Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Pre-2012 All Indie Music Awards is under way!

On Friday, February 11, 2011, a special announcement regarding the 2012 New Music Awards will be announced to an exclusive crowd at the Pre-Grammy Award Networking Event at The Kress in Hollywood from 7:30 until 10pm

Last year, bragging rights went to Joel Simpson. Joel had an unprecedented number of downloads and set a new record, but this is a different year with more listeners than ever before.

This year's winner will be determined through a combination of episode downloads, listeners counted through RSS feeds embedded all over the internet, and on-site "plays" on The Great Unknowns Presents.

BUT, it doesn't end there. Just because an artist has a lot of listeners, just means they have a lot of fan support. This year, your vote will play a big part on who wins, because it is not a popularity contest.'s all about great music.

As of November 15, the entries for the top spot are in! However, the top 12 may continue to change as the weeks progress. Today, the voting poles are open until December 31 for the 2nd Annual All Indie Music Awards, so vote for your favorite Artist of the Year! 

In April 2011, the top 5 artists will be invited to perform LIVE and the winner will be crowned Artist of the Year!

Johanna Chase (Alt Rock/Folk/Blues)
Ayana John  (Dance / Pop / Reggael)
Suzie Rose (Pop / Rock)
[BREN] (Hard Rock)
Darlingside (Indie Rock / Alt Rock)
Jenna Bryson (Pop/Adult Contemporary)
Josiah Gentry (Pop / Indie Rock)
Nobody Gets Killed (Alternative Rock / Pop
DevonSol (R&B / Soul)
Mika Cole (Soul/R&B)
Tangent Transmission (Alt Rock / Experimental)


  1. "The Remnants" by Suzie Rose is by far the best song in this field! Great stuff Suzie!

  2. There are some good songs here. Thanks to Mikey Jay for helping to promote Indie Artists in such dynamic ways! May the best man/woman or band win.

  3. I listened to every track competing and i do like the remnants song but i think the best track by far is "Not Who You Say You Are" by DevonSol.I am not a fan of anyone on here but good music speaks for itself.

  4. Wow! I want to go to the awards! Is it free?

    There's some great music in here! For me, it is a tie between "Surrender" by Darlingside and "Breakdown" by Nobody Gets Killed.

    Breakdown wins!

  5. Yes, it will be FREE! BUT, there is a 2 drink minimum (it doesn't have to be alcohol)

    The award show in 2012 won't be FREE, because it's going to be a very large scale event. It'll be expensive, but not as expensive as The Grammy's.

  6. Congrats to:

    Tangent Transmission
    Anaya John
    Nobody Gets Killed
    Suzie Rose (Special Yay!) :-D
    ShayE and the Dreamers

    Can't wait for the event Mikey!