Friday, October 15, 2010

An in-depth Interview with Alyssa Jacey: "Here's to Change"

Alyssa Jacey is a talented singer songwriter from San Diego, CA. Most recently, she’s been making headway and getting her voice heard throughout California. She’s appeared in many shows and not just the small coffee shops and open mic nights, but opening for major recording artists like Shawn Colvin, Paula Cole, and Meiko.

In an upcoming event, she will be opening up for one of the best female artist’s from the 90’s, Joan Osborne in San Juan Capistrano at the Coach House on October 21st. While her sights are set to one day be the headlining act, her motivation and ambition keeps her optimism focused and on the right track for success.

More impressive about this amazing artist is she is doing this all on her own. With no one to guide her, she relies on herself to get her where she needs to be and that’s by booking her own gigs and travel arrangements and she’s been doing an outstanding job by keeping herself busy and not letting the trials and trivial headaches of being her own manager not weigh her down and burn herself out.

Four years ago, Alyssa was not even thinking about being a musician. In fact, her mind was set on her next dance project, asking people if they needed dance lessons. For nearly 20 years, Alyssa was anything related to dance…as an instructor, as a hip hop dancer, and as a chorographer. Her most prized achievement was her dance performance during the pre-game and half-time show in Super Bowl 37, but after all her success, it left her with a bad taste in her mouth and she felt that dancing was unfulfilling, until one night at the restaurant she waitressed at, she was encouraged to do something she never did before.

After co-workers took notice of her singing ability, Alyssa was encouraged, if not pressured to get on stage during karaoke night and sing a song. “My friends had heard me in the car singing to myself and they kind of mentioned to maybe follow it,” said Jacey. “I can’t sing.” With the crowd’s reaction, it was all downhill from there. Alyssa discovered a new passion in entertainment, but this time in music. She moved away from Los Angeles and started her life over, but with a new career.

Four years with three EP’s and a Full-length CD just released this year, Alyssa Jacey is continuing to learn through trial and error, but she presses forward and staying way ahead of the game.

Alyssa’s fourth installment and her first full-length CD, “Here’s to Change” offers a blend of folk with a touch of rock and country music. Most of what she sings is a personal diary of heartache, love, loss, truth, and happiness and puts a pop edge to her sound, usually beginning her music with an acoustic preview, then breaking into song as she brings the listener into the meat of the story. The CD starts out great with the song “You Are My Passion”, “Here’s to Change”, and “Fall out of Love”, but the album seems to slow down from there with sad songs and ballads.

Overall, “Here’s to Change” is memorable and enjoyable, but had the number of ballads replaced with more up-tempo songs, it may have jump two positions from 7-of-10 to a 9-of-10 stars.

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