Friday, February 4, 2011

Interview with Darnell Wright: "Make Room for Dance Music Extraordinaire"

Straight out of Philadelphia, PA, here comes Darnell Wright. Not only is he the singer and songwriter, he also engineers and produces his own music.

What is absolutely amazing about Darnell Wright is his music fits right in with today’s trends and it fits what is played out in the clubs. Wright’s music style could easily compare to the best sounds of Chris Brown, Usher, Ne yo and even Drake, but without the hype or drama of the typical major Pop recording  artist.

Most of Wright’s lyrics may seem to lack depth, but his music was meant to dazzle a sophisticated crowd, it was meant for the club. As shallow as some song lyrics may appear, Wrights lyrics are very catchy and steer from being too "cheesy". In fact, his lyrics are so catchy, you want to chant and sing every song long after it’s been played. With the collaborations with Nala Gold and Miss P on tracks including, “For The USA & UK”, “Last Call”, “Level 1 Girl”, and “I.M.A.” makes for one of the most enjoyable current new R&B / Dance albums of the year.

Like most aspiring pop music artists, Darnell Wright’s dreams have been in the clouds of wanting to be a recording artist since 1996, but it’s his genuine down-to-earth character and personality that has kept him grounded and focused.

Later on, Wright’s drive to become an R&B pop star led him to Tim “Bossman” Allen. Allen helped Wright grow and steer him in the right direction. In 2006, his dream of making his first album became a reality. Wright finally was able to work in the studio and put together his first demo. Since then, his music has been retuned and re-mastered and here you have it…the final product. Darnell Wright is seeking the “game” of radio spotlight and the fame of world-wide attention through music.

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  1. this is tony mitchell and this artist is hot

  2. Hi This is Ted & i LOve your music man i allways follow your music!

    Tiffany and Lisa

  4. DJ Steve..from Mars
    Whats up mikey jayy This guy you got
    Darnell wright"is a superstar" and should be signed and seal with a major lable..Whatz going on dont they see real talent..I hope some major picks him up would love to here his music sell and get played For the US & UK dope joint ...

  5. I'm glad I'm his friend I have the chance to watch him succeed