Thursday, July 30, 2009

Interview with Music Artist, Jennings by All Indie Magazine

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You might be wondering, who Jennings is. Most of us have never even heard of this artist. Mary Jennings is not only just a singer, songwriter, and pianist from Nashville, NY, but she could very well be one of the hottest talents ever to hit your ears. She’s beautifully talented and really a breath of fresh air. She is exactly what mainstream radio needs.

Much of her musical talent is owed to her grandparents. They are both musically gifted. Her grandmother plays the piano, and her grandfather is vocally gifted. While her inspiration was attributed by her grandparents, she cannot deny that some of her drive to perform is dedicated to her late mother, who tragically passed away while she was still in high school. This is when her gift poured onto paper and then transferred into the words in her music, especially in her CD, Femtastic which was released in 2007. “I really don’t like to consider my first two CD’s, because this was therapy for me. When my mom died, it was a way of coping,” said Jennings.

Her newest project, Storybook EP just launched this year is a collaboration of beautiful melody, heartfelt sounds of the piano and electronic pop that all combines to compliment her pure and innocent voice. “You can say whatever you like about the EP. The songs are Doorway, Figure Me Out, Hero, Your Way, and Umbrella. A lot of people find it interesting why I called it "Storybook." It has everything a storybook has...a hero, romance, love longed for, love lost and...wait for it...A COVER! hahahaha!” said Jennings.

While I could compare her music to Sarah MacLachlan, Jewel, or Nina Gordon, she is well deserving of her own unique style that stands out on her own. Not only is her music breath of fresh air, Jennings is a wonderful and warm person. I was pleasantly surprise that she is so down to earth and actually funny. In my interview with Mary, she gave a little singers secret. I was watching another one of your video blogs on Youtube and you talk about eating Lays Potato chips. Can you tell me more about that?

“The producer of the Femtastic record told me about this. There is something about the salt and oil of those chips that does wonders for sustaining a singing voice, says Jennings. “I don't have any other rituals before a show really except for eating a handful of Lays Potato chips....and yes they have to be the original, yellow bag kind.”
Can you elaborate about the songs you've written and tell me the significance of some of some of the songs? Why are these songs so meaningful to you?

“Every song I have ever written is meaningful to me because I only write about things I know. So, each one is very near and dear to me. Most of my songs are written about specific times in my life...maybe they lasted only a few moments like, Doorway or maybe they last a lifetime like Hero. All of my songs are directly inspired from life which is why I think they will be relatable to others. It is hard to imagine that a talent like her can go unrecognized for much longer. To prevent her music from being heard on the air waves of FM radio, MTV, VH1, or even the premium broadband stations would be a disservice to us all. Jennings is definitely a great unknown talent that deserves to be heard by all.”
Have you had any offers from any major record labels? If so, who made an offer to you and what happened?

“I haven't had any offers to speak of from labels as of yet but we are always open. I have had some placements in a few of the MTV reality shows and that always helps. Even if I did get an offer, it would have to be the right offer for me to take it. These days, it isn't that complicated to be successful in music on your own.”
Can we expect maybe a video or TV appearance in the future?

“I would love to do a TV appearance but no plans thus far. If you wanna see me though, all you have to do is watch for my video blogs and music videos on my myspace and youtube. I am a total nerd about video blogging and love it a ton. Youtube and MySpace.”

If you would like to check out the 5-track preview of Jennings, songs from Femtastic and Storybook, go to: The Great Unknowns Podcast

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