Friday, January 21, 2011

Music and LIVE interview with Jennifer Grassman: "Serpent Tales & Nightingales"

Jennifer Grassman is an Alternative Pop singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas. Her sound is a unique blend of Tori Amos, Sara Bareilles, and Amy Lee with a twist of Goth and Doris Day. Did I just say, Doris Day and Goth in the same sentence? Yes, I did.

There is just something compelling about Jennifer Grassman. Her music craft is a combination of the guitar melodies, piano, and orchestra ensemble. Combined with her amazing lyrics and of course her incredible vocal range is a recipe that will captivate and make the listener wonder what style of music she belongs to. Is she mainstream pop or is it theatrical? In most of her music, it is both.

Even if her style doesn’t belong to any one particular genre and goes from one spectrum to another, it just works.

Since 2004 and four ablums, Grassman has won awards including an ADDY, Best Music Video, an award for Best Keyboarddist. Grassman has also been recognized with several nominations for Best Female Vocalist, Best Songwriter, and Best Guitarist.

In 2010, Jennifer Grassman released her newest 16-track album entitled, “Serpent Tales & Nightingales”. Compared to her previous works, this album takes you through the creative mind of Grassman as she takes you on a journey of stories about pure fantasy, the spiritual realm, the past, and present.

A new album is currently in the works for Grassman in 2011, including a music video for the song, The Haunting, and a road tour. Grassman’s music may even be scored in an upcoming independent film, so keep a look out for Jennifer Grassman.

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Purchase Jennifer Grassman's albums: "Serpent Tales & Nightingales", "Keep Silent: A Collection of Ancient Carols", and "At the Back of the North Wind"

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*Interview conducted by Mikey Jayy
**Photos by Laughlin Photography
***Track listing: "Pretty Girls", "The Haunting", "The Search", & "Red"


  1. Cool! Her music reminds me of Dresdin Dolls.

  2. This is a wonderful interview Mikey Jayy, and you are a talented interviewer. As a big fan of Jennifer Grassman's, I like the thought you put into your work. Jennifer's music is a beautiful and moving experience.