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The Learning Curve: Interview with Brad Cash

This singer, songwriter, and guitarist may be still learning, but The Learning Curve proves Brad Cash has what it takes to make his mark in today’s music.

After entering a talent contest, young Brad Cash discovered to find himself with a record deal with Infrared Records right before his eyes. In less than a year, Brad released his debut EP album, The Learning Curve and is now available for purchase.

Idolizing artists like Maroon 5, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, and Augustana, Brad Cash definitely brings his own unique spin on music and has the potential to place him self among these high caliber artists.

Brad’s debut album, The Learning Curve is a compilation of different sounds. Listeners get a touch of jazz, acoustic rock, and folk all in one. The standout of the album is the song, “Quite a Situation”. It is a jazzy tune about a relationship that quickly turns from friendship to the possibility of falling in love. Brad’s smooth voice is a soft enchanting sound that is alluring to the ears. His acoustic skill is unmatched and compliments the lyrics. The lounge style keys in the song are a tad cheesy and reminiscent to 1960’s beat nick music has a retro appeal, but it is very modern.

Together with his clean look and magnetic vocal skill, I predict Brad Cash will be a success with the ladies and men alike across the world.

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Q&A with Brad Cash:
You are relatively a brand new artist. So tell me how you got into music?
My parents planted my love for music. I grew up listening to my dad play the piano after work to unwind (although I think it wound my mom up), and I would travel around the region to churches that my mom would perform in with her Christian band. When I was old enough, my mom put me in children’s choir at our church in the Little Rock area, where I sang solos frequently at a young age. While my love of music and performing came at a young age, it wasn’t until much later that I realized it was what I wanted to dedicate my life to.
What made you decide you wanted to be a performer?
That decision came when I picked up the guitar and fell in love with music all over again. I started playing after what I believe to be a hard time in most peoples lives – Junior High. I, as many kids, struggled to find my identity. When I first picked up a guitar, that changed, and music was what I began to identify myself by. I became the proverbial “guy who wants to be a rock star” among my classmates, and that is still what I’m striving for.
You have a little bit of a John Mayer, Jason Mraz sound about you. Is that who you look up to?
Absolutely. The year I started playing I got several John Mayer albums for Christmas. Maybe this was my parent’s trying to influence my style. Whatever it was, it worked. Something about Mayer’s music resonates with me, and I feel his sound has influenced me more than any other single artist. I discovered Jason Mraz later, but I love his style as well. I look to him for inspiration, and his hats are pretty cool.
Who else are your main influences in music?
I also love Maroon 5, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, and Augustana, among many others. There’s so much music that moves me, and I like to think it all influences me in some way.
How young were you when you first picked up a guitar. Was that the first instrument you ever picked up?
I was 15 when I first picked up the guitar. I feel that’s older compared to many in music, but I put in the time and learned quick. I actually played the piano before I ever picked up a guitar. As I mentioned before, my dad played, so I had a piano to play my whole life. I took lessons for a few years and love the instrument. Recently I’ve become comfortable enough to start writing songs on piano, so you can expect to see some piano driven songs on my next project.
What was the first time you sang in public?
I sang “This Little Light of Mine” as a solo in church when I was five.
What is behind the title, “The Learning Curve”?
The title of the album describes what the entire process of creating the album was for me – a giant learning curve. From the writing of the songs, recording the tracks, to building out the songs, what I learned was priceless. I started this first album having no idea of what went into making an album, and having little idea of who I was musically. Now I can say that has changed, and I feel I know who I am in the world of music. I feel I’m ready for anything now.
How did Infrared Records discover you?
They were putting on a talent contest (it worked similar to American Idol) in the central Arkansas area. I decided to compete my freshman year of college and made it far into the competition. When I came in their studio and showed them my original songs they decided to record my album and put me on their label.
Now that you’re with a label, are you committed to a summer tour?
I’ll be playing frequently this summer in the Arkansas area, but right now I’m trying to spend as much time in the studio as I can on new material that I’m very excited about before I head to Nashville this coming semester.
Will you have a band performing with you or are you doing solo acoustic sets?
This summer I have a band I’m playing with, but unfortunately they won’t be able to come with me to Nashville. When I get there I’ll be acoustic until I’m able to put another band together, but I don’t think I’ll have any trouble finding people to team up with. I know the city is swarming with talent.
Who will you be performing with?
This summer I’m playing with my good friends, Jared Clifton – Bass, Tim Eubanks – Lead Guitar, and Nick Villegas – Drums. It’s really going to be hard to leave them. I know the way we click together musically is hard to find.
You’re a college student from Belmont University, right?
That’s right. Go Bruins! I found out about their commercial music program and knew it was what I needed to be doing.
What is your major?
I’m a Music business major with an emphasis in production. Doesn’t that sound great? It’s incredible that I’m getting to go to school for what I love. I know so many people my age can’t say the same. I’m fortunate.
When you wrote your songs, are they about a personal part of your life or do you write about what ever comes to your mind?
Both. Some of the songs on the album are about things I’ve experienced directly, while others are about indirect experiences. I’m young and I haven’t experienced as much as some songwriters, so I try to look at others experiences and write about them. One of my producers told me, “A good songwriter has to be able to write about things they know nothing about.” I’ll just say I see some truth in that.
What is your favorite song on the album?
"Put In My Place" pulls on my heartstrings. Before we finished the album I wanted to have a straight acoustic song on it. When I wrote it I knew it was the one. I wanted the song to stay raw, like how I felt when it came into being. It brings me back to exactly how I felt every time I listen to it, and it reminds me of how caring for someone can hurt. I’d never felt that before.
Was it dedicated to anyone special?
Yes. Someone very special. It was a case of investing too many emotions in someone too quickly. I doubt she even knows it’s about her.
Speaking of special, do you have a girlfriend?
I’m flying solo.
Are you looking for one?
I'm focusing on other things now, but I’m not going to run away if I find her.

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