Friday, August 12, 2011

"My Time" Interview and Music with Dancelife Metro with Mikey Jayy

"Life is a party if you love what you do," said Cyb Vee of Dancelife Metro.

With a vocal presents like that of Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys and delivering a style of music that crosses both electronic, Euro-tech, dance, and pop, Dancelife Metro hints a sound reminiscent of early techno of the early 90's all the way through today.

Having grown up in a small city of Kennewick, Washington, Cyb's desire to pursue a career in music wasn't something widely supported by his peers. Although Cyb's parents might have thought his passion was driven by madness, they support his dreams, giving him the needed motivation to release his self-titled debut CD.

This CD is a compilation of vocal and instrumental, which demonstrates Cyb's artistic vision beginning with his hit single, "Simple Thoughts". This track is not only a fan favorite, it is fit for the club scene delivering a mix of electronic high energy, house, and eurotech. The song speaks of discovery and not holding back on his ambitions and he understands what his calling is. Through this song, Cyb is expressing this need to reach out to the world.

Another song that shouts ambition and motivation is the song, "My Time". This song while it may appear cliché, it is one of the best songs on the album. This song is the ultimate expression of reaching the top and represents that no one is going to stop him, but his vision says he's already there. "My Time" is an anthem and a tribute to anyone who is held down from achieving their dreams and goals to go and get it and don't let anyone stop you and shout it out to the world.
"This is my time, thought you would like to know. Life is like a race, get ready set go. Take me some time, but I reached the top. I have crossed the line, I'm the cream of the crop. You're alive like a champion on top of the world. Reaching high to the sky and the rest of the world. Spreading messages of love and life, DJ turn up the music now."  
Other notable songs include, "Distant Love", "Destiny", and "Keep On". A personal favorite of mine is not on his debut album, but a preview of his newest song was featured in our live interview called, "Groove Girl". This song is soon to be released on Dancelife Metro's sophomore album. Release date is unknown at this time. "Groove Girl" is an uptempo electronic dance song, about a girl in the club. Simple put, he wants to groove her on the dance floor.

 Listen to our one-on-one interview here on All Indie Magazine and on The Great Unknowns Presents.
Hear an in-depth look on how Cyb jumped into the music scene and began his career and the adversity he had to endure to do it.

Music in this episode: "Simple Thoughts", "My Time", and "Groove Girl". 

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*Music in this episode was provided by Dancelife Metro and booked through Music Xray

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