Thursday, October 27, 2011

Laura Vall: Artists In Music Awards Feature of the Week

Written by Maverick Hatch

Laura Vall is for “Real”

Although Laura’s been in the scene for over 10 years working with some big names, this will be her first awards show and first shot at taking home not just one, but two major awards, “Best Pop Artist” and “Best Rock Artist”. Laura’s list of firsts doesn’t end there; although she’s collaborated with artists on other albums, “Real” is her first solo album, released earlier this year.

This album has been a truly independent project, at times, as low budget as you could imagine. However, you wouldn’t be able to tell listening to Laura’s powerful lyrics and style. And definitely not after watching her music video for her first single, “Real”, which features a ubiquitous dark theme and is one of my favorite videos I’ve seen in recent memory. Jack-of-all-trades, Thomas Hjorth, also the band’s guitarist, filmed, edited, and directed the video – a perfect example of just how “indie” this process has been. When I asked Laura about her first solo album she had this to say,

“It's been a journey! This album has been created completely independently and [recording with] no budget whatsoever you have to get creative. We pulled favors from friends, got the best musicians we know to help with the recording and learned about the whole process as we where doing it. I'm learning more and more every day about what it takes to be an independent artist, it's a constant evolution process…[Along with myself], Thomas Hjorth and Mehdi Hassine (two producers, engineers and musicians friends of mine) have been 100% involved in each part of the process of creation of this album so it's like our child.”

Two award nominations, how do you feel about that?

I'm stoked! And all the people that have worked on this album, my family, friends and fans are as well.

How did you hear about the Artists In Music Awards?

Somewhere online. I think I got an email with the opportunity listed and I thought that it would be a great to be nominated for an award. I never thought I would get nominated though since I don't have any record deal, management or PR company [representing] me. And now knowing that we are finalists feels like a dream come true. Now everyone is crossing fingers and voting for us for the possibility of making us winners. We always keep dreaming! :)

You are currently in the running to perform at the award ceremony in Hollywood, CA on February 10, 2012. How optimistic are you that you will be selected?

As I said, we are dreamers! :) I don't know if we are going to be selected to perform at the ceremony but we would love to. It would be great for us; it would give us the exposure that we need to get to the next level. 

Do you play your own music or do you have a band perform as you sing?

When we play live, I play keyboards and sing and I have a full band (drums, bass, electric guitar and acoustic guitar) that play with me.

If selected to perform live, which two songs will you choose?

I would choose the two singles off the album, "Real" and "Little Star".

Have you listened to some of your competition's music, what do you think?

I have. I actually know some of the nominees! I think everyone has great songs and are great musicians and bands. I think we have some tough competition. The judges will have a hard time deciding who wins!

Who or what inspired your album titled song's music video?

The song "Real" represents the deepest fears and desires, the youth and the doubts, the experimentation with drugs, the uncertainty of what's good or bad. The music video [aims] to reflect and represent each of those emotions.

Would you recommend other artists to enter this awards show?

Absolutely! It's great that someone’s providing an opportunity for independent artists to be heard.  

Lastly, what are you looking forward to most at the Artists In Music Awards?

Honestly, the possibility to win and receive an award. Also, the possibility to perform [at] the awards ceremony in front of lots of people.

To learn more about Laura Vall and hear her music, check these out:

Official music videos,"Real"

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