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Nobody Gets Killed when you listen to their music

Nobody Gets Killed are pianist, guitarist, and lead vocalist, Mo Nabulsi and bassist and drummer, Michael Overton. This duo from Anahiem, California almost never existed until one day they performed together during a jam session and discovered a shared unique musical chemistry.

Although this is their first album release, NGK shows the maturity of a seasoned band offering a full EP within their arsenal of songs from their self-titled debut to captivate their listeners. While these two musicians say they strive to be like The Beatles, Radiohead, and Muse, make no mistake, Nobody Gets Killed posses their own unique style and signature sound, but they would easily be grouped with these bands in that timeless rock genre.

The song, "Sublime" is simply one of the most beautiful songs from their EP. Combining piano and guitar, “Sublime” is reminiscent of songs like “Notice for you” by Dashboard Confessional or “Fall for You” by Secondhand Serenade. Other songs like “The Last to Know” and “Runaway” are equally serene, but offering more musical depth and rock appeal combined with the haunting soulful voice of Mo Nabulsi. This is where the influence of Radiohead shines through, perhaps they even sound somewhat like a Collective Soul and maybe even a bit of Coldplay type of band.

Unlike many indie artists that sound one dimensional throughout, Nobody Gets Killed gives listeners a variety. NGK was not afraid to be creative with their music with this EP. Even though every song seems to surround a somber level of tranquility, this band is an absolute enjoyment from one song to the next.

Listen to a special 4-track preview from their self-titled EP with a special guest appearance by Mo and Michael on The Great Unknowns Presents, Ep 69

Q&A with Mo and Michael:
Okay, so what is the story behind you two? How did you meet? I know you met at a jam session, but how did you find one another?
(mo) Nothing super exciting, we met through a couple of friends....
(mike) Yeah, we didn't even know each of us even played music for a while...
(mo) Then my sister invited mike to come over with his guitar one day...
(mike) and its been magic ever since...
What made you stick with the title of your band, Nobody Gets Killed?
(mike) We started with the name Everybody Gets Killed, but that got a bit messy... a lot of lawsuits... Our lawyers made us change it for the sake of humanity.
(mo) Actually, my dad was going to kill Mike if he didn't marry my sister, so to ensure "Nobody Gets Killed" they got married.
You like to refer to each other as brothers, even though you’re not related. Are you guys best friends?
(mo) "We're three best friends that anyone could have, We're three best friends that anyone could have, We're three best friends that anyone could have, and we'll never ever ever ever leave each other!" (The Hangover anyone?)
(mike) We're musical blood brothers, but without being creepy.
Your music is very nostalgic and serene, sort of like a Secondhand Serenade or an earlier version of Dashboard Confessional. I know lots of artists don’t like to be labeled, but what style of music do you consider yourselves?
(mo) We have many different influences, from The Beatles, Coldplay, and Radiohead to Tool, Pink Floyd, even Zeppelin. We love to explore many different genres and you'll definitely be hearing that as we progress.
(mike) Its hard to pin down the sound we’re going for, I don’t think we have that mindset, “here’s what we should sound like now lets write songs like this.” We just try to make music we are passionate about, that we would like to listen to.
(mo) I personally just want to be Lady Gaga. No? Okay….
Who is the writer of NGK?
(mike) what is NGK? is that a book or something?
(mo) Its a pretty equal contribution from both of us. We really can't compare to the genius of McCartney and Lennon, but the dynamic is similar. We both feed off of and challenge each other in our songwriting.
(mike) A lot of times Mo will start a melody and I'll play around with different chords or another melody. Eventually something just clicks and we run with it. Sometimes it feels like the music is writing itself, and we just try to keep up.
How do you come up with the lyrics? Are your songs based on personal experiences?
(mo) Some lyrics are very personal to us, some describe situations we feel passionate about, some have no real connection to anything, they just pop up spontaneously.
(mike) Yeah, this guy just wrote a song about selling junk at the pawn shop. He's never even been to a pawn shop!
(mo) Hey! I watch Pawn Stars!
What is your favorite song?
(mo) Breakdown!
(mike) Last to Know!
(mo) Breakdown is clearly a better song. It’s more stylistically developed.
(mike) False! LTK has that sweet guitar lick and solo, Breakdown can’t compete!
(mo) That’s it! I’m done! I’m starting a solo project. You will now refer to me as Lord Gaga!
What does the song mean to you?
(lord gaga) What our music means to us is unimportant. We want the listener to create their own meaning to a song without our influence.
(mike) I think that bit of mystery in some songs, having a very ambiguous meaning, makes them more interesting. You ever try to figure out one of Beck’s songs. He doesn’t even have any idea what he’s saying, but it totally makes sense.
Are you currently working on some more material for your new album?
(mo) We’re always working on new material. One of my downfalls is that I will start a song, but can’t focus on it long enough to develop a finished product. That’s where Mike comes in.
(mike) We’re both equally ADD-ish, I just have had a little more experience in the recording and production side. We’re finally at the point where we have all the material. Now it’s just a matter of recording and mixing; which takes us way, way longer.
I love the song, “Last to Know”, but it seems to be one of a kind. I’d love to hear more songs like it. Are the two of you working on adding more songs like it?
(mo) Yeah, that’s Mikes little baby. I had to let him write one of the songs or he was going to throw a fit. I swear he’s just like Ringo. “Look, Mo, I wrote a song!” “Aww, you know what? I’m gonna put it right here; right on the refrigerator.” (Family Guy reference) No but really, it’s quite an awesome song.
(mike) …(sigh) You know Mo? I put a lot of thought and feeling into that song, and all you could do was put it on the fridge?! Given that our musical backgrounds are so different, I think we’ve been traveling the spectrum of our influences. There will definitely be more songs with that type of feel.
The summer is here. Are you looking to add some venues, so more people get a taste of NGK?
(mo) Absolutely, we’ve just been so focused on dialing in all of our songs and getting them recorded. That way we don’t forget how to play them before we hit the stage.
(mike) Besides, we’ve only been together for 7 months, I mean, take it easy people, we’re going as fast as we can.
Are you producing your own music or is someone helping you?
(mo) All of our recording and production is done from my garage. Mike does most of the engineering and mixing. I think we do pretty well for what we have.
(mike) Yeah, we do the best we can with a very small budget and the little free time we have. I’d like to take some classes and expand my knowledge in music production to give our music a more professional sound.
Has anyone been interested in you and your music? Like a record label or music management company?
(mike) No, other than you and Mo’s mom, no one is really too impressed. I was actually hoping this gig would get me laid.
(mo) No offers on the table, but we have a few contacts in the music biz that we are hoping can help us. But all offers are welcome!
Would you consider signing with a label?
(mike) It definitely depends on the label and the terms. What we’re doing now is an incredibly slow and painstaking process full of scheduling conflicts and trial and error. But it is so rewarding to have absolute freedom in pursuing any musical direction we want…
(mo) Don’t listen to him! We will take any offer. We just want to live and breathe music.
Is your music available for purchase? Where can people find your music?
(mo) We have several song that are both free and some for sale. Please visit our website, you’ll find lots of cool stuff and ways to interact. We are on facebook and myspace, so feel free to check us out there. Please drop us a comment, we love to hear from our fans and welcome any suggestions or criticisms.
(mike) once our album is finished, possibly by the beginning of September, we will be releasing it through all the major digital distributors as well as Amazon and CD Baby
Is there any news you’d like to give to your fans that they might be anxious to hear?
(mike/mo) We just want to take the opportunity to thank our fans for all their support. It’s a pretty amazing feeling knowing that other people love listening to our music as much as we love creating it. We are working as hard as we can to finish our album. And thank you Michael J for the opportunity to showcase our music and reach out to our fans. Everybody keep listening to The Great Unknowns Presents!

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