Monday, March 21, 2011

Interview with A.Smith: "It Ain't A Game"

Swagger is the perfect way to describe the music style of A.Smith. This young R&B/Hip Hop artist from Inglewood, CA sat down with Mikey Jayy of The Great Unknowns Presents and All Indie Magazine to discuss the cusp of his early career.

Having come from a family of singers and rappers, it was just a matter of time that A.Smith decided to take a crack at it. When asked what pushed him into becoming a music artist, “Just my natural love for music.” said A.Smith.

While he compares with the smooth sounds of Ne-yo, Usher, and Chris Brown he has a unique soulful voice. Add some Pop R&B music with some deep bass behind this incredible talent and you have a recipe for a major pop star. “I want to entertain people and I want people to listen to good music,” he says.
Still in construction, A.Smith has a compilation of incredible songs including sure hits like “HD” (High Definition), “Keep It On The Low feat. Big Shane”, “It Ain’t A Game”, and “Broken”. If you’re looking for a smooth memorable ballad, listen to “Time to Move On”. A.Smith even performed a cover in honor of his idol, “Nice and Slow” written and performed by Usher.

The most recognizable feature of A.Smith is his longevity. His music is current, but it does not fit within any passing trends or gimmicks. A lot of today’s modern R&B artists are constantly over-using “auto-tune” to mask their real voices, but A.Smith refuses to subject himself to something that might be cool at the moment. Like any fade, “auto-tune” music will soon die off, but truly gifted vocal artists like A.Smith will stand the test of time and withstand the limited trends and be respected for his talent for decades to come.

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*Music in this episode was provided by BrownGyrlz Entertainment. Interview conducted by Mikey Jayy. Interview booked through Music Xray

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