Friday, January 14, 2011

Audio Interview with Katie Cole: "Lost Inside a Moment"

Originally from Melborne, Austrialia, Katie Cole is full of energy, not only in her music, but her stage presence lights up any room.

Now residing in Los Angeles to pursue her career in music, Katie found Producer, Howard Willing. Willing is well known for his engineering and production work with Counting Crows, Sheryl Crow, Snoop Dog, Tupac, Macy Gray and Smashing Pumpkins and many other music artists. Willing is now working with Katie and he helped launch Katie’s debut EP called, Lost Inside a Moment last July. With her debut album, Katie has been captivating audiences on stage, on the web, on television, and heard on the radio airwaves across the world.

Lost Inside a Moment is chalk full of catchy rock songs, some with a sense of country flare like the title song, “Lost Inside a Moment”. “Lost Inside a Moment” is about two people longing for that chance meeting, but are lost in a moment of thought, because both are distracted more by the dream and fail to see the opportunity right in front of their eyes. A song like this could easily be a title track for a romantic comedy film or even a popular television show. The song has won Katie one of the highest honors as she took this song to No. 1 in the OurStage Keith Urban Competition. Keith himself has yet to select Katie to be the one to record a track with him, but there is a lot of optimism that she will be the one.

My other favorite is the song, “Sunrise”. Like most of the songs on this entire album, this track has more of a pop and rock feel. It’s like listening to a Kelly Clarkson song. Combined with the guitar rhythm and infectious beat, it has a lot of positive energy. “Sunrise” is definitely radio friendly and a crowd pleaser, because it’s hard to listen and keep still.

Other notable tracks worth listening are “Always” which is an up-tempo love song, the song, “Breakout” that is supposed to be the somber track of the album, but still remains to be as upbeat as the entire album. And, there is the song “Gravity”. Just recently, the song was featured on a 30-second Movado Bold television commercial. This song is sure to gain popularity and become a big hit.

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