Thursday, December 31, 2009

A message from Mammut: Europe Tour and Holidays

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Hope you are having fun during the holidays and we insist that you go CRAZY on New Years Eve!

As you might know we toured Europe last November. We played 18 shows in 7 different countries and stayed on the continent for a whole month.

The first days we partied our asses off in Berlin and on the 2nd of November we played our first show.In Reggio Emilia, Italy our photographer, Chris, got very sick. He passed out in the car while we were playing. After the show we checked if he was ok but he wasn't so we had to drive really fast to the hospital where he got taken care of. This was very scary because for a moment we weren't sure if he was alive or not. But fortunately he was alive.

On the 14th we played in Thun, Switzerland at the coolest venue we've ever seen. The owner, MC, has been collecting stuff for over 20 years and the place is completely packed with all kinds of things. Here's a pictures of us eating dinner at the venue Here's a picture of us playing in Hamburg at the venue Astra Stube
Photographer: Bowen Staines
Our last concert was in Copenhagen and then we drove back to Berlin and took a flight home.
Here's the last picture from the tour, taken at Júlia's place (Kata's sister)

From Left:Andri (drums), Manus (tour manager), Ása (bass), Alexandra (guitar), Chris (still photography), Kata (vocals), Johann(sound mixer), Bowen (camera), and Arnar (guitar).
And that's all for now my friends!If you still haven't received your free songs let us know and we'll send them to you.
Until next time..

Love, Mammút
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  1. I get to watch one of your shows here in Berlin. That was really awesome! I wish to see and hear more of you and your hardcore music!