Friday, October 7, 2011

Award Nominees Part 1: The Great Unknowns Presents LIVE, Ep 127

Today, our show will feature some of the nominees. We can't showcase all the nominees in one show, so we're going to break up the talent in several episodes over the course of the next few months until Feburary 10, 2012 when we debut the inaugural Artists In Music Awards, so kick back and hear of the best music the indepedent music community has to offer.

Music in this episode are:

"Ever ft DJ Drama" by Vee

"Thunda" by Dayda Bass

"Reminisce" by DevonSol

"Fallen Sun" by Anthem of Silence

"Keep it Inside" by Kirby Heyborne

"Party Monster" by Nylon Pink

If you're an artist and you haven't submitted to be in the running, go to and find out how to submit your music for nomination.

**All music in this episode was submitted to Artists In Music Awards or The Great Unknowns Presents through Reverbnation, Music Xray, or SonicBids  

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