Monday, August 24, 2009

The Great Unknowns Podcast reaches a New Milestone!

The Great Unknowns Podcast just reached a milestone on Monday with over 10,000 iTune subscribers!

That's "in-freaking-credible" for a podcaster that only just published his first podcast 23 weeks ago back in April.

Host, Michael J reflects to that first month, "I remember back in April getting excited when I had just 300 listeners."

Why are there only 21 episodes showing on your podcast? "I didn't publish my first two podcasts on my new website because I didn't get the artist's permission to play their music. So many podcasters and even radio stations today don't tell you who you're listening to. If you play an artists music without permission or without at least indentifying them, then it's illegal," said Michael J.

How is it different from now from the first time you made your first podcast? "I was timid and shy at first, but I pressed on. I mean, it still needs improving and it still needs work to get national attention, but I'm proud of my accomplishments so early in the game."

While this show is constantly in development, it's gradually improving with coming episodes showcasing new incredible talent and having the artists themselves actually calling into the show and interacting with the host.

I heard you won some awards for your podcast. "Yes, I won two JACC awards. I won 1st and 2nd place for best podcast. I expected it, but it was still a shock," said Michael J.

Some of the newest exposer is due in part of Michael J's addition of the online music magazine, Great Unknowns Music Exposé. Each artist that is previewed on the Podcast is asked a series of questions for a full one-on-one interview, so fans can get a glimse of the people behind the music.

"Thanks to all of you who actually listen to my show and read my articles week in and week out. Without loyal fans, I ain't shit." said Michael J.

Some new shows and interviews expected in the coming line up are Spy for Hire, Ireneb, Dala, The Radiant, MammĂșt, Megaphone, Vogue in the Moment, Heartstop, and Left of Christ.

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