Thursday, July 22, 2010

Michael Junchaya: A pre-release music review

Born in Peru, this emerging singer and songwriter, Michael Junchaya grew up in the New Jersey and New York area, but it was a career in the television media market that took him to his current residency in Albuquerque, NM. He earned his degree in Recording Engineering and now, Junchaya is working as a producer for a local access channel. While his career has taken him towards television, he has a deep passion for music.

Nearing the final stages of production, Junchaya is currently working on releasing his first CD this summer. But, well before the public gets an official copy of his album, Junchaya has already gained some highly prestige’s accolades for his work in music, including earning recognition by VH1 for one of the finalists for Song of the Year in 2009 and winning an International Song of the Year contest for “Spell” in 2005, plus Junchaya won a number of daily and weekly contests on

After listening to Michael Junchaya’s album on his website, I had some mixed feelings about the delivery of his entire music library. I enjoyed “I Do” and I was intrigued to listen to more by this artist.

What allured me to want to listen to more of his songs were his vocals. After listening to the first six tracks, it was as if I was listening to a cross hybrid of Fuel, Chris Daughtry, Stand, and Nickback all playing together on one album. However, there were some tracks that had some originality that stood apart from the rest.

I could see Junchaya played across every market in the US and possibly become a quick success on the billboard charts and capturing audiences with his catchy songs, because his sound has a mass appeal to it. Junchaya has a very crowd pleasing attraction that could go far with all age groups. With all of that said, could he make it in today’s market of “hard to appeal” critics?

This is a tough call, because his music seems just a bit dated. Perhaps he missed the boat by a few years. Some of the music like in “Please Explain”, “A Second Look”, “I Do”, in fact all his music has a very mid 2000’s sound, making Junchaya’s music to fall a little behind the current trends, but a song like “So Real” is very timeless and could stand the test of time for many years to come.

Overall I was pleased with Michael Junchaya’s diversity. The guitar rhythms were crisp, fluid, and the beats seemed to compliment the overall effect. I also liked that he followed up his harder charged songs with some contemporary ones like, “So Real” and “What They Promised Me”.

With such a mixed review, I am not sure Michael Junchaya has what it takes to be the next big thing to hit the airwaves, but his music is still widely enjoyable and could make a dent in today's market and be sustained for the long haul.

Judging where he would fit exactly in today's market, his music is a compilation of adult contemporary rock that is suitable for a home entertaining party, listening in the background in an office environment, great for those long commutes and vacation trips, and his style of music could be enjoyed by people that simply want good music that is easy on the ears.
For more on Michael Junchaya, go to his official website or MySpace 

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