Friday, November 12, 2010

Insane interview with DevonSol


The newest release of DevonSol, “Insane” dropped on iTunes in October is the newest sensation to hit the dance music scene. DevonSol’s music is a mixture of R&B, Pop, and Dance. Musically, DevonSol compares to Usher and Drake, perhaps even compares to a modern version of the popular late 80’s freestyle artist, Stevie B.

Even if you’ve never heard of DevonSol, you’ll want to get to know him after you’ve heard his newest album, “Insane”.

So, who is DevonSol? A humbled individual with a good heart, heavily influenced by music of the 1980’s, and music of today. More importantly, DevonSol is a man with the sole desire to give listeners something to move to on the dance floor.

Although DevonSol served his country and now a veteran of the Marine Corp, his sights are more focused on a career in music and it is plain to see where he is distend to be.

With the incredible production work done by Clyde Becker, DevonSol ‘s 10-track album release includes DevonSol’s new single “Not Who You Say You Are”. Accompanied with a very well directed and produced music video, “Not Who You Say You Are” screams to be a top 10 on the music charts. Other tracks definitely worth mentioning are Incognito, Reminisce, and the title song, “Insane”.

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  1. So talented and passionate - love it!

  2. He came out of nowhere and his album rocks...Someone needs to sign him immediately..

  3. Wow, cuz I didn't know you were that talented. That was awesome. Keep up the good work. Love you.

  4. i like his album, nice voice and so talented keep it up Devon