Sunday, April 18, 2010

Song Critique: "Tambourine" by Alta Mira

"Tambourine" is a delightful and enjoyable song that is perfectly constructed, performed, and well balanced.

Tambourine was submitted as a song critique by the band, Alta Mira from their debut album, Fables and Fabrications. In all honestly, there is not much to critique except to say, it did not feel like the song was four minutes and six seconds. I enjoyed it so much that I wished it was longer, so I could lose myself in the song a bit more.

The song starts with an entrance of the tambourine, followed with a soft introduction of a guitar melody, and then builds into a gradual climax with the mesmerizing and sultry voice of Joe D. Michon-Huneau. His amazing voice has the charisma in likes of Ryan Tedder of One Republic and Isaac Slade of The Fray, but with more power and intense emotion made with such simplistic lyrics about the frustration with his ill-tempered girlfriend.

Joe may not sound like the aforementioned artists, but he and Alta Mira have the potential to measure up along side these two famous bands and could easily be one of them and possibly earn the title of “Best Indie Rock Band of Year”.

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