Sunday, December 20, 2009

Announcement: First Annual Best of The Great Unknowns Presents

The Evaluation for the Best of TGUP for 2009 is complete. These figures are based on tracking records provided by PRO stats.

Catagory for Most downloads within a 24-hour period

1st place goes to Joel Simpson wins with 656 downloads, setting a NEW record!

2nd place goes to the Michael Jackson Tribute with 652 downloads

3rd place goes to Promiselab, episode 36 with 624 downloads

Catagory for Most downloads in a 7-day period

The episode with the most downloads in a 7 day period goes to Dru West, Ep 37

Catagory for Best Interview

Best Interview goes to Frankie Biggz for his 6:34 second interview. By far the most interesting guest star on the show

Catagory for Female Best Artist

Best Female Artist goes to Ireneb with 1,179 downloads within a 7 day period

Catagory for Most Downloads overall

Most downloaded show overall, Narcolepts with 2,223 since July 3

Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the show. Most of all, thank you to my listeners.


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