Friday, October 8, 2010

Interview with Suzie Rose: "Getting Back in the Game"

Suzie Rose is a sweet city girl from Los Angeles, CA. She is a singer songwriter that delivers incredible music that is Pop Rock at its best. Comparable to the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Alanis Morrisette, she has all the ingredients of a major pop star.

Much of her career, Suzie has been behind the scene writing music, including making music for the movie soundtrack, "Burn Notice", singing demonstrations for other major artists, and collaborating with songs that were not completely her own, but during 2006, seemed to be her coming out party and it was also her going out party.

With the birth of her daughter, Sophia, this put music on the backseat and taking care of a child became her major priority over performing on stage and beginning a major tour to promote her music. Even though Suzie appeared dormant from the world, she still wrote music.

Three years later, she is ready to jump back in and restart her career. While Suzie Rose does not have an official album released as of yet, her music can be listened to on Reverbnation. She is working on releasing her 40-track collection on iTunes and will be available for purchase before the end of 2010, so keep a look out.

Normally, it is hard to sit down and listen to an entire music collection from any artist all the way through, especially if they are just mediocre, but with Suzie Rose, I found myself loving every song. From the fan favorite, “I Ain’t No Mystery Girl”, to my personal favorite, “The Remnants”, to “True” there is no lack of intensity that allures the attention and keeps you begging for me.

Listen to a special 4-track preview and an in-depth interview with Suzie Rose herself as she talks about her incredible career, famous people she’s worked with, including Kelly Clarkson, and a number of well known musicians. Listen to it all right here on The Great Unknowns Presents, Episode 83.

Find more of Suzie Rose on Reverbnation, (under Suzie Benson), and Twitter

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