Friday, May 27, 2011

ALL REQUEST SHOW: The Great Unknowns Presents LIVE, 1.4 Ep 110

Mikey Jayy is back with another LIVE episode and this time, this is an all request show. Since the last live show, we’ve been getting calls from fans from all over the world requesting their favorite indie artists. With all the phone calls, Tweets, and emails, you all have been heard loud and clear, so we bring to you this special compilation of great music.

If you ever want your favorite artists heard on this show, call in your request to1 (206) 388-1935 or on Twitter. You can also contact Mikey Jayy at Everything Mikey Jayy

*All music in this episode was provided by the artists, artist management, and/or record labels. Music arrangements were booked on The Great Unknowns Presents through Music Xray, Ariel PR, and/or musicSUBMIT. Some music was directly requested by fans then arranged with the artists.

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