Friday, June 10, 2011

Combining Dance and Electro with Soul: Meet Elle Vee

Introducing Elle Vee. Elle's an extremely talented 21-year-old singer/songwriter from Northridge, CA. Ranging from a cross genre style of Dance meets Electro meets R&B and Pop Rock, Elle Vee is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

Elle Vee didn't just come out of nowhere. Very skilled on the piano, Elle Vee is also a talented writer that began at the age of 11. Not only does Elle write songs for herself, she also writes for other recording artists.

So, who does this beautiful starlet sound like? There are so many qualities about Elle Vee's new music that compares her to several major artists and other fellow indie artists like Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, and indie sensation LIGHTS and Audrianna Cole. Some of Elle Vee's newest music includes, "I Like Girls", "Midnight Lover", "The Enemy", and "Translator" which are all songs that mainstream lacks. Like these tracks, all her music is well produced, composed, and performed, more importantly these songs should be trending modern pop culture because they are that good.

With that said, Elle Vee is not just your typical dance and party only music artist, in fact she has a ballad feature that is hard to ignore. Songs that stand out are "Playing with Fire", "Lost in Lust", and one of course my personal favorites,"Don't Wait". Elle's poses a voice that has a soft and tender vulnerability to it that lures and captivates your senses.     

Listen to an exclusive live audio interview with this incredible pop artist here or on The Great Unknowns Presents

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 *All music in this episode was provided by Elle Vee management


  1. Undoubtedly Elle is a fabulous talent. A lovely voice and some of her tracks really get me going

  2. some of the best songs i have heard all year. this is a significant artist!!

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