Thursday, October 20, 2011

Casino: Artists In Music Awards Feature of the Week

Written by: Maverick Hatch

You're nominated in multiple categories, "Best Rock Artist" and "Best Alternative Artist", at the 2012 Artists In Music Awards. How excited are you for these nominations?
Stoked! I mean, we’re just excited to be nominated let alone for two categories. This is the first time we are nominated for an award so it means a great deal for us.

This being our inaugural year, how did you hear about the Artists In Music Awards?
A while back now, we had the great Mikey Jayy from the Great Unknowns Presents reach out to us because he was liking our stuff. Ever since we’ve been back and forth with him and that’s how we found out!

You are currently in the running to perform at the award ceremony in Hollywood, CA on February 10, 2012. How optimistic are you that Casino will be selected?
Hehehe.  We have quite a bit of fans here on the East Coast that I hope are voting us. Being able to play at the AIMA in LA would certainly be surreal for us. The AIMA is an amazing platform and I think we could really benefit from that type of exposure. Let’s just say our fingers are crossed and we’re making sure our people are voting!

If selected to play live, which two songs will you play?
That’s always a tough question! I think “Graceful” would definitely be there because it is the first single off our debut EP “Sainte Rose”. I would have to say there’s a tie between “Goodbye.” which is the last track on “Sainte Rose” and a yet to be released song called “Standing Up To A Giant”.
Have you listened to some of your competition's music, what do you think?
I was a little nervous at first to see our competition. Now that I have, I think we’re even more nervous! There are so many great musicians out there and AIMA is proof of that.

How did "Casino" come to be, the band and the name?
The name comes from Jonh Lennons signature guitar made by Epiphone called the “Casino”. We are not gamblers or poker players of any sort. The name came from Mike our drummer who started shouting the name of the guitars we had lying around because we were desperate for a name! He shouted and we liked, nothing more complicated than that!

Is this album your first release or just your latest release?
The “Sainte Rose EP” is actually our first released. We’ve been working as a band for 3 years now and for the past year I can say we worked on perfecting the 6 songs on that album.

Would you recommend other artists to enter this awards show?
Absolutely! What better way to put yourself out there with a great entourage and other great musicians. If you don’t win an award out of your making connections with people in the business and that is just as valuable if not more.

Where can readers find more of your music and music videos?
All kinds of places, for updates and the whole shabang they can visit or facebook, twitter. Youtube, soundcloud, bandcamp with the extansion IHeartCasino.

Lastly, what are you looking forward to most at the Artists In Music Awards?
I guess we can’t wait to mingle. Just meeting new people in the business picking new tricks and ideas. We get to thank in person all the people behind the scene working hard to make this happen.

Merci beaucoup! (thank you very much in French)

Vote for Casino for Best Rock Artist and Best Alternative Rock Artist here: Cast your VOTE for your favorite artist!

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