Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One word to describe music by Alphanaut, Seductive

Out of OrbitFull of rich ambient tones that flow without the feeling the music is not too overbearing or too assertive, but rather a serene balance of harmony is how to describe music from Out of Orbit LP.

Singer, Mark Alan has a classic 80’s voices like that of Peter Schilling from the hit 1984 song, “Major Tom”, Richard Page of Mr. Mister, Bernard Sumner of New Order, and perhaps the vocals of Alex Band from the 90’s and early 2000’s group, The Calling.

While Mark is not breaking any new ground nor is he stretching any boundaries with his music, songs like “Never Been to Athens” from Out of Orbit, “Spontaneity” from his debut EP, The Lunar Age, and his other remixes are definitely worth listening to.

My personal favorite from The Lunar Age EP is the song, “Jennifer”. This track demonstrates Mark’s lyrical and musical genius of electrical beats with layers of elegant sound. The song is also complimented with a very compelling video directed by Jimmy Ahlander. Ahlander captures and interprets the songs darkest meaning to create a very artistic, but twisted story of “Little Red Riding Hood.”

The Lunar AgeOverall, both of Alphnaut's ablums Out of Orbit and The Lunnar Age are a bit spotty, but his entire library of music is worth giving a second chance. While some of his tracks leave the listener feeling just shy of being great, other songs are right on, making these albums worth owning.

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  1. Michael,

    Hey, it's Mark with Alphanaut. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to and look over all my material, and for giving such a great review. The support really means a lot to me as I am operating without the benefit of a label or producer, captaining the ship through the stars on my own.