Friday, September 24, 2010

An in-depth Interview with Sinem Saniye: "When I Don't Sleep"

Introducing Sinem Saniye (See-nem Sah-nee-yeh) born in Germany with Turkish family roots, now a residing in New York is a talented Pop artist. She brings a unique style that is a blend of Turkish and Mediterranean influence combined with American Pop. Sinem's very name in Turkish translates to "deep from within my heart, or my heart, my love". This translation is exactly what Sinem translates into her lyrics and reflects her heartfelt sensuality into her music.

Earlier this year, Sinem launched the release of her debut album, "When I don't Sleep". It is filled with what she describes as "sudden inspiration" where she did not know where her words would lead her from one to the next, but it worked.

In 2006, Sinem won the "John Lennon Songwriting Competition" in the World-Music Category for the song, "Boom Sheke Nana", a contest that competes with nearly 20,000 other songwriters worldwide. The modest singer did not think her music was good enough to win. "I didn't think my songs were good enough," said Sinem. Since winning this honor, it helped catapult the desire to release her first album, star in two music videos that were released earlier this year with the songs, "Are we in Love" and "I'll Confide". Scheduled with a Fall touring line and a radio marketing campaign, expect a major shift in popular music.

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  1. Sinem is a sweetheart! I did some work for her a couple of years back. She's a lovely person with a distinct and winning musical personality. I wish her much success!
    Jon Gordon

  2. Like it a touch of Sade in there, neat:) Paul Cooke