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A Life Rooted in Music: An Interview with Mika Cole

Mika Cole is a natural talent. Her voice is very compelling, sweet, soft, and a voice that deserves mainstream recognition and attention. Her talent is not only restricted to her voice either. She is well diverse in art of piano, guitar, violin, flute, congas, and she writes her own music and lyrics. Mika's seductive voice resembles closely with the big voice of Toni Braxton and Christina Aguilera.

From a long line of singers, songwriters, and talented musicians, it was inevitable that Mika Cole would eventually discover her place in the world of music. As a child she learned several musical instruments, including her preferred instrument, the acoustic guitar.

Some of Mika’s biggest accomplishments to date, she received one of the highest honors as an indie artist. In 2008, Mika Cole was nominated for "Female Singer/Song writer of the Year" and "Best Pop Vocal male/female" at the the Los Angeles Music Awards for her debut self-titled album. Is she that good? The answer is, "YES". Listen to this 4-track preview with a special guest appearence by Mika and you'll agree.
So, back in 2008, you were nominated for “Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year”. Although you didn’t win, what was that like to be recognized for such a high honor?
I was really excited and felt honored to hear that I was nominated in that category.
Were you floored when you heard your name out loud? Was it expected or a major shock?
I truly never expected to be selected out of the many people that were submitted so it was a nice surprise.
I listened to the music of the person who actually won, and to be quit honest, I did not see eye-to-eye with the voting party. I did not share the same opinion. Did you feel like you were robbed or just thankful for the nomination?
I was really just happy with being nominated and knowing that other people liked what I had written. But thank you for that wonderful compliment.
I know you have a lot of musical influence from your family. Was music always a natural thing for you growing up?
Yes, it was. I was constantly surrounded by music so it was just natural for me to gravitate towards wanting to be part of it.
What instruments do you play? Where all of these instruments of you’re choosing or did your parents make you take all of these lessons?
I currently play guitar and piano. When I was younger I played the flute and violin. My father played the flute so eventually he taught me how to play. The Violin was something I chose but over time grew away from. I also think my brothers were sick of the screeching noises I made when practicing!
With nearly everyone in your family involved in music in some way or another, was it an easy choice for you to become an artist?
Desiring to be a musician was very easy, but I didn’t always have an outlet to work on being an Artist/Performer. Being in a band, I usually played in the background, so except for the occasional talent show now and then it was mostly my family who was forced to listen to me sing the theme song for The Little Mermaid, over and over and OVER!
If you weren’t singing, have you ever thought of what else you might do? Or is music so deeply rooted that you couldn’t think of doing anything else?
There have been many times where life’s responsibilities did not afford me the time to really entertain my love for music and I thought that I would adjust somehow. But I never did and even found my self singing in my sleep. So I know now more than ever just how big my love for music is. But I also enjoy cooking and making jewelry. I have a saying most of my friends know and that is “Give me a puppy and a cupcake and I’m perfectly happy!” I really do love the simple things in life and believe we shouldn’t have to wait until we are older to truly enjoy them.

So, I saw that you are a John Mayer fan. Did you hear about or read what he said in the interview with Playboy?
I did hear about some of the comments he had made which I won’t repeat LOL and I believe in his attempt to come off smart and funny he really just came off as an insensitive jerk. But in saying that, I believe he knows he has a problem of speaking before thinking sometimes and though he may never change as many do not, he did apologize and hopefully people will forgive him and move on.
It was pretty graphic. Do you still like him after what he said?
I do still like him as an artist, do I like him personally? Well I would hate to answer that knowing I’ve never met him. I know he has said some really dumb things (I do follow him on twitter ha-ha) but he is human and we all have said some things that we wish we could take back.
As a person in the media spotlight, are you more conscience about your actions in the public eye now versus before you released your first EP?
Yes! And I have even taken down postings on my Facebook because after I vented one day I realized it could have offended someone. One thing that I have learned in life is that there isn’t always a whole lot of Reality in perception but that perception holds a heck of a lot of value. And whether I like it or not I have to be aware of how people could perceive something I say or do in a negative way.
Did you see Lady GaGa’s new video with BeyoncĂ©? I was like, “Wow”. What did you think of it?
Well for starters I am a fan of Gaga and just recently saw one of her concerts. I’ve seen just how far she has come as a singer/songwriter and feel like she has really worked her butt off to get where she is now. With that said….. my first reaction after watching it was “Huh???” The length of it threw me off initially and I struggled with the story line for awhile, but then after watching it again (like some movies) I got it. I was not offended by anything she said or did because that is Gaga. Personally I don’t think the Crotch shot is some of her best work, but I do love her interpretation of pop art, and that’s just it, it’s Her idea of art (with the help of stylists and set designers), and no one else’s. Since when do we have to agree with another person’s art? I am sure some people have walked out of art galleries going Huh???? I know I have. So my opinion would be this, if you don’t like watching half naked women dance around in caution tape then don’t watch it.
Do you think artists like Lady Gaga and BeyoncĂ© are crossing the “line” purely to keep audiences interested by pushing the envelope?
I believe there is pressure from all ends to keep audiences interested. I think we as artists put pressure on ourselves and I believe the industry does as well. I also think that we as people are always looking for new things to be excited about and because of that, some artists feel like they have to do something big and unique in order to catch our attention before we move on to the next big thing.
I mean, we saw Madonna do it with “Erotica”, but the video, “Telephone” pushes to even further limits. As a musician, would you ever consider making such a video in order to gain popularity?
I don’t see myself dancing in a thong any time soon but again that’s not really the type of artist I am to begin with. Some of us dance, some of us sing and some of us do both. I like to keep the dancing part to myself or at a club with my friends. I wouldn’t really want it videotaped though because they might see me fall in some of the ridiculous high shoes I wear sometimes!
What is in store for Mika Cole?
Well I have just recently relocated to Los Angeles and have met a lot of really talented people. I am also looking into performing at some great venues and collaborating with other artists, as well as documenting more performances and studio sessions. So I think I will be able to connect more with my fans and really show them a more intimate side of me.
Are you currently in the studio working on another album?
I am currently in the pre-production stage for my new album. I have had the great opportunity of working with amazing producers in the past and I have learned so much so I know this next cd is going to be even better.
When can fans expect your new album to be completed and released?
I am looking to release some new material by the end of this summer so keep a look out!

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