Saturday, May 1, 2010

Critique Corner: The Answer by Joseph James McCabe

If John Lennon was still alive and making music with the Moody Blues, this is how they would sound like.

“The Answer” is not bad, in fact it is actually very good, but unfortunately for this style of music, it does not fit in any current radio market except maybe in the retro arena.

Much of the music from the album, 11:24 Reatoration are very similar with each other with cascading melodies of multiple cords of guitar, piano, basic percussions, and acoustics to make up the complex sound of McCabe’s work. However, the sound quality in some of his other tracks are in desperate need of remastering, not to mention that the use of vocal echoing is a tad bit overdone, perhaps misused in “Love is Here” and “God Does”.

Brimming on an indie rock style, Joesph James McCabe leans more towards a mid-60’s and early 70’s genre. Be prepared to be “wowed” then quickly falling into a bit of disappointed from other works. Overall, there is a missing element that holds this album from taking this artist from unnoticed to stardom.

I am curious how the rest of his musical works will pan out, because I see more good sounds coming from this artist.

Listen to more of Joseph James McCabe's work: Seethismxray

-by Michael J


  1. Just listened and pretty much agree.

    The Answer JC Mix 2 is pretty good. Has a sort of Alan Parson feel to it too.

  2. you gotta hear fklashback itsa like alternative and ac/dc mixed together

  3. Thank you Michael. Peace,JJM I was wondering what do you think the missing element is?

  4. I want too thank you for the review.Peace .JJM
    Not bad being compared too John Lennon and Moody Blues.

  5. Retro rock

    Retro rock is modern original music, but influenced by all the genres of the ‘50’s and ’60’s – rock ‘n roll, blues, rockabilly, rhythm and blues, west coast, psychedelia etc - without specifically fitting into any one of them..This song is Great!!!

  6. I rushed and put up demos of God does and Love is here.The answer was the only song mixed and mastered at the time.. I will upload the songs when they are mastered.I wrote these songs after comming of a 20 year Drunk! Been sober 7years now,The songs are about healing and looking at life though sober eyes. I spent most of my life asleep dreaming I was awake!..Peace.JJM well more inventory work too do! I put the cart before the pig...