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Interview with Mary Sarah: Not just a talented 15 year old

She is only 15, yet Mary Sarah has accomplished more than most major recording artists.

Involved in the beginning stages of her music career, Mary Sarah saw an ad for open auditions for KidzBop®  in Los Angeles and she was accepted and her career as a singer/songwriter began to take shape. After the 40 city KidzBop® World Tour, Mary's popularity grew as she gained new fans from the US tour. Today, Mary Sarah has built a huge community of followers in the pop country music scene.

Like the typical 15-year-old, Mary Sarah’s heart warming spirit is like any other, but with a mind of a junior CEO. And, that company is herself. Self-driving and self-motivated, Mary's parents are with her every step of the way to ensure she reaches her desired goals. Add her incredible vocal talent and she far exceeds all expectations for any 15-year-old.

With the help of Dwight A. Barker, Mary Sarah released her debut full-length album. Her album is full of pop style country songs brimming with a sound that is comparable to Taylor Swift and Lila McCann. While she possesses her own unique vocal characteristics, it's plain to see that she belongs among the likes of these major artists. It is no mistake that she resembles the sound of Taylor Swift, because the song, "Permanent Marker" was written by Taylor Swift herself. Of her 10 songs, six songs were written by Mary Sarah herself with a little help from her sister, Emilee who is also an accomplished piano player and a song writer. Emilee co-wrote on "Crazy Good", "One Time Around", and "New Crush". Other contributing writers included Nick Brophy, Jennifer Hanson, Mike Seminari, and C. Todd Nielson. Seminari and Nielson are known for their work with Major Recording Artist, Jesse McCartney.

Songs that deserve special attention are “Dear Diary”, “I Don’t Like You Like That”, and “Crazy Good”, and “Permanent Marker”. Although I do not typically listen to country music, I felt that the album earned a solid 8 of 10 stars for the instrumental arrangement, composition, production, and vocal performance.

The future of Mary Sarah will come with some pleasent surprises, including a new music manager, a compilation album of duets with some very significant and notable music artists.

Be sure to listen a special in-depth audio interview with Mary Sarah on The Great Unknowns Presents, Episode 85

So, how is it that you started out in music at such a young age?
Well I was around the age of 8 when my piano teacher discovered that I loved to sing the song while I was playing it. Around the age of 10 I began to take things seriously and my parents enrolled me in vocal lessons. I think the reason I started so young is because I loved to sing and dance…this was not work to me, just fun.
It has not changed…it is still what I love to do.
Was it your idea or did you have a push in that direction?
Definitely my idea! I mean you could say I would have those days where I really just didn’ t feel like practicing but my mom and dad were always there to keep me focused on what I love to do.
I saw that you went on tour with KidzBop! Wow! How did you land that?
Yes, KidzBob was amazing. I was actually in LA to meet up with my manager that week and we saw the audition pop up and of course I was like “ I have to do this!”
How was that experience for you? Did it motivate you more to get in to music?
It definitely was a motivating experience for me. It let me see what it was like to actually be on stage every other night and see what my future looked like. I loved every minute of it and knew this is exactly what I wanted to do.
What do you love about performing?
What I love about performing is that I get to share what I love with other people and I always have that rush afterwards that is like “ Oh my gosh…that was amazing!”
Do you write your own music and lyrics?
I co-wrote and had ideas on 6 of the 10 songs on my current album. But I recently wrote an entire song all by myself…I am very proud of it. It is called Mistaken.
What musicians do you look up to?
I would say that Carrie Underwood is at the top of my list. She has always been my Idol since winning American Idol. Not only does she have an incredible voice, I love the way she carries herself…very classy! I have been influenced by Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera, Justin
Bieber, Martina McBride…just to name a few.
Do they inspire you to become bigger than you are?
Oh Yes! Seeing everything they accomplished just makes me realize I have to strive for more.
At the age of 10, you described your goals with having your own television show, writing and performing your own music, having your own clothing line, and providing shelter and hope for the homeless people. I t has only been five years, but how close are you to achieving your dreams?
I am getting closer everyday. I have written and am constantly performing my originals, put designs on a paper and have chosen a name for my clothing line and continue to practice my acting skills in hopes of landing a television role. No matter how long it takes I am going to achieve all I said I would and more because I love what I do. If I can help people along the way, it is important for me, because it is not all about me. I believe I will have the opportunity to be a voice for those who need one!
Have you added more goals since?
Yes…I would like to be in a 3D movie or the voice in a 3D cartoon! How fun! I also want to be an excellent guitar player and I think I am well on my way after 9 months!
Have you pursued any acting jobs or are you mostly focused on music for now?
Since we have chosen the best place to live for now is Texas I have not concentrated on acting other than theatre class. I am very much focused on my music and performing every chance I get.
What do you like to do when you’re not practicing or performing?
I love playing with my dog Sophie and hanging with my sister. I don’ t know what I would do with out Sophie or my sister, Emilee. I love to swim, rollerblade, play tennis, golf and recently became a pretty good bowler. Hanging out and watching movies with my friends is fun too.
Do people at school still treat you normal or do they treat you differently, because you’re an entertainer?
Well, I have been home schooled up until this year. All of my friends are very supportive of what I do and they all encourage me to keep going!
So, what did you do over this past summer?
Yes, I traveled with my family and my youth group to Destin, Florida. Made a couple trips to Nashville for meetings and spent time with family. I had a lot of performances this summer, plus the singer/songwriter camp!
Do you have tour lined up or are you practicing in the studio for an up and coming album?
I do not have a tour planned at this time but I am headed back in to the studio in Austin to re-record some of my songs because my lower range has really filled in and I want to capture it on my songs.
When can fans expect more music from you?
Sometime this year I hope. I have already written one new song and we are always looking at new material. I would like to get more music out there as I grow!
Do you plan on releasing a music video anytime soon?
I do have plans for this but I need to get some of my originals re-recorded before I do. I am thinking along the lines of Dear Diary or A New Crush. I have ideals for both of those videos. 

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