Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Interview with Elder Peralta: "From the gutter to the street"

To listen, click on the title "Interview with Elder Peralta: "From the gutter to the street"

Welcome to episode 1 of "No Laughs Required".

The first ever guest is with a northern California comic, Elder Peralta. In this episode, we not only sample some of his funnier moments of his career, but we also dig deep into the mind of a stand up comic.

He's been doing stand up comedy for over three years, but he's taken his career to another level and that is by promoting other emerging comics, so enjoy this 25 minute episode with funny man, Elder Peralta of Elder Peralta Presents!

Find more of Elder Peralta on his official website

Homiez Comedy Tour


  1. I agree, This is an amazing man his talent as well as his heart. Especially him in his boxers on stage in a pink Tutu

  2. Thank you guys for the kind words.