Friday, May 6, 2011

Interview with Joy Valencia: "Waking the Lion"

Joy Valencia is a talented singer/songwriter originally from a Chicago, IL. Joy attended college in Boston, MA where she met her husband who is also her co-writer and co-producer. Currently, they live in Los Angeles were they released her self-title debut EP.

Maybe it is due to her Farfisa electric organ in the song, “Don’t Wake the Lion”, but Joy’s music is a unique mixture of psychedelic melodies of today tied in with retro 1960’s “Psychedelic Era” pop music. The late 60’s brought upon a music era unlike no other time in history. It was a period when music was at a brink of incredible change and it brought about a nation of “togetherness”. Music from artists like, Sweetwater, The Chocolate Watch Band, Fifty Foot Hose, The Mamas & The Papas, and of course The Beatles were most popular of the time. Some of Joy’s direct influences for her music are unmistakable with her inspiration by artists like The Zombies, The Beatles, The Association, Shirley Bassey, & Donovan.

In her songs, “If You Love Me”, there are other hints of contemporary Jazz. With the song, “It’s a Beautiful Day” there are distinct hints of Cabaret from the late 1920’s. No matter which era Joy tried to capture, it works and makes Joy Valencia one of the most intriguing music artists of the year and I look forward to more music by the talented artist.

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