Friday, November 19, 2010

Peter Doran "Sleepless Streets" review and interview

Inspired by the beauty and the struggles of life itself, Peter Doran witnesses a moment and begins the creation of poetry that turns into a beautifully crafted piece of musical art.

That is what you get from Peter Doran. His music is not in your face glam music, nor is it screaming vocals and crashing guitars intent on destroying your eardrums. More importantly, Doran’s lyrics aren’t filled with cheesy, make your face cringe love songs. What you get are well written words translated into music and transformed into memorable songs that could be carried beyond today’s trends and well into future decades to come.

In 2006, Peter Doran released his debut album “Wood”. This album introduced Doran’s acoustic ability to the world and it introduced this singer/songwriter’s amazing gift as an acoustic folk artist. Four years later, Peter Doran released his sophomore album, “Sleepless Streets” in September.

“Sleepless Streets” is a rich blend of natural sounds and it stirs clear from popular rock music. It isn’t mundane nor does the album laying waste alongside in a sea of average acoustic rock bands.

Peter Doran’s music style compares with Damien Rice, David Grey, and Amos Lee. Lyrically, Doran’s style compares to the artistry of Bob Dylan and Neil Young, but remains very much an original writer and he stays clear of forced lyrics, an often trait that many novice songwriters are compelled to overdo.

The most recognizable song on the album is “Sacred Place”. It is probably the most simple song on “Sleepless Streets”. What captivated my attention were the lyrics.

“…you were leaning into shafts of sunlight, you were lit up like a real life saint, you were glowing like a holy icon in a sacred place.”

Words like this only come from truly talented poets.

With the exception of “Hunter’s Sketches”, “The Composer”, and “Twisted Freak”, many of Peter Doran’s songs are ballads of sorts, so if you are looking for an album that mirrors modern rock, then this isn’t the album for you. But, if you’re looking for good listening music with well written stories from a great emerging Irish singer/songwriter, then Peter Doran is a solid choice.

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