Friday, November 5, 2010

Latch Key Kid goes "Wide Open": An In-depth Interview

Latch Key Kid is widely known for the song, "Good Times" from the hit 2009 DreamWorks Picture film featuring Paul Rudd and Jason Segal, "I Love You, Man" and the 2009 Warner Bros. movie, "The Invention of Lying". It was also played on many television shows including "The Hills", "Degrassi The Next Generation", "Ghost Whisperer", and played on many other television shows, and his music has been played in department stores, and national television commercials.

With such a long list of features in mainstream media world wide, Latch Key Kid is still very much an independent artist. "How could this be?" you might ask. Without a record label, it is nearly impossible to break from an indie artist to rockstar status, but with the help of his agent and PR company, Latch Key Kid is out there getting his music heard and is very successful at it.

After the much success surrounding the release of his song, "Good Times", Gavin Heaney plans to continue the momentum of his success with the 6th full length LP installment with the release of "Wide Open".

"Wide Open" captures the essence of Latch Key Kid not only for his retro 60's music style, but the way he captures the essence of surf-rock that reminds you of the Beach Boys with a hint of the throwback style of Simon & Garfunkel. Not only does his resemble artists of old, but Gavin brings a modern edge, that of a Jack Johnson meets Jason Mraz. While he emulates a multitude of different artists, he is very much his own unique persona, one that future music artists will want inspire to be like.

While you may expect more of an acoustic sound that mirrors his previous work, "Wide Open" delivers another side of Latch Key Kid especially with song like, "Walkabout" that brings a touch of the Outback in Australia. Other songs like "Destiny" and "Wide Open" take you on a mental journey to the sandy beaches of Hawaii and make you crave the summer weather.

Sample a 4-track preview of "Wide Open" with a special in-depth audio interview with Latch Key Kid himself on The Great Unknowns Presents

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  1. I totally recognize this music. I'm surprised he's not on the radio yet. Gotta work on that!