Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reachback: Artists In Music Awards Feature of the Week

Written by Maverick Hatch

The list of female vocal lead bands continues to grow exponentially, so it’s no surprise we are bringing you just that
...with the band, Reachback.

After hearing the first three tracks, “Butterflies” (2010), “No One Else” (2011), and “Without You” (2011)
I found myself wanting more. Once the music stopped, the amount of dedication this band has was quite apparent. Reachback’s sound is so crisp that each member’s talents really shine through with a ringing that reflects an astounding recognition by fans from the UK.

With Ruby as the front-woman, It’s no wonder this band is undoubtedly cool not just for the obvious reasons, but also because it’s so easy to hear Tom, Joe, and Craig’s instrumental prowess. With what seems to be a great band-dynamic and successful sound, there’s no doubt these four will be around for years to come.

Our Q&A with Ruby of Reachback and All Indie Magazine:
You’re nominated in two categories,"Best Rock Artist" and "Best Pop Artist" at the 2012 Artists Indie Music Awards. What’re your thoughts?
Ruby: It’s awesome! A real honor; we never dreamed of being music awards-nominated on an international stage this year. In fact, we didn’t even know until quite recently that independent music had a prestigious set of international music awards. What Artists In Music Awards is doing is amazing!

Have you ever been nominated for an award before, if so, what was it?
Tom: We were industry-nominated for the UK and Ireland ‘Pop Music Crowns Award’ this year with our track ‘Butterflies’ and Reachback were also short-listed for the UK in the Hard Rock CafĂ© global Battle of the Bands 2011, but we didn’t reach the international nomination competition. As Ruby says, this is really exciting for us especially because we’re desperate to get out and work in the US and other territories in 2012.

This being our inaugural year, how did you hear about the Artists In Music Awards?
Ruby: Our Manager told us while we were recording at Abbey Road Studios in London a few weeks back. We’ve had some good feedback and exposure through MusicXray this year and its great to see this leading to other things for us in the States.

You are currently in the running to perform at the award ceremony in Hollywood, CA on February 10, 2012. How optimistic are you that you guys will be selected?
Tom: We’d like to think that we are in with a chance… our fan base development is growing nicely at the moment and we’ve had plenty of messages of good luck from fans in the UK and abroad. There are some excellent other bands and acts nominated too though – as you would expect for an international event such as this, one thing is for sure, we’ve been promoting it as much as we can!

If selected to play live, which two songs will you play?
Ruby: That’s tough! It might come down to whether we are better received in the ‘Pop’ or ‘Rock’ category. Its such a compliment to be nominated in both because we want our music to cross over these genres but here in the UK the Pop world/media have really got behind ‘Butterflies’ while our ‘Rockier’ fans and press have really jumped on ‘No One Else’. Who knows though? We may have a few new offerings in the pipeline before February, too!

Have you listened to some of your competition's music, what do you think?
Tom: Yeah. I was listening to Mikey Jayy’s ‘The Great Unknowns Presents‘ podcasts the other day and there are some great artists… especially in the songwriter category from what I’ve heard. These awards are a great networking and A&R resource to be honest. I’ve heard a few acts we’d certainly love to work more closely with… hopefully there might be a few out there saying the same about us!

How did "Reachback" come to be, the band and the name?
Tom: Ruby and I started writing together in 2008. I was in the last year of college with Craig our drummer. We tried out a few bassists but struggled to find one that gelled. Ruby’s brother Joe used to give her a lift to band rehearsals and sometimes hang out with us so one day we said to him ‘why don’t you learn bass?!’ He picked it up really quickly and we’ve been an unchanged lineup since.
The name just came about… we threw a few ideas about and ‘Reachback’ seemed to fit… 1 word with 2 syllables and bold intonation and motion – we all just liked it.

How many albums have you released, if more then one, which is your favorite?
Ruby: We’ve self-released a few EPs and single titles but ‘Wake Up’ is definitely our proudest achievement to-date. We worked with two fantastic British producers on the record; Matt Hyde (Bullet For My Valentine, Slipnot) and Jason Wilcock (YouMeAtSix, The Blackout) and there is a lot of attention to music detail for a pop record. Its definitely our most definitive record to date.

Would you recommend other artists to enter this awards show?
Tom: No… we’d encourage them to vote for Reachback! *laughs* yes of course. I think independent artists truly appreciate support and recognition far more than corporate-sponsored major artist awards… and who wouldn’t want to be out in Hollywood during the Grammys with incredible indie music talent from all genres from all around the world.

Where can readers find more of your music and music videos?
Ruby: A good start is visiting We have some new live video presentation shot by Live Nation UK on their site, too and further tracks and news profile on MTV/Extreme

Lastly, what are you looking forward to most at the All Indie Music Awards?
Tom: Partying of course... if we get there! And hearing and meeting incredible multi-genre talent from all around the globe. We got to experience LA and Sunset Strip for just a few days this year and we had such a good time. We said back then ‘we need to come back soon’!

Vote for Reachback at "Best Rock Artist" and "Best Pop Artist".
Find more of Reachback at: 
Official Website

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