Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lady Gaga does it again with more "Ah" in Bad Romance

Lady Gaga does it again with her intense and provocative mini-theatrical soft-core adult themed video, but one thing that is lacking with this franchise is the over-emphasis of sexual innuendo and exploitation to gain its audience. Gaga’s commercially sexed packaging is used to capture audiences, but it really isn't needed because the music and vocals in "Bad Romance" meet every expectation with a balance of creative euro-house style of sound which is a Lady GaGa trademark. She carries vocal potential, while Streamline Records overshadows her true ability by exploiting her sex appeal over her vocal talent.

This sex appeal is another example of commerical music's attempt to keep their market alive by "wowing" viewers.

Lady Gaga's new CD entitled "The Famed Monster" including the hit single, "Bad Romance" launches on November 23. For more information, go to Lady Gaga's Official Website

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