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Forewalls:Best new and unheard rock band

Pure unadulterated emotion that is infectious and addicting is what comes to mind when describing music by a young four man group from Chino Hills, CA.

Forewalls is an alt rock-punk band that has a very marketable sound that is both mainstream and commercial friendly, but they still maintain that fresh sound that is underground yet popular and original.

Their debut untitled album which is still in pre-production currently have four songs that are featured on Facebook and MySpace demonstrate a pop appeal that could compare with Simple Plan, Green Day, The Stills, with a combination of a few 80’s bands like Psychedelic Furs and The Plimsouls.

While it is hard to capture the essence of a live presence on a CD or media download, they are a band that must be seen on stage to fully appreciate their sound, yet their music is no less enjoyable to listen to on the road or on a personal mp3 player.

After nearly steeling the show at the 1st Annual Battle of the Bands at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA with an amazing live show that had the entire crowd on their feet, I was shocked that the band didn’t win by a landslide. Instead Forewalls came in a close and disappointing second place after surpassing 14 other bands.

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How did you guys get together as a band?
Andrew and Jason were in bands together all throughout high school and Eric who is Andrew’s older brother who plays bass had just broke up with his band and wasn't doing anything at the time so he was down to help out. We originally had a different drummer but he didn't work out, then Jason found Shay and we were all impressed, thus the Forewalls were formed and have been jamming for 5 months now.
So, what is some of your background?
Andrew: I’m a high-school student. I’ve been playing guitar and writing songs since elementary school. I love all genres of music with a real knack for writing lyrics, and passion for performing.
Jason is a college student at Mt. SAC and works as a math tutor for kids. He’s a wizard on the guitar, also has great skills in songs composition. He also has an uncanny talent for listening and appreciating good music.
Eric is a waiter and student and comes from a groove based reggae background, but no stranger to punk rock. He plays music because he loves it.
Shay is a high school student who plays drums for his high school drumline. He clicked with the band instantly. Instead of just keeping a beat, he really listens to what the others are doing and tries to add to the song to make it that much better, and be original.
What is an interesting fact about the band?
There are a few. Andrew and Eric are brothers. We all like to play the drums. We used to be a band called, Call Me Creature. We all come from different musical backgrounds.
Do you all have part-time jobs and are you all students?
Shay and Andrew are still in high school and will graduate this summer. Jason and Eric both work and go to school part time.
What were your motivations for getting into music?
Our motivations for getting into music is that we all have been listening so much great music all our lives that we all felt compelled to try and mimic it. After a while we wanted to make our own original and make our mark on great music.
Name the top musical influence from each member of the band
Andrew: Punk rock. Jason: Indy rock and classic rock. Eric: Punk rock, classic rock, and reggae. Shay: Metal
Have you done any big shows since you guys formed?
We are still fairly new and have not yet got a chance to play any big major shows. We have played in front of fairly large crowds like 50 or 60 people. We are always willing top play shows and are always looking for the opportunity.
Is this just a hobby or do you really want to take this on full force if someone offered you a contract?
We have always admired those who do what they love to do and are fortunate enough to get paid for it. We play music because we love it and if we could do it full time and pay the rent then we would. A record contract would be amazing.
Would you drop everything to go on a major concert tour across the west coast if an offer came your way?
Heck yeah, we would. Does a bear crap in the woods? Does the wind blow? Does Pamella Anderson sleep on her back? Does the pope wear a funny hat? The answer is yes!
How many songs are in the band's library and how soon do you think the public will get to hear the Forewalls in full effect?
We have about 20 songs right now. If we dug really deep into the archives, maybe 30, but we are constantly working on new ones and going over old ones. Chances are we are probably writing a new one right now. The public can always hear us in full effect on our Facebook or at our studio in Pomona called “Photos Brushes and Jams” or “PB&J” for short. We are always playing show and practicing there.
What songs are your favorites to perform on stage?
Um, well we all have our own favorites, but “It's Dark Here” is pretty unanimous. Other favorites include “Eyes of Her God”, “Comatose”, and “Disgraced In Different Places”.
Do your lyrics have a personal meaning or are they just musical accompaniment?
All our lyrics mean something to us. We have just been lucky that they go with our music the way they do. Lyrics mean a lot to us as far as songs go. Maybe that’s why none of us are that in to Mozart.
How did it feel to enter and play in the finals at Mt. Sac Battle of the Bands?
It felt amazing. We were sure we were gonna win the whole enchilada, but we did not see the other band coming. And, that’s all I have to say about that.
What’s in store for Forewalls?
We are practicing at least for five hours a week. Still looking for opportunities and going for them. For right now, we will probably be working on new songs and recording and getting our stuff heard.
For people who become immediate fans is there a place for people to purchase your music?
At the moment there's not. We need to record a few more songs first and get some legit CD's made. It won't be long. I give my word. In the mean time everyone should go on our Facebook page and check us out Facebook/forewalls

Find more of Forewalls:
Forewalls are:

Andrew Moritz (Lead vocals/Guitar), Jason Tennies (Lead guitar), Eric Moritz (Bass/Vocals), Shay Sawyer (Drums)

-by Michael J

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