusive deal may be now announced: Chianti Rock is the new extraordinary endorser of the international supergroup!

The renowned brand of Made in Italy is going to produce a superb quality of unique red wine dedicated exclusively to Expedition Delta and their new hit “Thank You For The Good Time”

“The idea –says Domenico Tancredi CEO at Chianti Rock- is to connect one of the world famous brand of Made in Italy to amazing music, which is synonym of freedom and energy. This is the basic idea of Chianti Rock. This wants to be a product where music and Rock & Roll lovers gather and share events, passions and pure emotions. This wine comes from pure passion and love for the earth. I combined in it my long time passions: Chianti and Rock & Roll.

Strong and intense, this wine is extracted from Sangiovese grapes only, grown and produced according to the production regulations of Chianti Consortium. And Chianti Rock would uniquely customize your events. It is born to gather the numerous and multiple customers who love to listen to great live music.

It can also be an original and exclusive gift for friends, customers or colleagues” To connect the excellence both in music and wine, the deal has been enshrined To celebrate the joy in life, the thankfulness towards Life’s gifts, an original package, a new Case of Rock is born from the combination of amazing music, a delicious wine, a unique brand worldwide renowned, an authentic love and strong passion.

You can view the new video here

Or to have a preview of the whole album here:

You can buy your Chianti Case of Rock here:

You can buy the album here:

Monday, August 22, 2016

NYC Pop Princess Kendra Black Releases New Club Banger 'Air Pack Jet'

Kendra Black, Italian pop artist based in New York City, released new club banging pop single "Air Pack Jet" on August 17, 2016. She teamed up with major songwriters and producers to put together this single and others to be released on her forthcoming album "The Edge."

The song was produced by Hollywood production house Trend Def Studios (Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida) and cowritten by Bravo Reality TV actor Nick Nittoli and former EMI songwriter and performing artist Lachi. With a launch party on August 16 celebrating the single's release at Webster Hall and hosted by NYC's Hot 97 Morning Show host Laura Stylez, Kendra is bringing out this club banger with a bang! The Tuesday rainy night, drew a fiery, excited crowd as buzzing NYC acts Demi Grace, Chris Casino and Lachi opened up the night for Kendra. There was also a special performance by R&B vocalist Dudley Alexander a finalist of the New York Star of the Day tri-state reality series.

At the end of her set, Kendra thanked her dancers, band and fans and gave a special thanks to Lachi who appears to play a large role in the production of Kendra's music.

Kendra's got the look, the moves and the music to step on to the pop scene as a viable contender for the hearts of millions! Check out her new single Air Pack Jet on all online music stores!

Find more of Kendra Black:

Official website www.kendrablack.com
iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/air-pack-jet-single/id1143737999
Facebook Facebook.com/kendrablackmusic
Instagram instagram.com/kendrablackmusic
Soundcloud soundcloud.com/kendrablackmusic
Twitter twitter.com/kendrablacklive

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Marko Stout Retrospective Opens in Times Square this Fall

The popular New York Artist Marko Stout will be bringing his latest collection entitled “Erotic Dreams” to Times Square this fall. The prestigious Art Nation Gallery of Miami will be sponsoring this long awaited exhibition and retrospective at it New York Gallery at 4 West 43rd Street, New York City. The show is set to open with a VIP and collectors preview party on October 23, 2016 and will open to the public on the following day.

The last few years has seen a rapid growth by collectors and galleries in the works of Marko Stout. There is also a very large social media conversation about his work with much anticipated excitement about the upcoming New York solo exhibition. Many have begun to compare Stout to other popular New York artists such as Warhol, Koons, Basquiat and Haring. Luxury Magazine reviewed his work saying, “echoes of Warhol and Koons” and BuzzFeed calls his works, “deeply penetrating with a gritty edge, in the spirt of Jean-Micheal Basquiat.”

This upcoming “Erotic Dreams” Times Square exhibition is much anticipated with long line expected, so early ticketing is highly recommended. Details and tickets can be obtained by contacting the Art Nation Gallery directly. We have also learned that a special preview of the exhibition will be held in The Rivington SoHo Street Gallery, 2 Rivington Street, New York City 08/31/16 thru 09/04/16. This limited preview is open to the public.

For more news and information about Marko Stout, go to www.markostout.com

Monday, July 18, 2016

Review: Srdjan Brankovic’s Expedition Delta II

A supergroup has re-formed and released a new record: ‘Expedition Delta 2.’ This project, the brain-child of Srdjan Brankovic is: Expedition Delta who has been an entity since 2008 when the predecessor of ‘Expedition 2’ was released.

Expedition Delta was lauded in the Serbian scene and landed some notable gigs. Since 2008, the outfit has released music here and there, but hasn’t actually committed to a full length return - until now. Thus, ‘Expedition 2’ is essentially a record eight years in the queue.

It calls upon the talent of a huge variety of artists to craft its sonic landscapes on ‘Expedition 2.’ For the sake of this review, we’ll shine our gaze particularly onto Brankovic, who performs lead guitar and songwriting duties, and Nikola Mijic, the lead vocalist, an high-octaves singer, similar to a mix between Geddy Lee and Axl Rose. The dynamic between the two (Brankovic-Mijic) is lovely, and they’re the primary catalysts for making ‘Expedition 2’ the infectiously fun experience that it is.

‘Expedition 2’ opens with‘ Spectacular’ a track that sets an interesting tone for the album. It’s explosive, anthemic, and surprisingly versatile as Brankovic dances about a synth-soaked soundscape with a powerhouse lead guitar performance. There’s a ‘vintage’ feel to Expedition Delta’s music - something that’s noticeable right out of the gate. ‘Spectacular’ is a track that sounds like it’s mixed the best of arena rock from the80s together. (Think Rush or the like.) Also people who enjoy the likes of Rush, Poison, Van Halen, and acts akin to them, are probably going to love Expedition

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that the veteran indie label Perris Records is the house that Expedition Delta has signed with for this release.

This is important, because it’s a great example of a label and band being perfect for one another. Perris specializes in rock and roll with an 80s twist. Having a label the power of that niche will likely aid Expedition Delta very well with this project. ‘Fly With Me’ offers some female duets with Mijic, which adds some diversity to the vocal space of the album. It’s a feel-good rock and roller. Instrumentally, I’d argue that Brankovic’s compositions do a spectacular job. I mean: just because it’s thunderous80s-esque rock and roll doesn’t mean that the instrumentation is simplistic.

Nay, the performances are intensely complicated!

One of my favorite tracks on the endeavor is ‘Canis Major,’ a classical piano interlude near the halfway point on the record. It’s only a minute long, but goodness, it’s breathtaking!

After it, there is a lead vocal switch to the aforementioned female vocalist who is Andjela Isic. Isic is a beautiful vocalist, and I’d argue ‘Without You’ the first track with her at the forefront, is served stunningly by her. ‘The One Who Lives a Dream’ is a bizarre, charismatic track. I’d go as far to argue that there is a deep-seated ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ influence somewhere in the track.

‘House of God’ takes the vocal experimentation even further, and succeeds in doing so. I love that the album takes liberties in that department.

‘I Don’t Believe’ is probably another one of my fav on the album, offering a glimpse into Brankovic’s talent as a tactful songwriter. The track is followed by ‘Remember You,’ that is: another highlight of the album. The subject matter and 80s infused sound makes the track reminiscent of the 1985 track,’ I’ll Remember You,’ by Bob Dylan.

‘Connected’ is the final piece of ‘Expedition 2,’ and it’s essentially a pure statement of instrumental rock and roll. Brankovic flies through the track with unbelievable power, making it a lovely closer to an awesome album.

That’s exactly what ‘Expedition 2’ is, too.

It’s a fun album. It’s a good time. It’s amazing talent. There may not be enough of that nowadays. (D.S.)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You may find more of Srdjan Brankovic on: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Expedition-Delta-158563394188705/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xlij666uA0
Website: http://www.srdjanbrankovic.com/

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Interview with composer and music producer Yang Zhang

Hollywood-based film composer and music producer Yang Zhang has a multi-faced career. Her music career can track down when she was a teenager; she builds her early stage music career as a classically trained composer then immediately jumped into the electronic music world. After spending years of music production in the fields of film, TV, major and indie albums productions, she electrifies and re-defines film music genres by infusing her unique sound architecture designed for a variety of combined textures with electronic music elements and modern orchestral productions. Being part of the creative team of Flint Dille's, (known as the director for video game blockbuster "Transformers"), she has been working closely with tons of Hollywood-based top music publishing companies, including but not limited to Megatrix Music, Ole Music Box, Fine Tune music, etc.She serves as a member of Emmy music peer group.

 Interview with Yang Zhang

What inspired you to become a film composer?

Yang: "I was fascinated by the idea of how limitless powers of the imaginations are connecting the images and sounds. Sometimes, images can visualize the whole concept of music; sometimes, music can carry out another layer of meaning beyond image's."

What got you into producing music?

Yang: "I have been making music since middle school when I grew up in the Conservatory of Music, but to really dig my inner desire to produce music especially to create your own voice was after I heard those EDM's heavy hitters during late '90s. It sparked me to discover another landscape of all possibilities in Electronic music field; I was like Alice in Wonderland......."

What music productions have you worked that you're most proud of?

Yang: "I would say, my first electronic music album featured Asain futuristic sound. It was a challenging yet fun production processing. I wanted to find a new way to remix and concrete the element of Asain folk instruments and the texture in Electronic music, it affected the way how you programme, arrange, write a melody, record and mixing. Another project if I can describe the second one, was the transmedia project working with Flint Dille. The whole process with his creative team was really interactive, and it gave me a lot of space to develop artistic creativity. I was asked to provide the theme cue only by giving a short description of the storyline and a couple of images, but I love it! The story itself already marked a vivid image in my head, and I was glad that I also got room to develop by my own. After I had delivered my cues, then the writer team followed up to story line, and I added up another cue as the consequences......this is how we build up our creative circle."

Tell us your current projects.

Yang: "I am in the process of preparing my next album and other scoring production sessions. Will update more details through my websites."

What drives you to create your own music publishing firm?

Yang: "The idea of creating my own digital music firm came up with that scene where still 90% of composers or musicians in film scoring business today still fantasize their music and their living in a very traditional way. I want to build a digital community where members can truly be empowered by the full force of the digital revolution, share and benefit every aspect of the music biz in the digital era.”

Find more of Yang Zhang at http://zhangyang.site