Monday, June 28, 2010

The Finger Puppets "Hearing Things" CD review

The Finger Puppets is an alternative pop rock band from North Carolina. They offer an array of acoustic songs combined with rock melodies and with the elegant voice of Melissa Lee, she makes this band fit nicely with artists along the lines of Liz Phair, 10,000 Maniacs, Feist, Lisa Loeb, and Mazzy Star. With these kinds of comparisons, you may consider The Finger Puppets a 90’s retro band with similar style that fits during this era. The perfect example is the song, “Simply Yours”.

“Simply Yours” starts off with an acoustic riff, but nicely transitions into a lovely musical melody of beautiful notes and a not so complex lyrics telling a story about her boy and telling him not to try so hard, because,“…I’m simply yours” . This uplifting and happy song is reminiscent of works by Edie Brickell perhaps even Liz Phair.

Other songs were just as impressive include, “The Rain Came After” which I sense a bit of Americana-folk rock that was a nice change. “Stars” is also an enjoyable song. I was most impressed by the song introduction with use of sounds of children playing in the background. The Finger Puppets uses multiple layers complimented with background vocal sampling that made this song the standout track from their 10-track debut album entitled, “Hearing Things”.

The same thing cannot be said for all their songs. Songs like “Lie Awake” lacked originality and takes the listeners too far back into an 80’s sound that was a little cheesy for a modern song. Other songs still need some minor work, but overall there are at least six out of 10 songs worth pressing “play” again and again.

Composition 5
Production    5
Arrangement 5
Performance 5
Hit Potential  4

Review by Michael J

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