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Cue the Mike: Interview with Goodpace

Goodpace eclectic approach and high-octane performances borrow from the vast vernacular of
contemporary music, echoing artists as diverse as Uncle Kracker, Kid Rock, The Transplants, The Ramones or Yelawolf, just to mention a few.

His sound is all about connecting with listeners through a release of energy that breaks genre boundaries, uplifting melodies and a thought-provoking lyrical flow.

Interview with Mike of Goodpace

How did music start for you?

Mike: I wrote my first song when I was a freshmen in High School. I always had a passion to write.

You have a sound that is close to Uncle Kracker to Kid Rock. Are these the artists you grew up emulating?

Mike: No. I loved The Ramones, Pantera, and Beastie Boys.

Who else had an influence on you?

Mike: I loved old Van Halen with David Lee Roth, because there was so much energy and charisma in their music.

How did Hip Hop come to play and was it a major influence on your music?

Mike: Not a major influence, but it was easier to work with producers when I first started writing. You need less musicians when you do Hip Hop.

If you could perform with any major recording artist, who would you pick?

Mike: 20 years ago my first pick would have been 311, but right now it might be Zac Brown or a part of some sort of palooza.

What comes first for you, the music or the lyrics?

Mike: No real methodology…it’s the mood more than anything. I’ve been writing lyrics for years. Believe it or not I sorta wing it with the music. What is the song writing process for you? I start with my acoustic. I play until I find a groove I like…just a simple rhythm. Then I hum a melody and start piecing together the puzzle.

Tell us about the name Goodpace? How did you come up with that name?

Mike: I wanted to start a business a few years ago and while discussing with my dad he said “You have to find good people that can keep a good pace”. I named my business Goodpace. When I formed the corporation I changed the name of the business. I kept the name Goodpace as an artist name, because I owned it.

What is in store for Goodpace? What can fans expect from you in the coming year?

Mike: I released 35 songs in the past 40 days and I have 5 more songs on the table for this year. Most of my library is free to download on Amazon mp3 or easier to find on my website I have some much needed down coming in July and being an independent artist I have to go to work and make a living.

Find more of Goodpace at:

Interview with Evan Wilson of EvWilsonMusic

Based out of NorthWest Indiana, Musician/Producer/Videographer Evan Wilson is a fresh new Youtuber with a passion for making music and video. At the age of 18, this multi instrumentalist is already beginning to find his place in Youtube's artistic community and build up an impressive catalog of online content that will leave viewers wanting more. From performing to producing to directing, this all around artist based out of the greater Chicagoland area has been honing his skills and is on the fast track to making a name for himself. Specializing in music performance and audio/video production, this well-rounded Youtuber's ultimate goal is to establish himself as an artist while collaborating with other artists and helping them achieve their creative goals.

Interview with Evan Wilson

Tell us about EvWilsonMusic. What does the name mean and why EvWilson?

Evan: It might have something to do with the fact that my name is Evan Wilson. But I will neither confirm nor deny.

You seem to have a sound that’s close to Maroon 5, Killers, Paramore, One Republic. By chance are these artists your influences?

Evan: Those artists definitely influence me in the sense that I listen to them a lot. They make the kind of music I love, so that will naturally influence my own sound. I also definitely look to other successful Youtubers for my inspiration. People like Alex Goot, Tyler Ward, Kurt Schneider, Boyce Avenue, and others who are where I would someday love to be. They're the pioneers of the whole Youtube model, so I definitely look to them as my influences.

Do you write and produce your own music? If so, what instruments do you play?

Evan: I haven't really explored much original music yet. I would love to work more on that in the future, but currently, I'm really working on collaborating with other talented artists on some covers. I've had the awesome opportunity to work with artists like Fathom Blue, Lexi Elisha, and Taylor Trent. I play piano, bass, guitar, percussion, and any other random thing I can make music with!

Besides Music, what is your favorite pass time?

Evan: I love to make videos. If I'm not playing music, you'll probably find me working on a video for another artist. I've done work for Michael Signorelli of Fathom Blue, and Lexi Elisha, which can be found on their Youtube channels.

What is your favorite sport and if you could play for a professional team, who would it be?

Evan: I've played baseball since I was 9 years old. I love the sport, and I once had dreams of playing for the Chicago White Sox, but then I decided to hang that idea up and pursue other things.

Name something on your bucket list that you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime?

Evan: Purchase an Apple Watch....Doesn't get any better than that, right? :)

If you were to do a cover song, which artist and which song would you pick?

Evan: If I want to cover a song, you'll probably end up seeing it on my Youtube channel! So subscribe and keep an eye out! I've got some stuff in the works that I think people will really love.

What is in store for Evan Wilson in the near future? What can fans expect within the next year?

Evan: More covers, maybe some originals, tons of colabs, and live shows! I've got some dates in the
works that I'm super excited about. I'll be traveling to The Ukraine this July to play some shows, as well as do some humanitarian work. So basically you'll just need to follow my social media and subscribe to my channel to keep up with it all. (Shameless plug)

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Music Money PR: One Stop Shop for DJ Drops and Music Promotion

Music money pr has been the word on everyone’s lips in 2015, after revolutionizing the industry with their trending hashtag and millions of fans they have proved that they are here to stay. Their services include custom british DJ drops, music promotion services and next level mixtape covers designed by their in house graphic designers. In 2015, branding and marketing is everything when it comes to promoting your music, and when you order their mixtape covers you can rest assured that you will get the greatest impact your career could ever wish for. Every artist has a say in their design and every single mixtape cover is 100% custom made so that it is unique to that artist. They have spent the last 5 years releasing music themselves and know how important it is that your mixtape covers are on point in this fast consuming digital society we live in right now. If you want to break the mould, you really need #musicmoney in your life. They are like having your own mixtape cover maker on hand for every release with their bold designs and graphics that are always on point.

They are running it when it comes to mixtape covers and you can see their designs all over Datpiff from thousands of happy clients with their artwork for their new release. They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover but with these professionals, striking designs it’s hard not to believe that these guys really are the best. You see, the main area that they differ from the competition when it comes to mixtape covers, dj drops and music promotion is that they really are a one stop shop for everything your career needs.

Website links (include website, Facebook, and Twitter links)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hollywood’s Number One Horror Film Ghostwriter Announces Release Date for Debut Novel

Last September, “The Queen of Horror” Mylo Carbia came to our show and told us about growing up in a haunted home, as well as plans for an upcoming book.

Today her team is giving us the exclusive scoop: “The Raping of Ava DeSantis” will be in bookstores worldwide on October 13, 2015.

American screenwriter turned author Mylo Carbia spent her childhood years writing to escape the horrors of growing up in a haunted house. Her very first screenplay was optioned only 28 days after completion, earning Mylo a "three picture deal" and the cover of Hollywood Scriptwriter in 2003.

Soon after moving to Hollywood, Carbia landed a deal to ghostwrite numerous horror film projects under her production company Zohar Films, quickly earning the reputation of being tinsel town’s number one horror film ghostwriter.

After 13 years in film, Carbia announced plans last September to leave ghostwriting for good and write a series of five horror novels under her own name. The first novel in that series – “The Raping of Ava DeSantis” is due out in bookstores worldwide on October 13, 2015.

Although the storyline (and publisher’s name) are still under wraps, sources close to Carbia say that early buzz from horror fans across the globe (including Mylo’s 50,000 followers on Twitter) are anticipating this book will be a huge success.

But the controversy surrounding the book has already made woman’s rights groups take notice.

“We are confident that males and females alike will enjoy this classic revenge horror story. Although the rape is the catalyst of the story, the novel is really about a complicated web of lies created in the aftermath of the event. But it’s the way Carbia weaves this horror tale is what makes this book truly shine,” said Lilly Ellison, publicist at Ellison PR. “It’s like nothing else out there, so we look forward to having the public be the ultimate judge when the book comes out this Fall.”

Carbia is ready for the challenge. Spending 13 years un-credited in Hollywood could not have been easy. One big name producer who worked with Carbia on various film projects describ
ed her writing as “Quentin Tarantino meets Stephen King” so we’re definitely looking forward to reviewing her first book.

In fact, we think she might even be Horror's Next New York Times Best Seller so stay tuned!

For more information about Carbia and her work, please visit or read about her on Wikipedia

And be sure to follow her:

Twitter @MyloCarbia
Facebook /AuthorMyloCarbia

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Meet, the first website to find and date single ‘DadBods’

The platform is available worldwide and those who want to join it can do it for free just by making two steps: visit the website and register in it.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - June 23, 2015 -- The first website created to date single guys with a “Dadbod” body shape has arrived. is an exclusive online dating platform for single “Dadbods” and their admirers in order to meet, get together and connect with people who love that kind of body and lifestyle and are eager to get matched with someone else.

The platform is available worldwide and those who want to join it can do it for free by visiting the website and register in it. The interested will create a profile of his own and then would be able to browse the site to find out potential love matches. After that, if the user wishes to establish contact with some of those persons, he has to upgrade his account with one of the three available memberships options, called bronze, silver or gold. Once upgraded, the user will be able to send messages, gifts, upload multiple photos and chat with other members.

“I got inspired to create this dating website after reading an article about the reasons why girls love the ´Dadbod´ and seeing the comments from people that shared their experiences with a ´Dadbod´ and why they’d like to date with them. I also loved hearing from guys who have the ´Dadbod´ body shape and were proud of without shame it”, said Sarah Hamilton, Founder of

“Dadbod” is a new term to refer to men whose body’s shape is between overweight and fitness. “I like that the ´Dadbod´ trend promotes a new meaning for guys. It’s a statement that they don’t have to live up with the figure of the sculpted guy that you see in magazines. The ´Dadbod´ body shape does not mean that they are lazy. You can be a ´Dadbod´ and have a healthier alternative at the same time. For example, you can choose organic products to your everyday lifestyle meals without all the unnecessary calories. Actually it seems that the ´Dadbod´ lifestyle is to take a little of everything but with moderation”, explained Hamilton.

Those interested in joining can visit the site and subscribe for free. As a plus, the website also host a community forum where users can share their stories and experiences, and also get to know more about the ´Dadbods´ community. Also the user will find post and articles written by experts in relationships, dating tips and some other interesting information related to the culture of the ´Dadbods´.

- END -

Contact with the media: Sarah Hamilton Founder of Email:

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Crowdfunding project takes aim to stop bullying

Torrey Mercer is a UC Irvine graduate; she is also an award winning music artist and advocate for students against bullying. Her interest in making the world a safer place for adolescents motivated her to start The Pledge Tour project. This was not only a way to help the community, but this is a personal quest for Mercer.

Mercer and other artists (to be named later) have joined together to start a tour to deliver a positive message to schools in the greater California area and around the country called The Pledge Tour. The Pledge Tour is a character-building concert assembly program for schools that challenges K-12 students on a long-term basis to "take the pledge" to be kinder, more tolerant, positive individuals, and to make a difference in their lives.

The idea began in 2011 when Mercer was invited to perform at the No Bully Tour, where she played at various campuses, Boys and Girls Clubs, Summer Camps, and Six Flags amusement parks to talk to children about ending bullying. This inspired Mercer to want to start her own anti-bullying campaign to continue to pass on this positive and inspiring message.

Since that first tour, Mercer has worked with several non-profit organizations and charities that help to prevent suicide, eating disorders, depression, self-harming, and various other conditions to help children and teens to heal, overcome symptoms of bullying, and identify bullying and prevent it.

In 2013, Mercer began touring with her brother (Mason Mercer) in many cities as she performed music and inspired thousands of students in middle schools to join her pledge to end bullying. In those speeches, Mercer told students of her personal stories of being bullied in elementary school.

Mercer personally identifies with students with her owns stories of being victimized during her time as a student in elementary, middle, and high school. In elementary school it was primarily for her weight and was surrounded by students who were extremely athletic and made fun of her for it. Mercer's experience in Middle school was mostly by standard "mean girls," which included spreading false rumors and psychological tricks. During High School, Mercer was teased about her singing abilities. Mercer received a number of online attacks on the website Formspring, calling her a "horrible singer" and made fun of her music videos.

Over the course of those years of being the victim of bullying, Mercer of course felt insecure about her body and her overall self-image. It wasn't until she was 16, that the singer-songwriter decided to take a stand, not by attacking her aggressors, but helping others by teaching her peers to cope with bullying, to identify, to intervene, and help put an end to bullying.

“Bullying can lead to higher drop out rates in school, and higher suicide rates. By contributing to our cause, you will be contributing to lowering these numbers, and to helping schools to realize that they can be their own forces of change, and have the power to change the climate of their school,” said Mercer

To continue to tell these stories and help end bullying, Mercer kicked off a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo this month to help raise money to fund the tour and make The Pledge Tour its own company.

“As we officially make 'The Pledge Tour' it's own company, it is going to need start up funds. Like any other company, a significant amount of work goes into launching it, and getting it off the ground, and it's with your help that we will have what we need to ultimately make the impact on thousands of students lives.”

Crowdfunding is a means of securing financial support by helping individuals tap into their networks through the Internet. While a lot of research funding relies on receiving large amounts of money from a single donor, crowdfunding campaigns usually succeed through small donations from many individuals.

Official website:

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

EXPEDITION DELTA ft. Bobby Koelble & Santiago Dobles - "Connected" (Official 2015)

International supergroup Expedition Delta just released a new music video for the track "Connected",
taken from the upcoming album scheduled to be released at the end of this year.

Prior to the album, Expedition Delta scheduled to release a couple of singles and to reveal all the names of the amazing guests.

The first Expedition Delta album was released in 2008 (on ProgRock Records/SPV) and together with Srdjan Brankovic many famous, great musicians have been involved in the project. Just to name a few: Gary Werhkamp (Shadow Gallery, Amaran's Plight), Andrea De Paoli (Labyrinth, Vision Divine), Alex Argento (Orianthi), Richard Andersson (Time Requiem, Space Odissey), Erik Norlander (Rocket Scientists, Lana Lane), Joost van den Broek (After Forever), Sabine Edelsbacher (Edenbridge). Irina Kapetanovic (Irina & The Storm), Vivien Lalu (Lalu), Borislav Mitic, Rene Merkelbach (Ayreon), Santiago Dobles (Aghora), Mikkel Henderson (Evil Masquerade, Circus Mind) Torsten Rohere (Silent Force) Alongside -of course- Nikola Mijic ( AlogiA, Eden's Curse) Miroslaw Brankovic, Vladimir Djedovic, Ivan Vasic... The first big guest unveiled for the second album is Bobby Koelble from the historical heavy metal band Death (at the Symbolic' time).

Other astonishing names will be disclosed very soon.

Meanwhile enjoy the first track, the first video and stay... CONNECTED! \m/ Expedition Delta new video "Connected" featuring: Bobby Koelble (Death), Srdjan Brankovic (AlogiA), Santiago Dobles (Aghora)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Texas Rocker Glitter Rose returns May 30th for Dallas Intl. Guitar Festival and Poor David's Pub

Outlaw Southern Rocker and Texas raised songwriter/producer Glitter Rose returns to Dallas for 2 special performances Saturday, May 30th at Dallas International Guitar Festival and Poor David's Pub


May 27th, 2015 - Dallas, TX -- Hometown girl and independent southern rock artist and music producer Glitter Rose has been rocking the Los Angeles music scene since 2012, and now returns to Dallas for 2 very special live music events. Saturday, May 30th both Dallas International Guitar Festival and Poor David's Pub will host performances by the lefty-lady guitar slinger and songstress for her hometown fans and beyond to enjoy. Glitter will be accompanied by her band including lead guitarist Rob K, drummer Chris Hoffman and bassist Erik Ralston, all of which are Los Angeles based pursuing their careers in music and its industry.

Glitter Rose and The Band are currently recording an album titled "Outlaw In Love", produced by Glitter Rose and mixed and engineered by Francisco Rodriguez. Both Glitter and Francisco are Recording Academy members and will be submitting the album for GRAMMY consideration in 2016. This will be GR's 3rd full length album, and 1st sole producer attempt. Her album "Dead or Alive" released in 2012, was co produced by Dran Michael and Glitter Rose, and snagged several awards, including Album of the Year in the 2013 AIMAs, which led to a total of 8 awards in a span of 2 years. GR is also currently developing and producing young artists in Los Angeles. She has also written for 2 feature film soundtracks. The title track for indie film "American Girl", which she also makes a cameo appearance in and acts as associate producer, and a co-write with legendary musicians Stu Hamm and Kim Se Hwang for the Korean box office smash "The Technicians".

Dallas International Guitar Festival will host Glitter Rose and The Band on the Category 5 Stage at 11am Sat. May 30th. That evening, Poor David's Pub will open its doors at 7:30pm, with an 8pm performance by Glitter Rose and The Band. Both events are all ages. Tickets for DIGF can be found at, while tickets for Poor David's Pub can be bought at the door for $12 each.

For more information about Glitter Rose, please visit her website

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

AlogiA to Headline Fosar Festival - Lignano Sabbiadoro June 5th 2015

AlogiA to Headline
FOSAR Festival 2015

on June 5th 2015 - Arena Alpe Adria - Lignano Sabbiadoro

FOSAR have announced their special headliner for the 2015 Festival, Serbian Prog-PowerMetal icons ALOGIA.

Mark June 5-6-7, 2015 on your calendar and plan to be at FOSAR (Free Open Space Art Rock) a multi-genre Music Festival held yearly in Lignano Sabbiadoro, destined to become international very soon. It will be an unbelievable selection of musical and artistic delights offered to thousands who visit the Festival daily, throughout three days and nights. A musical celebration under the sun and stars in a friendly, peaceful, rocking atmosphere, where you can drink delicious beer, make friends and listen to amazing Music!

Musically, the 1st day of the Festival, on Friday June 5th, is going to be headlined by the widely acclaimed Serbian rockers AlogiA. The show is taking place in the historical, stunning location of Arena Alpe Adria in Lignano Sabbiadoro, holding thousands of people daily.

The Arena Alpe Adria is not only an historical monument, but also a scenery that will astonish both metal-heads as well as families with children alike.

The more: Lignano Sabbiadoro is situated on the beautiful Venetian coastline, halfway between Venice and Trieste. Be sure you’ll enjoy very special bars, food outlets and very convenient and easy transport links and enough space for everyone. Not to forget the impressive surroundings and the amazing attractions, which will be open all day. This incredible event is a wonderful multi-genre Festival of all Arts, (Music, Literature, Theater, Dance, Poetry, Graphic Arts and Video) under the Artistic Direction of Pasquale Neri who provided an eclectic selection of musical delights, stands, and culture folklore over three days and nights that will even help to raise funds to support UNICEF (particularly for the Nepal’ campaign)

The ARENA ALPE ADRIA will be a stunning stage for extraordinary musical moments including:
AlogiA: Power Progressive Metal band from Serbia, with15 years of glorious history/musical background. During their shows they’ve been able to fill: big theatres (, whole stadiums (, great squares ( They also played supporting historical acts as: Whitesnake (, Apocalyptica (, Savatage and many more!

Plus, performed many important Festival (Hendrix Fest, Hard’n’Heavy, Exit Fest, Metal Days, Beer Fest etc.) and headlined many gigs

Their new album Elegia Balcanica is out now in Serbia and it’s scheduled to be released worldwide in 2015 Expedition Delta: International supergroup born as a project from Srdjan Brankovic, one of the founders of AlogiA. Srdjan is working and has worked as a guitarist, songwriter, producer in many other important Serbian bands such as Psychoparadox, Hexagram, Draconic, Numenor, Lunar Pocket, Despot... besides AlogiA and Expedition Delta, of course! The music of Expedition Delta is a mixture of Melodic Rock (AOR) and Progressive Rock, with the elements and influences of modern music merged into many atmospheric parts.

The whole album is leaded by the great voice of Nikola Mijic, with some very special guests who duet with him. Together with Srdjan Brankovic, many famous and great musicians have been involved into this project, in the past: Gary Werhkamp (Shadow Gallery), Andrea De Paoli (Labyrinth), Erik Norlander, Rene Mekelbach (Ayreon), Richard Andersson, Joost Van der Broek, Sabine Edelsbacher (Edenbridge), Borislav Mitic, Vivien Lalu, Alex Argento (Orianthi), Mikkel Henderson (Fate, Evil Masquerade, Circus Mind), Saska Jankovic, Milos Kovacevic, Torsten Rohere (Silent Force), Santiago Dobles (Aghora)…. More and new ones are going to be announced for the new upcoming work, as well! Some of the world finest performers have been blended, and Expedition Delta is the result. EstWind is a Slovenian heavy metal band formed in 2010 from members of ex band Soldiers of Afghanistan, Woliwo and Keller. Their music could not be easily defined as classic old-school heavy metal because of more progressive experimentations and inclusions of some thrashing riffs.

Their debut album Out of Control is out now via Dallas Records

Bluerose; They have released 2 albums so far: Fallen From Heaven, their very first AOR album, has been released first as an indie record and then re-published by Areasonica Records and Blue Tattoo Music. It has achieved numerous notable reviews from all the metal movement. Fallen from Heaven is a concept album which tells the story, through 10 tracks + 8 interludes, of an Angel named Bluerose, who has fallen on Earth, describing his emotions during this journey. The emotions felt are those of a human during his whole life. The second release, called Darkness and Light, is now available on digital stores and is produced by Areasonica Records and Bluerose, and distributed in all CD shops in Italy. It contains 8 new fresh and powerful tracks, alternating the Bluerose rock style with more metallish guitars and superb vocals. Rearth, is a prog/rock/metal band from Udine born from the brainchild of Fabio Tomasino (guitars) and Simone Paoloni (vocals).

The duo originally started to play into a thrash metal band; then decided to begin a more personal project mixing different musical genres. The main thought was to enhance the music with the emotions of the lyrics. In 2011 they released the first demo Pure and Simple. Self produced, registered, mixed and mastered by Fabio Tomasino (Artwork by Simone Paoloni) In 2013 it was time for their first album For My Dreams I Fall, self-produced, registered, mixed and mastered by Fabio Tomasino again.

Immediately the band established itself adding Jacopo Novello on bass, Sara Rainone on vocals, and Emanuele Stefanutti on drums

Warfare: The band was born in the early 2007 in Udine, from musicians coming several musical
experiences. In 2009 they released a first album: The Revenge, recorded by Riccardo Asquini at Saojo Studios. The Revenge gained great response from the audience, that allowed to the band to pursue an intense live activity in the following years, including a performance as opening act for Extrema. On December 2011, the band came back to the studio to record the 2nd chapter , an EP called Drops of Cold Flowing, recorded at the Golden room Studios by Giacomo Barboni. The EP represents Warfare style: the Neoclassical Groove metal, a groovy modern metal influenced by the melodies of classical music. In July 2014 the band , being the winner of the Up to Down contest, has been chosen as opening act for Down of Phil Anselmo in front of thousand people.

Also to be remembered, other truly interesting acts included in the line-up are: Stand of Mind, Novalisi, Chiara D’Andrea, PNG, Hadeon, Simply The Blues, Mazza, Paper Rose, Insane, Calibro Delirio, The Gentlemen, Elena Uliana, Elisabeth Scussolin, Giuseppe Innoncenti, Ibrahim Al Kail, Katiuscia Filipponee, Manuela Mancini, Manuela Moretto, Angela Bonin, Paolo Ziliotto, Renzo Ravagna, Rita Pierangelo, Roberto Lando, Rosachiara Carletto, Rosalba Cacciavillani, Vladimiro Lunardon, Wilfred, Tarcisio Pajer, Zabier Lan, Zabier Margarita, Zanetti Faber, Gruppo Artistico Indipendente

Can’t miss. Be there… It will be just SPECTACULAR!


Friday, May 15, 2015

LIGHTS' new music video for "Same Sea"


“Same Sea” as heard on the album Little Machines, is out now here



06.12.2015 Sarnia, Ontario Rustic TICKETS
06.14.2015 Brantford, Ontario WTFest TICKETS
06.15.2015 Windsor, Ontario Walkerville Theatre TICKETS
07.03.2015 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Jazz Festival TICKETS
07.16.2015 Quebec City, QuebecLe Festival d'été de Québec TICKETS
08.08.2015 Brighton, Colorado Adams County Fairgrounds TICKETS
08.10.2015 San Diego, California San Diego Civic Theatre w/ Lindsey Stirling TICKETS
08.12.2015 Tucson, Arizona Tucson Music Hall w/ Lindsey Stirling TICKETS
08.13.2015 Phoenix, Arizona Comerica Theatre w/ Lindsey Stirling TICKETS
08.15.2015 Santa Barbara, California Santa Barbara County Bowlw/ Lindsey Stirling TICKETS
08.17.2015 Los Angeles, California The Greek Theatrew/ Lindsey Stirling TICKETS
09.06.2015 Columbus, Ohio Fashion Meets Music Festival TICKETS