Wednesday, July 22, 2009

US Troop Tribute episode XIX, The Great Unknowns Podcast and News Update

This week is a special US Troop Tribute dedication episode to honor the men and women fighting in Iraq.

A few weeks ago, I recieved a request from Spc. Stephen Reed, who recently came home after serving several consecutive tours in Iraq. "You should say something to the troops in Iraq. I just got back, and love your work," said Reed.

To my surprise, there are several soldiers that listen to my show in Iraq.

So, in light of this request, I thought, it would be fitting to dedicate an entire show to the men and women fighting for our country in an unforgiving hostile country.

After speaking to several music artists within my arsenal, many argeed that it was a good idea and glady approved my request. So, I listened to a full library of music and found several songs that fit this theme perfectly. Along with photos from Spc. Reed, phone calls from soldiers currently serving in Iraq, and several phone calls from friends and family members here in the United States, made this episode all the more enjoyable and very personal.

So, in honor of the men and women serving in the armed forces, please enjoy this special tribute.

Next week, I will return with my normal show format.

What to look forward to from The Great Unknowns

Musician interviews and new release previews can and do change on almost a weekly basis due to artist availability and permission from agents and record labels.

Here is The Great Unknowns artist schedule as of July 22:
  • Shadow Fax (Electro Tech) release of new CD July 31 show
  • Lyrically Twisted (Hip-hop), preview of new mixtape August 7
  • The Verdict (Hardcore metal) Lead Singer, Dan Miller is flying from the UK for an LA tour and will have a live interview with me and will appear on my show. Airs August 14.
  • Jennings (Electro pop) This sensational pop singer is HOT and ready to rise up into mainstream. A full interview and music preview will print and air on August 21
Other shows TBA are Spy for Hire(Alternative Rock/Indie Rock), Underwhelmed (Alternative Rock), Dala (Indie Folk, pop), The Honorary Title (Indie), Vogue in the Moment (Indie Rock), Heartstop (Indie Rock), Salute the Gawd (Hip-hop), and many more to follow.

Canceled shows: Charlotte Gainsbourg. Her husband is her agent and has ignored several requests for an interview and latest news on her currrent project and new CD release.

Stay tuned for my newest weekly episodes and thank you for listening!

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