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3D Mobile Apps Launches Emoji Fit


3D Mobile Apps Launches Emoji Fit
Emoji Fit offers workout themed emojis, available on Android 

AUGUST 31, 2015 – Emojis are wildly popular and becoming a part of everyday conversations, but there are still times users cannot find the perfect emoji to get their feelings across. The creators of Emoji Fit have opened a whole new world with their latest gym themed emoji app. 3D Mobile Apps has released an app that offers users a range of workout emojis to send to friends and family. The app is now available for Android devices.

Emoji Fit is a single solution for workout enthusiasts and offers many exercise-themed emojis for users to choose from. Members of gyms and workout facilities, fitness instructors, trainers, crossfitters, and bootcampers can stay entertained for hours poring through the different options.

The creators of this app did not stop at simple emojis for this app however. They created an app that has seven different sections of specific types of emojis - free exercise emojis, emojis with quotes, emojis without quotes, emoji workout routines, funny emojis, emoji exercise quotes, and emoji exercise equipment. No matter what their skill level is, gym lovers can find the ideal emoji to send to friends and family to convey their emotions.

The 3D Mobile Apps team based the designs of these emojis on current workout routines, exercise poses, and trends in the fitness world to entertain workout buffs and to motivate others to stay with the routine. The app is currently free for Android users to download and use, but it also offers in-app purchases for users wanting access to the full Emoji Fit keyboard.

Emoji Fit gives fitness enthusiasts a fun way to send relevant emojis to their friends while steering clear of the usual emojis.

More information about the all-new emoji app can be found at

About 3D Mobile Apps

3D Mobile Apps is a world-class developer of premium applications for Android devices.


M. Rosenfield
3D Mobile Apps
Phone: 3054099849

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The Millennial Reincarnations: Interview with Daniel Mark Harrison

Described in August 2015 by the Financial Times as a "Journalist. Author. Publisher. Editor-in-chief. FactoryBanking inventor. Serial entrepreneur. Bitcoin 2.0 enthusiast [and] Blockchain evangelist. And... direct descendent of the The House of Harrison, the bloodline behind money-printing business Harrison & Sons, which FTSE-listed De La Rue acquired in 1997," Daniel Mark Harrison is an Asia-based entrepreneur, thinker, technology evangelist and writer and professional negotiator. Currently, he is Managing Partner of a South East Asia-based investor consortium which is actively investing in deep value and high-growth deals specifically within the region. He is also a media proprietor, having successfully started up two widely-read publications online in the past 2 years.

Considered one of the first major mainstream millennial authors to have widespread success in publishing, Daniel M. Harrison has been described as "one to watch" by bestselling author Jeffrey Robinson and "innovative" by the Huffington Post's culture critic Azeem Khan.

Harrison's most recent publishing venture was founding the news site MarxRand, which has broken numerous stories mainstream media outlets have refused to cover.

In journalism, Harrison has written hundreds of articles for big name global news publications, including Forbes, The Washington Post, Portfolio Magazine as well as newer online journals such as the Daily Dot.

Jeffrey Robinson, the popular financial crime journalist and bestselling author of New York Times bestseller The Laundrymen, describes Harrison as "brilliant... required reading." Writing in The Huffington Post, leading millennial culture critic and former start-up CEO Azeem Khan called Harrison’s style "reality TV for the novel" and wrote "I applaud the effort Harrison is making to try and make literature a place that is ultimately more connected and innovative as a place where ideas can be exchanged and discussed in a way that no else has done before. In that respect at least, this was easily the best book I have read this year."

Interview with Daniel Mark Harrison:

You have new book that just released called The Millennial Reincarnations. Tell us a little bit about the book if you will. Why did you choose the word Reincarnations?

Daniel: The book is about a number of things. It’s about the choices – or the lack of choices – we actually make for ourselves today as a result of having the opportunity to make an increasingly abundant variety of them open to us. It’s also about the nature of spiritual belief and practice, and by association, to some extent at least, religious practice and belief, and how these concepts are becoming exponentially more bound to the concepts we discover in science, such as genetics. Finally, it’s about our obsession with scale and celebrity – the mass-media market if you like. Technology has driven all these events, fundamentally, and that’s why technology is a big theme in the book. By setting it between 1990 and the present day, I was able in many ways to mark the upward climb of the technology during the past 25 years in narrative form, which shows how remarkable it has been. Really, really remarkable. As a result, we as a culture, as a society – and in turn, as a new emergent adult generation – have changed. The term reincarnation is applicable here, not just because the characters are in a sense reincarnations of their earlier 90s past life selves, but because society is in a sense undergoing a reincarnation. That’s really what disruption is, at the end of the day. It’s a technological reincarnation, which is in turn, a millennial reincarnation in the contemporary sense of that term.

Tell us about yourself. What made you decide to become a writer?

Daniel: I’ve always been writing, really ever since I can remember to be honest with you. I think writing is something you do in order to progress and further ideas, to experiment with them in a slightly more theoretical and maybe at times abstract sense than it's possible to do in real life. So I guess a lot of my rationale and drive to become a writer was really about expressing a lot of ideas, and perhaps some feelings, that I had about the world that I don’t see so many people talking about. Writing should be like that – it’s responsibility is to challenge the conventions of society really. And inform and educate.

What was your motivation for writing The Millennial Reincarnations?

Daniel: I am not sure there was a specific motivation other than those general desires to share ideas and points in a more abstract sense than I might, say, giving a talk. But here’s one thing I will confess to: about 75 percent of the way through the book, I met a girl socially, at a friend’s house, who was really quite remarkably similar to several of the characters in the book I was writing. In many ways, it was as if she was these characters in combined, unified human form. I have had a number of things like this happen to me before – sort of premonitionary things, whereby you end up writing something that actually happens in some way – but never before had I met in the flesh what looked like, acted like, spoke like, and once I got talking to her, I discovered had a history so like many of the characters in the book I was writing! Anyway, the last quarter of the book was when I realized that the reincarnation theme was the real driver here, since I saw how these different characters were so completely interrelated. It was a fascinating and brilliant experience!

What would compel someone to pick up a copy of The Millennial Reincarnations?

Daniel: A desire to see the dark side of the wee hours in the most beautiful afternoon light you can imagine it bathed in.

Are you hoping to enlighten the millennials and hopefully make them aware of themselves? Would a millennial even be interested in knowing how his or her own generation is perceived?

Daniel: Of course, enlightenment is an important factor for any generation or person, and enlightening someone is the role of writing really, so sure, I would like to thank there is a benefit – however ancillary – someone gets from reading the book other than just sheer self-gratification. But also I think we are a generation not just with a little self-interest, but more or less with a self-obsession about all things us. So I think it’s inevitable that the book was going to be popular. It has gone to No.1 on Amazon already in Category Fiction, and it has only been out a couple days, which sort of backs up the point I guess.

You mentioned that the world is headed in one direction or another. On one hand "acceleration of innovation and productivity that characterized the previous century are about to come to a grinding halt or everything is going to move at such an accelerated rate of progress that maybe only 20 percent or so of the moral values, scientific facts and artistic trends of today will survive". What is your honest opinion?

Daniel: I think it’s fifty fifty, honestly. And it’s the thing that scares me most of all. The other thing that scares me is how like the early turn of the 20th Century we are. At that point, no one considered war a possibility at all. It was all careers, money, economics that was the talk of town. And that is what ruined Germany, essentially, and then Europe. You see similar things happening in the Middle East and parts of Asia now. It’s frightening.

In this book, do you dissect the millennial mind and explain why they act the way they do?

Daniel: No – because it’s a story. But it’s a very insightful story, so there are aspects of the millennial mind that readers seem to pick up on. A lot of people have told me, ‘Oh, it’s so interesting how you have a different take on millennials.’ I am not really sure what that means, to be honest! But that gives me a sense of the feeling in society that while there’s a lot spoken of about millennials as a culture, little opinion or insight is actually expressed in that dialog.

Does The Millennial Reincarnations have all these answers and is it too late to change? If we could change do we go about doing that?

Daniel: Yeah – you should read it if you want to know how to get thrown out of College … it has all the answers there all right! I think it’s less about change and more about evolution – that is the reincarnation bit I was referring to earlier, right?

What is in store for Daniel M. Harrison? Do you plan on a book tour to promote the new book?

Daniel: I have a lot of speaking engagements this year. I’m looking forward to San Diego and Seoul, Korea, where I will be giving a talk on the concept I discovered which concerns the Internet of Things hosted by Inside Bitcoins. I have literally spent the entire year travelling or riding out to some far-flung business somewhere in Asia to take a look at buying it. I expect it’ll be doubly-intense in the back half of this year, to be honest. I’ll accumulate a lot of airmiles this year, that is for sure!

Are you planning to write another book?

Daniel: I am always working on another book!

You can find more, including dates for speaking events, at Harrison's official website Follow on Twitter
Purchase a copy of The Millennial Reincarnations on

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For Immediate Release



[Houston, TX — August 26,2015] — Continuing his success with the release of Sentir Mon Amour (Feel My Love), Grammy considered singer-songwriter J Metro prepares to release the new visuals for his latest single “Midnight Dreams”. The video shot for the single was captured by J Metro himself while touring in the country of Switzerland for WIPO, and edited by media icon Rueben Wood.

Written and produced by J Metro, “Midnight Dreams” is the third single from the neo-soul electrifying album Sentir Mon Amour which is still in the early stages of its success being released on July 10th digitally and in stores August 7th. The leading single “Bodyguard” charted at number 12 on Billboard’s Single Sales Chart, giving the initial push needed for the album to become successful.

J Metro was also featured on Great Day Houston’s Debra Duncan show as the in studio live band. While featured he performed some of hits and a special tribute to the city of Baltimore, MD. During this performance he was set to play “Midnight Dreams” but instead chose “In Our Streets” to address the community issues surrounding breaking news and media portrayals of current happenings.

Right before signing to The Orchard, his single “Shades of Gray” became the artists most successful Billboard charting single peaking at #1 on the Hot R&B Singles chart.

J Metro has achieved increased levels of success with latest singles "Frosty" and "Bodyguard". "Frosty", released in December 2013, was honored by The Recording Academy for it's commercial success by being entered into the "Song of the Year" and "Solo Pop Performance" fields in the first round of voting consideration for the 57th Grammy awards.  Latest single "Bodyguard" is distributed through Sony/Orchard Distribution and Spaced Out Magazine and first entered Billboard charts in January 2015.

Stay Connected With J Metro:
Twitter: @Jmetromusic


For Further Information Contact:

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Veronika Releases Most Anticipated Music Video "Camera" with Interview

Veronika has released her latest visuals to the most anticipated record "CAMERA". The concept
behind this masterpiece is its focus on current problems females face nationwide and globally everyday.

Veronika's music career began in 2012 through her strictly motivated decision to build up herself as a musician and as an artist. She came back to Ukraine and began her work as a musician in association with DJ and sound producer First Craft (Dmitriy Stefaniv) genius music writer who was spotted first ay the age of 14 by Sony label in Holland, and director Yevgeniy Timokhin who worked at that time with boys band KAZAKY featured artists in Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild”; she met Timokhin through mutual friends during a casting for a TV reality show in Kiev in May 2012.

1. For those who don't know who Veronika is, tell us about yourself. How did you get into music and what brought you here to Los Angeles from the Ukraine?

  Veronika: I'm Ukrainian born but I've been living abroad since the age of 16. I consider my homelands U.S. and Israel, those countries gave me freedom, knowledge, inspiration and a chance to reach my dreams and build a better life for me and my child. From Ukraine I have bad memories, it's a country without law, where women and human right mean nothing, where corruption rules the country. It's real jungle without a real law without real government everything is fake. But people are warm and simple. I'm very sorry that a country with such good potential became a criminal corrupted neglected state. I started to do music cause I felt this cray unstoppable power of international language of communication, any message can be delivered through music good or bad, but it definitely can be heard. I made my solo project in 2012, I performed for the first time in NY in Queens in a night club on a showcase organized by DeffJems it was a rap event and I performed with my Ain't Russian Doll song. After that I moved to LA as I consider it a capital of music of the world. In any case I've chosen US as country for residence for me and my son David who is now 4 years old and who is kept in Ukraine as a prisoner from November 2014 by my ex boyfriend who was following and threatening me for years, even here in LA. Due to corrupted legislative system in Ukraine, financial power and connections of this man he succeded to take my baby from Los Angeles to Ukraine. At the moment I have international lawyers and organizations involved in order to release my son from Ukraine and bring him back to the U.S. I already established good connections with numerous of women organizations in Los Angeles and even with senator Barbara Boxer in order to solve this situation and help other women overcome domestic violence and keep the fight on for their rights and freedoms.

 How would you describe your sound?

Veronika: I do electronic music, my 2 favorite types of genres:
* electronic dance music: energizing dance house with elements of dub step and hip hop
  * dark a bit melancholic music with cinematic sounds, orchestral instruments, different weird sounds which I associate with city, fashion, movies. So my sound is electronic dance and electronic cinematic, my record producer described my sound as electronic reality music

  What is your song "Camera" about?

 I wrote Camera as a manifestation of freedom of expression, desire to be loved and to be seen and to be accepted i the way I am, to show to other person a world through my eyes, my world as I see and feel it.

   A lot of my songs are dedicated to women’s rights and freedom of expression, cause from my own experience in ex-USSR countries these rights are not really supported by law or local customs, women’s right are often ignored and suppressed due to inherent historical and traditional exercise of rights by women in favor of men.

 The music video is amazing. What was the concept behind the video and did you collaborate with the director, Yevgeniy Timokhin?

Veronika: Yevgeniy was inspired by idea of the song Camera his concept is showing war/ love story through camera lens. He was inspired by this cinematic stylr of a song, by its subject and by high fashion photography images, very dark and sophisticated, that's his style he loves to show perfection of human body I experienced so much in my life already good and bad so I wanted to express all what I feel inside about subject of freedom between people, freedom of expression, religious freedom, fight for women rights and peace, unconditional love. From my side visually I added a screaming social message as much as I could in terms of this video.

 What do you hope to accomplish thru your music?

Veronika: I want to make a change, I want to live in a better more peaceful and safe environment, where human rights are protected and respected, where women and children are protected. I want to live free without fear for my and my baby's future.I want to create beautiful music with honest and sincere message which will touch hearts and souls of people around the world

 So, what is in the immediate future for Veronika, a tour, music video, a song in an upcoming film perhaps?

Veronika: Music video release and it's promotion, I want it to be watched by millions, I want to know peoples' and specially women's opinion about this subject

  I'm finishing production of my first EP, it will be released in September

Than I wan to sign with label cause at the moment I'm independently preparing all my music project for release, I want to start performing much more often and to release my first album.

  During those months I want to succeed to bring my child back from Ukraine and to become active social activist for women's and children's rights on a bigger scale than I am right now, I want to help other women who appeared to be in such situations as I

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Single Release and Official Music Video for "XOXO" by MichaelStar Coming Soon!

MichaelStar (Michael Theo Johnson) is an R&B/Pop artist from Atlanta, GA who is making
major waves within the music scene!

MichaelStar is not only a Musician, but also an Actor, Dancer, Anti-Bullying Advocate and Entrepreneur! From winning the 2014 “Hot New Artist” Award at the Clean Music Movement Awards in Atlanta, to performing at various charity events around the City, MichaelStar is a singing sensation who definitely stays busy within the Community as well!

The MUSIC of MichaelStar is heavily influenced by his Father, Jamaican Reggae Artist, Mikey Spice, as well as well as the great Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson. This is one artist you want to to keep your eye on!

Interview with MichaelStar

So tell us your story. Where did you grow up? What made you decide to become an artist?

MichaelStar: I grew up in New York, born and raised, relocated to Georgia in 2001 with my mom. Growing up around my dad, who is an Artist/Musician/Singer, has influenced me from a young age to appreciate and love any form of music. I actually decided that performing and music was my passion at the age of 9yrs when I did my first musical called ‘Superstar Dreamz.’ I felt alive when I walked out onto that stage after my performance; the applause from the audience gave me life!

How did you come up with that name MichaelStar? What was your inspiration behind it?

MichaelStar: Actually, the Director of the musical mentioned, ‘Superstar Dreamz’, told me that I have the IT factor, and I’m a Star in the making. My name is Michael, so she put the two together and started calling me “Michaelstar.” Hence, the birth of MICHAELSTAR.

I see that you are an advocate for Anti-bullying. Please tell us your motivation behind this topic and why its a personal quest.

The MUSICAL was actually about bullying, being a part of such a production and story line made me aware of how much this takes place in schools, work places etc… I, however, have never experienced such a cruel act of ignorance but some of my peers have shared their stories with me. I decided that I wanted to help in any way possible to at least make someone who experienced this, feel loved and special. I’ve done a few appearances in schools to speak of this and will continue to do so in the future.

As an independent artist in the genre of R&B and Pop, what are the biggest struggles do you see as an artist coming up in Atlanta, GA?

MichaelStar: Well, I haven’t experienced any struggles, more disappointments than ever. The Atlanta scene is very saturated with mostly Rap artist, and I feel that R&B/Pop artist are overlooked. So many a times, it’s difficult to find shows or showcases that highlight the genre of music I’m in.

Do you tour at all? Has anything interesting happened on tour that you think our readers would enjoy hearing about?

MichaelStar: I’m yet to experience the TOUR LIFE, I am so very ready for that. When this journey begins (which will be very soon), I definitely would love to share my experience with you and everyone else.

What artists do you look up to and what particular songs do you like at the moment?

MichaelStar: I look up to artists such as Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Mikey Spice, and Justin Bieber just to name a few. Wow, I actually have several songs, too many to list, my favorites are ‘Where Are you Now’ by Justin Bieber and “Five More Hours” by Chris Brown.

If you could perform anywhere and with any artist (Dead or Alive) who would it be with and why?

MichaelStar: If I could perform anywhere, with any artist (Dead or Alive) would have to be Chris Brown or Michael Jackson. The energy that they both bring to the stage reminds me of myself.

What do you like to do when you're not writing or preparing for a show?

MichaelStar: Well, I actually enjoy chilling with my friends; they are very inspirational (and much older than me) but have taught me a lot about this Music Industry. I also enjoy meeting people, listening to Reggae and trying to learn how to dance Reggae, one of the ways of keeping up with my Jamaican culture.

Where do you gather your inspiration to write songs? What is writing process for you?

MichaelStar: I gather my inspiration from everyday life, observing what some of my friends experience as related to relationships, and sometimes I would hear an awesome track and boom! A song comes to me immediately. So my writing process varies, depending on what’s going on in my life, current situation or just hearing the words in my head. Once I have my pen and paper, I’m happy.

What can fans expect in the coming months?

MichaelStar: My fans can expect my single and video release coming soon, also upcoming performances to promote my new single and to allow my fans to see who MICHAELSTAR is!

Find more of MichaelStar at:

Official Press Kit -
Instagram -

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Entertainment Agency Business Done the Right Way: Interview with ear candy

In early 2010 Ben and Ed of earcandy decided that the Function Band and DJ industry was in a need of a shake-up. There were many over-sized agencies that we saw take an impersonal approach to entertainment. You know, the ones with hundreds of bands and DJs on their books?

Having come from the record industry, Ben and Ed thought they could do better, which is they formed earcandy.

Earcandy is not a big soul-less agency, they prefer to keep things personal. They think that you should get entertainment the way you want it – sometime’s it’s better to be different.

Earcandy believes that they have some of the best performers in the industry – all of them geared up to give our customers an experience which exceeds their expectations.

Interview with ear candy

Who are Ben and Ed and what brought you together?

earcandy: Myself and both come from a musical background, having worked ourselves in the commercial music industry both in production, performance and songwriting.

Our paths had crossed as in the music industry, most people know someone that knows someone...!

We were often exposed to the wedding and corporate music world, and there seemed to be a massive disparity between what we were part of in the commercial industry versus the corporate/wedding industry. Performers often didn't take performing at weddings very seriously, and there seemed to be a bit of a 'worn out' dull sense around most of those bands and DJs.

We realized that we both had the same ambition, but we complimented each others skillset, and decided to try and shake things up a bit!

Before earcandy, what were your aspirations?

earcandy: We were both involved in the commercial music industry.

As a session pianist, I've performed with and alongside artists like Jeff Beck, Stevie Wonder's bass player, and Motown legend, Nate Watts and many producers. Having seen that side of the industry, there's some really incredible talent, but very few ever 'make it'.

Ed was also a songwriter, and had set up a company that provided music for bars and clubs.

earcandy: We both really love music, and have enjoyed the challenge of building a company from the ground up. We've got some of the best people around us, both musically and within the company.

What made you believe the "function band" and "DJ industry" needed a shake-up?

earcandy: A whole range of different styles. But our rule is it needs to be distinctive, and it must be the best on the market. Whether it's a classic Jazz set up, or a modern pop band, we always aim for each of our acts to have that special 'x-factor' that sets them apart.

What sort of entertainment do you provide to the public?

earcandy: A whole range of different styles. But our rule is it needs to be distinctive, and it must be the best on the market. Whether it's a classic Jazz set up, or a modern pop band, we always aim for each of our acts to have that special 'x-factor' that sets them apart.

What sets you apart from other entertainment booking agencies?

earcandy: We're really hands on. We don't have hundreds of acts on our books, we focus on getting a few right. We actually put together our acts from the ground up, and get involved in the production. That means that you get entertainment that has had a lot more care and attention, and you know you are getting exceptional performers.

Who are some entertainers that have worked under earcandy and have those entertainres moved on to become famous or semi-famous?

ear candy: Many of our performers have worked alongside some big names, and they are all regularly working, professional musicians. Some have worked with and alongside artists like; Coldplay, Elton John, Stevie Wonder and perform in West End shows, to name but a few.

What is in store for earcandy? What are some things that people can expect in the coming years?

earcandy: We are really optimistic about the future, and thanks to our team of staff, our company is growing steadily. We love looking at ways to give customers more with our shows, so you can expect the live performances to get bigger and even better!

Find more of Earcandy:
Official website:

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Little Startup Makes Big Splash in Social Media Marketing


Dated: Aug. 06, 2015 is more than just a directory of concert listings; it’s your new "go to" resource to access information about the hottest concerts anytime, anyplace, and anywhere.

CHICAGO -- is a unique social media platform that allows you to rate and share information about memorable concert experiences. Those ratings are the cornerstone of our new website, as it allows concertgoers around the world the opportunity to find the hottest tickets in town. And, it allows artist the opportunity to connect with fans in exciting ways.

Never miss another great performance again! offers a directory listing of events that are carefully curated by a team of music aficionados. We've learned how to tap into the pulse of the concert community. Our contributors write unbiased reviews on concerts and provide notifications on upcoming local performances that may otherwise receive limited press.

In addition, our directory is as a great promotional tool for local venues, promoters, and/or performers. It allows them to list their event(s) for free. They can also obtain maximum exposure by upgrading to a premium listing without the fear of being relegated to a subpar position within the directory. Let's face it, some "ads" placed on other websites aren’t always visible. If you are an up and coming performer, you won't gain much traction using those maxed out sites.

So mark your calendars! goes live Friday, August 7, 2015. As a promotion, we are offering premium listing upgrades to our first 20 listers.

Phone: (312) 809-1082
City/Town: Chicago
State/Province: Illinois
Country: United States
Industry: Entertainment & Marketing
Tags: Concert Directory, Concert ratings, Concert reviews

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Exclusivity and uniqueness: Be Gorgeous Clothing By Mimmie 2015

Exclusivity and uniqueness play large roles in the social world. Your appearance, no matter whether you like it or not, makes a huge impact on how people treat you and interact with you. After all, we see before we hear or think, and first impressions truly last.

Studies have shown that, between two candidates with equal work experience and certificates, the more attractive of the two is always the preferred choice. And attractiveness isn’t a trait that relies on good looks, make up or surgeries – the clothes play an important role. Thus, we stumble onto the world of fashion – ephemeral, yet everlasting. As far back as we go, fashion has taken root in culture, yet in the short-term sense, fashion evolves and changes faster than many can keep up.

In its entirety, the world spends nearly $2.6 trillion a year on clothing and textiles – the womenswear industry is expected to pass the mark of $621 billion this year alone. Fashion is, and will always be huge – even if the individual styles will fall out of trend repeatedly.

And fashion is very, very important. A study in the UK and Turkey showed that subtle details in our clothing immediately let people make unconscious snap judgments about us. Our sense of style and neatness (or messiness) will say a lot about us, before we’ve even opened our mouths. Just based on color and a few minor changes in style, the study concluded that out of 300 people, the majority leaned towards one example of a tailored suit in the case of which of the two examples were sported by someone more successful, well-earning and flexible. Intricate qualities such as intelligence, trustworthiness, responsibility, authority and organization were determined by a glance at a person’s attire. Yet, with how quickly fashion changes, it’s incredibly hard for most people to keep up-to-date – and outdated fashion can be detrimental. So, who’s keeping track?

We are. At Be Gorgeous Styles by Mimmie, you’ll have no trouble finding out that our site features the newest and best in current fashion trends. From men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, footwear, and accessories, to various health and beauty products to perfect your look, you’re bound to fashion your best look with our collection of dresses, shoes, tote bags and much, much more – all online. The internet, after all, is the future – and that rule most definitely the world of contemporary fashion. Be Gorgeous Styles’s e-shop at and has everything you need in beauty and fashion to ensure you make the most out of your first impressions.

About the website

The website claims that they offer a 20% discount for their new customers on all products. Apart from this, there is free delivery for orders on £70.00 and above. Another unique feature is that customers can avail an extra 20% off on their second offer should they recommend a friend. There are many varieties in menswear and children’s sweaters as well.

Media Contact
Mirriam Musonda-salati
Address: Buckton Rd. Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 4HN
Contact Number: 07572159404

Monday, July 27, 2015 Launches Fashionable Clothes and Accessories for All

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Launches Fashionable Clothes and Accessories for All

There are quite a few product types at competitive prices

UK, 24th July, 2015: Be it a casual outing or a special occasion, there is s requirement for a certain, customers can peruse the products designed by Mirriam Musonda-salati, also known as Be Gorgeous Styles. Apart from clothes for men, women and children, there are other products such as towels, bed linen, phone cases, etc, which are available at the site. It is a complete entity where people will find different sizes and styles of clothes at discounted rates.
style when it comes to clothes and matching accessories. At

Being a model herself, Mirriam has vast experience in clothing and fashion. She is well versed with what is in vogue and comes up with designs that suit every body type. Apart from her connection with the fashion world, she is also the CEO of a charitable organization and works hard for the same. With over a decade’s experience in footwear, clothing and related accessories, customers can consider the site for all such needs. When it comes to footwear, there are a myriad of choices in boots, shoes, high heels, flats, wedges, slippers, etc. If there are any queries with regards to the size, the same can be directed to the customer service team by filling an online form.

The website says, “There is a need for everyone to look their best at all times. However, not all of us has come up with affordable fashion solutions for all. Be it footwear, jewelry, health and beauty products, the website cater to a large number of customers. Maxi dresses for a casual dinner or sport wear; there is no dearth of clothing products to choose from.
can afford the high cost of fashionable clothes. In order to take care of such requirements,

To obtain more information about the products, visit

About the website

The website claims that they offer a 20% discount for their new customers on all products. Apart from this, there is free delivery for orders on £70.00 and above. Another unique feature is that customers can avail an extra 20% off on their second offer should they recommend a friend. There are many varieties in menswear and children’s sweaters as well.

Media Contact

Mirriam Musonda-salati
Address: Buckton Rd. Borehamwood
Contact Number: 07572159404

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Interview with CEO of Be Gorgeous Styles by Mimmie

Be gorgeous styles by Mimmie’ offer one stop shopping with quality retail products available directly to the public with a safe delivery and full customer support so you can make the most out of looking your best this summer no matter your style or gender.

Interview with Mimmie

What is the main focus of Be Gorgeous Styles?

Mimmie: Well after taking part in the fashion shows, I figured I love fashion and thought, what’s could be more greater than creating my own designs wearing my own clothes and also let other people experience and look gorgeous in my own fashion designs, and also have fun while doing it?

And above all, I greatly comprehend what my company should offer to the young and ever-changing generation. My fashion background allows me to make sure that the products I am offering is luxurious, affordable and fashionable catering for all members of the society. And also having worked for charity projects, and having an African background gives me all the motivation and dedications I need to go forward with my projects.

How did you get into fashion design and what is your favorite part of fashion?

Mimmie: The time I really decided that I was going into fashion, was after I took part in the Beauty Pageant (Miss Zambia UK Beauty Pageant), this was an amazing experience and that I really enjoyed being a part of and what’s more this was for a very good cause as well, so it was like doing something I really love and at the same time giving back to the people.

I believe, it is important to stay updated with the latest trends in the fashion styles in order to achieve real confidence and attractiveness in the middle of a crowd. Anyway, my favorite part of fashion is that, you can come up with design you like and turn it into a trend, the fashion sense is every changing and at the same time staying the same if you know what I mean. Plus what are the things that embody the latest trends in the stated industry? It is all about looking into the latest models of accessories and footwear that’s created for men and women, and just like that you can simply come up with a design to suit your personality and characteristic.

Growing up, who was your role model?

Mimmie: I have always looked up to my parents, they are very good people and have hearts of GOLD, and most especially My father who has played a tremendous huge part in my life for wanting to do great to the best of my abilities. who was also a self-starter and now a very successful businessman throughout his career, ultimately serving as Director & Chairman of Cavendish University and a CEO of KSM Investment Group Company, his hard work and thirsty for more knowledge, have inspired, motivated and encouraged me to aim higher in both academics and career aspects.

Thank you daddy for always encouraging, and believing that I have the ability to achieve anything I set my mind on, and for simply being a tremendous example of a hard working individual.

You are also the CEO of ZBIL, a charity organization. Tell us about this project and why this is so important to you?

Mimmie: Having worked for charity projects, and having an African background gives me all the motivation and dedications I need to go forward with my projects.

I believe we all at point need help from someone, but the main reason for starting this project is that, ever since I can remember I have always wanted to do something to help people. And the orphanage center was always my main dream, to start a charity helping children back in my home country. Having an African background I feel that it’s very important to give back to the community, because they are so many people out there who can afford to help improve our countries but they only think about themselves, don’t get me wrong I am not blaming them nor do I have anything against them, I just feel that if you are able to help someone, them by all means please do all you can to help, to improve children future and plus it feels so damn good to just help others.

What is your advice for aspiring models and fashion designers that look up to you for guidance?

Mimmie: To never give up on your dreams, believe that your dream will come true, work hard and just have fun while doing it, when you love what you do it doesn’t even feel like work. The secret to making sure that you don’t lose interest in what you do is be certain you have chosen the career path you have passion about. And to always remember to be humble because people are basically nice in general so if you are generous they can surprise you.

What is it that you have no accomplished yet, that we may see in the years to come?

Mimmie: My ultimate goal is to make sure that my charity is very successful, because eventually I would like to start a school back in Zambia in my grandparent home town, my plan is to name the school after both of them, as they are no longer with us, they passed away about 10 years ago, so it’s very important for me to make sure that this project is successful as would love to carry on their names and of course help all the orphan children as they are the reason this project even exist in the first place.

As well as helping children I feel it’s important to assist those elderly people who do not have anybody to help them with every day necessities and other assistance they may need mentally and socially.

As for my business it is also important to eventually be able to expand the company so that everybody will be will be able to share my designs and gorgeous fashions with the world, and of course extra financial gain couldn’t hurt at all.

About Mimmie

Mirriam Musonda- Salati serves as the founder and CEO of U.K based Be Gorgeous Styles, an online e-commerce destination. She has labored in the fashion and entertainment industry for a long time. Her enthusiasm for fashion is exhibited in her career as a model and fashion designer. Musonda has also worked as a CEO of ZBIL a charity Organization. Her work in the firm enhanced her entrepreneurial skills and made her a long –lived style visionary. Her designs are exceptional and highly praised by her customers. Musonda's creations are perfect and very attractive to a large number of consumers within the UK and around the world. Her great skills in marketing have led to her diversification of the various products her organization sells. She not only sells women's clothing and items she has further delved into kids wear and men's wear as well. As a result, Musonda is turning out to be one of the most influential women in the fashion realm.

Her existence in fashion is strong her business online is thriving at a great deal as she has great offers and discounts on the purchases made by her clients. She ensures that her customers are well served to their satisfaction as the firm provides for free delivery of items bought. As a model, she also gets deals with some of modeling industries to dress their models with her stylish designs. Hence, she has a great network to market her clothing and fashion products. Her designs and fashion products reflect her enchanting personality. She has influenced a majority of the young women and men to try modern things in fashion. Musonda has also stretched the minds and imaginations of her clients on what fashion could be like when new things are embraced.

Musonda is the ideal example of a zealous entrepreneur wanting to satisfy the needs of the population in fashion. As a young industrialist in the fashion business, she greatly comprehends what her company should offer to the young and ever-changing generation. Her fashion and products is luxurious, affordable and fashionable catering for all members of the society.