Friday, March 25, 2011

Interview with Pop singer/songwriter Katie Owen: "Comin On Strong"

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Introducing the very sexy and extremely talented pop singer/songwriter, Katie Owen of Chichester, England. Initially, Katie Owen came to The Great Unknowns Presents with one of her music videos, “Wrong All Along”. Vocally, Katie compares to the likes of Christina Aquilera with a dash of Kylie Minogue, as she combines her big voice with an electronica flare.

In the “Wrong All Along” music video, Katie is dressed in a provocative gothic style red dress and shot in a darkened rundown mansion. What could have been a simple and uncharismatic video, turned out to be an outstanding video production. However, for a first encounter, I felt the video was entirely too distracting. I was unable to pay attention to the music itself, due to Katie’s alluring charm and sensual movements. I asked Katie to email to please me her songs, because I could not concentrate on her music alone.

After careful review of all her music from her album, “Comin on Strong” I was impressed with her vocal range, lyrics, musical arrangement, and composition. The most impressive feature is the sound production and engineering. While the each song on the entire album is equally notable as the next, songs worth paying attention too are, “Wrong All Along”, “Putcha Finger on the Record”, “Better things to do”, and “Terrified”. Which such a high expectation, her second album was pure disappointment.

Katie’s second album is “Black on Black”. In comparison to her first album, “Comin on Strong” by which is capable of making the top 20 music charts, “Black on Black” may not even be a contender for the top 100. The entire album feels rushed and amateurish. In retrospect, there is potential for these songs to become comparable “hits” with a little reworking the music, because the lyrics on many of her songs feel more personal and engage a deeper story of her life.

Find out Katie Owen’s full story and how her parents played a big role in her career and before she became a music artist, at a young age, she was a dance performer. Listen to a live interview with Katie Owen on The Great Unknowns Presents, episode 103.

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