Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Great Unknowns Presents goes LIVE

On April 22, Mikey Jayy of The Great Unknowns Presents streamed LIVE for the first time at The Great Unknowns Presents website.

The playlist included songs by A.Smith, Stacy Clark, Nikki Forova, and Sinem Saniye, but the rest of the music was be determined by the listeners.

If you're a listener and want to make a request or a musician and you'd like your music to be heard live on the air, send an email to or contact Mikey Jayy on Twitter @great_unknowns or @MikeyJayLA

Complete song playlist from live episode:
“High Defintion” by A.Smith
“Touch & Go” by Stacy Clark
“Boom Shaka Nana” by Sinem Saniye
“Mrs. Right” by Last Day Off
“Buttons” by Huck Walton
“Shurg it Off” by Audrianna Cole
“Don’t Wake the Lion” by Joy Valencia
“Sky Writer” by Nikki Forova
“Be” by Gilli Moon

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