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Janel Nabong's new song "Breathe" is a much needed message

Going as far back as 11 years ago, Janel Nabong has posted dozens of cover songs ranging from Demi Lavato, Halsey, Linkin Park, Twenty One Pilots, and Billie Elish just to name a few. It wasn't until 2019 that Janel began releasing songs of her own, beginning with "Hear Me". In 2020, Janel released her first full-length 10 song EP entitled, Temperamental now available on all streaming platforms. Her most notable titles off the EP include "Hear Me", "Temperamental", "Everything", "Mr. Time", "Manic", and "Breathe".     

So, who is Janel Nabong? 

Janel Nabong is an American artist that is both diverse and determined. This multi talented artist is not only a Pop Singer Songwriter, she is a DIY. DIY as in she writes, produces, and performs all the instrumentation herself. She creates a unique pop sound with a melancholy undertone, yet she performs from the heart by invoking a way of forward-thinking as a poster child of self-discovery and songs of self-healing. Forged by her own unique sound combining synth pop, emotional lyrics, and electronica in her newest single, “Breathe”. 

"The darkest nights will end. We'll rise and rise again," she sings contentedly in the lyrics. The gentle beats sound under her soft delivery, as she casts a warm spell of love and understanding, while leaving a pop soul sound like an intimate serenade with the most gorgeous message of hope. Her vocal delivery is quite exhilarating yet infectious. Her personal message is, "All you can do is breathe and get through it and it will be okay," Janel says.


Janel Nabong is endorsed by top level music industry insiders, such as Brett Manning, former vocal coach of Hayley Williams from Paramore, Taylor Swift, Leona Lewis, Miley Cyrus, and many more. Since releasing her debut single “Hear Me” in 2019, Janel has attracted a devoted following with her music , as well as with her 'Tortuga Tavern’ live streaming shows on YouTube and Sessions: Live Music Streaming. 


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Monday, September 14, 2020

GLOBAL RIGHTS CONCERT Celebrities Advocate for Animal & Human Trafficking

Date: 9/14/2020
#RESET #GRC2020 #GlobalRightsConcert

One week prior to the G20 2020 leadership meeting in Saudi Arabia, on National Pickle Day, the 1st Annual Global Rights Concert will Air on Nov 14th. What does this mean? Influential Artists, Musicians, Actors, Actresses & Hosts Globally around the World will Advocate to World Leaders, Concert Viewers, Consumers and Corporations as they perform for Animal & Human Rights (Trafficking, Cruelty, Torture & Modern Day Slavery & Discrimination & Forced Child Labor). To create awareness, education for the viewers & leaders.

We are excited for the opportunity to invite Global Artists, Organizations, Corporations, and Media to participate & perform & advocate in Your Way, with Your Voice & Your Influence to bring awareness to our modern society that we claim as being sophisticated, cultured with morals & values though blinded ignorance still persist with global violations of animal & human rights. Let’s no longer turn a blind eye.
We need to educate & challenge our global viewers to buy slave free, cruelty free, torture free products and encourage them to no longer ignore these treacherous acts in their countries. The more people are aware of these violations in their town, city, state, province and country, your voices will carry over. Worldwide corporations, manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, distributors will be in a pickle as we demand them to comply to corporate social responsibility as it relates to Animal & Human Trafficking. Now who’s got power? In a pickle yet? Or Cat caught your tongue?

“With what we have learned from the #METOO Movement, the #GeorgeFloyd Movement, that we have been silent too long! Today, the Zoonotic Diseases (animal to human transmitted virus’) caused COVID19 (from an animal that consumed a bat), SARS (from Dogs), MERS (from Camels), Let’s not wait Let’s voice to end Animal Trafficking, Cruelty and Torture”. said Saima Khan, Sr. Executive Producer & Director of the Global Rights Concert “And on the other hand, How can we rest when individuals, children included are used for forced labor and sexual acts worldwide? Our basic morals & principles must remove these anomolies and create humanitarian boundaries. Let’s RESET during COVID19 –let’s do it collectively based on the root of the problem and the impact on our society”, She continued “Our Global Rights Concert will honor the organizations who are on the ground saving Animals & Humans daily. LET NO ONE BE LEFT BEHIND!”

The Concert Components Comprise of:
1- A Live Concert Performance will be Broadcast & Streamed on several platforms across the World with Virtual Reality and some VR Stage for local Performances (Participating Continents include: South Asian IndoPak Region, Middle East, Asia, Africa, South Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia)
2- Pre-recorded messages from Hosts, Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Animal & Human Rights Organizations Globally
3- Nominated Animal & Human Rights Organizations will be recognized for their work with Awards
4- Viewer Experiential Experience Voting Polls: The Viewers of the Concert will be able to Vote for the award the organizations receive
5- Viewer online participation & interaction in sweepstakes and gift Quiz’s
6- The Concert will raise a minimum of $1 Million of Donations for the Organizations nominated and they will each get donations from the viewers to help their organization.
The concert will raise a minimum of 1 million dollars during the concert for the organizations. The experiential concert will call for the viewers to vote for their favorite Animal & Human Rights organizations.
The concert artists will perform a variety of genres of music from Pop. Hip Hop, Rock, Soft Rock, Jazz, Country. Global voices will sing & perform in order to raise awareness for Animal & Human Rights. The G20 will hear these voices. Leaders will be asked to take a hard look and reset in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as Policies must be enforced top down from leadership, corporations, countries, states, provinces, cities.
The concert will be live streamed on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Broadcast Globally. other applications to reach multi million viewers globally. Your voice matters.

Your Influence Matters. Please help us, participate, advocate and get to the audiences who are receptive to your influence and your activism for animals & human rights globally. They will be listening at the G20. 1-805-444-2013 Contact: Saima Khan Email: ###

Date: Nov 14th 2020 

Monday, August 31, 2020

Indie Music Notes: artist basic success secrets

Written by Michele McManmon

Artistic careers should be treated as a organized business from the very start. Having a solid foundation for you music career can be simple if you keep the basics in place. It takes hard work, self respect, and a passion to suceed no matter how many rejections come your way. Keep your ego in check, your eye on the prize and you will live your dream.

Musicains, PR people, Label owners, Club owners, Record producers, Dj's, Vj's, Record shop owners, Managers, and Agents. All of these individuals have opinions about what it takes to make it in the Industry. The truth sometimes is that no one really knows, and that's where luck, talent, and being at the right place at the right time comes in. Even The Beatles and Kurt Cobain had to hustle for years before making it big.

This bi-monthly series explores different perspectives from insiders in the industry on what it it takes to make it in the Music Industry. Tips, tricks, advice, and information will be presented to struggling musicians that read this column. The goal is to help those artists get a chance to live their dream.

Please comment and add on any thoughts, ideas, or opinions based on the writings. Any ideas may also help other musicains, so please, place your thoughts in the comment section below the articles.

Continue to read the rest of this article here

Read more about:
1. Write. Study. Learn.
2. Shameless Self-Promotion
3. Use of social media
4. Submitting your work to print media
5. Watch "Advice for Artists by Derek Sivers"

Need Song Ideas
Having trouble writing your song? Check out these song ideas now:

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Monday, August 17, 2020

Soulblind: a musical story of individual spiritual journey


"One song, just for fun." That was the plan when two church friends, lead vocalist Mindi Odom and bass guitarist/keyboardist Andy Graves, headed into the recording studio. Instead, spurred on by a suggestion from their producer to collaborate together on more songs, an explosion of music happened! The Contemporary Christian band Pivotal Awakening was born. 
Their debut song, Soublind, quickly attracted an international following and was nominated for four 2020 Detroit Music Awards, with Mindi reaching the finals in the Outstanding Christian Vocalist category. Written in a keyboard-led pop style, Soulblind changed their lives. That “one song” idea has now blossomed into an incredible friendship and musical partnership.
Working with producer Marshall Block at Real II Reel Productions, the duo has written sixteen songs together (so far). Their fifth song, titled ‘Not That Different’, will be released on August 25, 2020. Mindi and Andy explore challenging subjects in their songwriting that are not often heard in the world of Christian music. Grateful every day for their incredible journey, Pivotal Awakening can’t wait to see where God and music lead them next!


Friday, August 14, 2020

Leaving While You Stay: New Release by Greg Hoy and the Boys


The new single made by Greg Hoy & The Boys “Leaving While You Stay” has been finally released over  many sources and made into a music video on Youtube! The song is basically a combination of original hard rock and not just a recycled sound spread over many repetitive songs. The song consists of Greg Hoy’s vocals along with the spontaneous and welcoming sound of his guitar. As well as, The direction of Carissa Johnson supplies this song with clear cohesion and a sound that will leave most people wanting more. Dennis Galway delivers the perfect beat with his exquisite drum skills and with Mark Nichoson completing the package with master bass skills. The song depicts a “certain” person tweeting away while their nation crumbles apart due to leadership. For instance, the song states “Fight for love or Fight for glory?” which symbolizes the confusion in which this “certain” person is heading. This song also utilizes excellent visuals that match the overall grove mood of the song. It makes the song seem like a comic book life right now in the pandemic. 

Who are Greg Hoy & The Boys? Greg Hoy isn’t only some guy in a band-he is many things like a label record owner to an astounding “marketing guru”. Greg Hoy was inspired by the fact that music and sound can convey such richness and emotions. This is prominent when Greg Hoy himself states, “Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” on headphones at the behest of his big brother. “I was immediately drawn to the richness of the sound, and the idea that you could manipulate emotions with sound—like a certain fuzzed out guitar and drum beat could make you feel a certain way.” This truly explains his love of music and it paves the roadway while also making it clear that he will later lead on with the music industry. Greg Hoy & The Boys focus on multiple themes like being a middle-aged man in the middle of a new technological future. Overall, Greg Hoy & The Boys show how starting from a “Tiny Telephone with John Vanderslice in San Francisco” can really go a long way. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Visionz2turnt or V2T for short, is a versatile rapper who pins down his music on everyday struggle and real-life experiences. He mixes rap, trap, hip hop, and pop all into one ball and delivers it both at a rapid speed and mellow.

Clarksville, TN- --- Javon Everett better known by his stage name Visionz2turnt is a diversely gifted personality. Visionz2turnt is an in-demand rapper who started rapping at the age of eleven. Born on November 11, 1989, in Washington DC, he started writing poetry in elementary school, which later turned into freestyles. He was the middle child of five in which he was the oldest male in the home. Music became more and more distilled with his life due to the daily struggles endured growing up.

It wasn’t an easy ride growing up for Visionz2turnt. After the loss of his oldest sister (from kidney failure), he moved to Henderson, North Carolina to finish high school. While in NC, he met Bigmoshawty, a great rapper who seeing his talent, started him a recording in a studio to elevate his sound. Amidst his early desire to make waves in the music industry and care for his family, Visionz2turnt was not alone on this cause of success as he has been inspired by different artists like DMX, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, 2Pac, Lil Wayne, Outkast, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, etc.

Visionz2turnt has worked on many albums that have continued to attract great fans to him. As he got older the talent began to grow and the music became stories of his life, family, and friends, which he witnessed firsthand. Visionz2turnt has worked on several EP’s like "DRIP GLITCH" & “Shattered Heart”, which you can find on Datpiff, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, Youtube, etc. His 2019 hit Video “IDK” is now out on WSHH in which numbers are rising tremendously. Despite his spell in the United States Army and his interest in Urban Street Design Automotive, he has never lost focus on his inner burning desire for music. His objective is to bring the fun back into the love of music. Visionz2turnt is lyrically versatile with the ability to not only Freestyle but write. He just released a new video titled “Letter To The Heavens” on Youtube. V2T(Visionz2turnt) formally known as "Visionz" has also signed a distribution deal with Bentley Records. In all, he is awesome and a great talent to watch.

To know more, one can visit:
Contact: V2T (visionzturnt) 
Tel: (919)397-5898 
Twitter: @visionz2turnt 
Instagram: @visionz2turnt 
Facebook: Visionz2turnt 
Youtube: V2TMusic 



Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Right Now by Chelsea Perkins

The AIM featured song today is "Right Now" by Chelsea Perkins

Chelsea Perkins is an American singer, songwriter and producer from California. She is known for her eclectic look, undeniably unique vocals mixed with her playful alt-pop sound.

Chelsea Perkins released her debut EP You’re Busy independently in 2015. She made her major label debut in 2016 by releasing EDM singles California Dreamin with producer Fontaine Ivory through Armada Music and Night & Day with music duo Bormin through ElektraFrance (Warner Music France).

Chelsea is currently working with Outasight and Cook Classics on a new EP that showcases her natural sing song flow over multiple genres. Chelsea’s songs are fierce, female empowered and full of energy. They are real, authentic anthems that only this girl from Cali could pull off.

Find more of Chelsea Perkins 

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

KGUP launches new Forum Community

Fasten your seatbelts! KGUP has just launched its brand new Forum Community!

For people needing to connect with like minded individuals within the Music and Entertainment community and beyond, this will become the place to connect!

Keep in mind, this is a brand new page, so it is very empty, which is why you play a vital role in making it successful.

How can you help the KGUP Forum Community grow? It's simple! Help the KGUP brand by helping yourself!  Post your own content in the Forum!
- Post about your Brand
- Post a video
- Post music content
- Post your website and/or social media links
- Post want ads seeking out talent, writers, content creators, and producers
- Post jobs
- Post For Sale ads as well!
- Post off topic discussions too!
- the sky is the limit!

And so much more... you'll just have to find out for yourself

And a huge thank you to everyone that jumps on board to us shoot this forum into orbit!

So, what do you think?? We wanna hear all your thoughts.

We hope to see you there!

Monday, July 20, 2020

Discover "Empirical Truth" by Mark Newman

From work with multiple bands and tours to his solo work, Mark Newman’s craftsmanship has never failed to disappoint. The proud winner of the Long Island Blues CD Challenge for Best Record of 2019, Empirical Truth is an extension of Newman’s capacity for phenomenal songwriting. The album is unafraid to embrace both the peppier and more somber sides of rock ’n’ roll, and takes the listener along for a dusty, gritty journey across a range of emotion.

The opening track to Empirical Truth conjures images of a hazy bar, beer on tap, and a sense of
camaraderie that only Newman’s musical style can offer. From “Mississippi Mile” to “Lycanthropy,” he never ceases to amaze with his storytelling capabilities. Additionally, “When I Aim My Gun” and “Pipeline” are not afraid to delve into the complicated sphere of U.S. politics, and his sense of daring in the writing encourages introspection.

Newman’s poetic yet grounded songwriting allows a sense of romanticism that can only be found in blues-based music—an integral component of Empirical Truth that cannot go unnoticed. He reminisces with the listener when it comes to rock ’n’ roll, and incorporates funk, folk, and soul to create the perfect sense of togetherness.

Empirical Truth’s rhythm-and-blues-esque approach to common life problems through nostalgic sounds beckons the listener to close their eyes and embrace the turmoil, the sound, and finally the resilience of Mark Newman. His voice alone evokes feelings of familiarity, and his toe-tapping, grin-inducing rhythms can soften any rock-hard heart.

A medium for soul and feeling, Mark Newman’s Empirical Truth has proved his quality as a songwriter, master multi-stringsman, and raconteur. Empirical Truth is proof that his experience in touring with some of the biggest names of rock ‘n’ roll has paid off—this album truly demonstrates his finesse and grasping of all the elements that make up a great blues-inspired album.

Find Mark Newman at:

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Interview with Latin American model and aspiring actress Virginia Adams

Virginia Adams was born and raised in South Florida. When she was younger, she was on her
 school’s dance team, step team, and cheer-leading squad. She also ran track, played football and golf. After honing her modeling skills in various industries (amateur and professional) in South Florida, Ms. Adams decided to widen her options and opportunities by moving to New York. She has been working as a consultant while expanding her modeling skills. Keeping her love of dance and golf alive, and enjoying time with her beautiful family in New York. Ms. Adams is looking forward to expanding her career path in Latin America and all the wonderful potential that region has to offer along with the amazing culture, food, and people.

AIM: It's great to meet you Virginia. Where are you originally from?

Virginia Adams: Thank you so much for having me. I am originally from South Florida. Palm Beach County to be exact.

AIM: What led you to New York and what brought you to this great city?

Virginia Adams: Honestly, my significant other is originally from New York and the schools in NY are Blue Ribbon and the programs are much better and actually cater to kids with learning disabilities which my stepson has and since we relocated up here he has improved drastically. He is reading and writing very well. I also was excited to live in a state that you get to experience all four seasons. In Florida, we have 2 seasons, either extremely hot or monsoon raining, and if it does get cold its not until late evening when I am in bed sleeping.

AIM: Tell us about your career. What do you like to consider to be your profession?

Virginia Adams: Oh my, I do not even know how to explain my career. I guess to some it all up my career is a mix of brand ambassador, international ambassador, and modeling. A newbie social media influencer that has not reached that status quite yet.

AIM: What inspired your desire to become a model?

Virginia Adams: Looking at the Sports Illustrated magazines, seeing Billboards, watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, and America’s Next Top Model inspired me to become a model.

AIM: Have you done any professional modeling?

Virginia Adams: Professional Modeling, not really. When I was younger my mother worked for a modeling agency and I use to go and sit with her at work and watch all these gorgeous women walk through the door. When I got older, I did a photoshoot after giving birth to my first born but that was all for fun. I would love to do professional photoshoots; I see that they are a lot of fun!

AIM: There are many types of modeling careers, including runway modeling, photography modeling, range show modeling, lingerie, swimsuit, makeup, and hair modeling. What industry interests you the most and why? Virginia Adams: I would love to get into all industries. I do not want to be labeled as the model that only shoots these types of photos. I want to be versatile and go out of my comfort zone.

AIM: Are you considering acting as well?

Virginia Adams: I am considering acting, like I said, I want to be versatile.

AIM: Have you had any professional training in acting or are you naturally talented?

Virginia Adams: I have not had any professional training at all. I do love to act with my kids when were in the house or we repeat lines from movies that we have watched 1000 times. It is a lot of fun.

AIM: As a child, what model or actress figure has inspired you to enter this field?

Virginia Adams: Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, and Iman all inspired me to enter the modeling world.

AIM: How is your favorite public figure today?

Virginia Adams: My absolute favorite public figure today is Michelle Obama. She oozes sophistication, elegance, class and can also kick back and relax.

AIM: If you could represent any clothing line or work on the set of any Television or movie production, what would your dream job be?

Virginia Adams: As far as clothing lines go, I would love the brands that are trying to get their name out there. As an entrepreneur I love to support other entrepreneurs. Now don’t get me wrong, the big names are great, I would love to represent the big name brands but I feel like the small businesses could really use that push and help to get them out there so they can become big. As for television sets and movie productions my dream would be to be on the Law and Order SVU set, I love that series and I would love to be in a Fast and Furious movie or one of their spin off movies or even in a movie with Charlize Theron and Kevin Hart. How sweet that would be!

AIM: What is your favorite country or countries?

Virginia Adams: Ok, now this is going to sound bad, but I have yet to travel outside of the US. I am 31 years of age and I am just now getting a passport. I know terrible. But I do have a list of places I cannot wait to visit such as, Ecuador, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and the list goes on. AIM: You mentioned in your biography that you are very interested in Latin culture and want to expand your career in that field. What is it about Latin Culture that attracts you to this part of the world?

AIM: What is your favorite country or countries?

Virginia Adams: Ok, now this is going to sound bad, but I have yet to travel outside of the US. I am 31 years of age and I am just now getting a passport. I know terrible. But I do have a list of places I cannot wait to visit such as, Ecuador, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and the list goes on.

AIM: Most people have ambitions to help their community to make it better. If you had the ability to make an impact, what would be your goal?

Virginia Adams: I personally would want the whole world to have filtration systems that will make the water extremely safe to drink. I want everyone to have education provided to them and I want the child to not forced into child labor. Let the children focus on their education so that can become a doctor, nurse, lawyer, and so on. Provide safe work environments for all. That is my dream and that is what I will work hard to do.

AIM: Thank you so much for your time with All Indie Magazine. We hope you have a fantastic career and we wish you all the best! We will be watching you every step of the way!

Virginia Adams: You are amazing and once again thank you for having me. This was a lot of fun. Looking forward to doing this again! Stay healthy and safe!

If you do not like a specific question and you'd like to replace it with your own question, feel free to make any changes you'd like. If you so desire, I can replace any question with something different until you are satisfied.  I have your 3 photos, but if you want to add anything else, you are more than welcome to send me those photos or videos as well.

For more information about Virginia Adams and for booking inquires, go to: