Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Year In Review "Best of The Great Unknowns Presents"

This is our final episode of 2011 and what better way to end the year, then to showcase the Best of The Great Unknowns Presents in a show called, “2011 Year in Review Special, Ep 137”

Since we cannot play every artist that have appeared on this show this year, we’re going to select one popular song for each month beginning with January until we get December.

So, kick back and enjoy this year in review with music by

“Gravity” by Katie Cole

“Shrug It Off” by Audrianna Cole

“It Aint A Game” by A.Smith

“Worldwide” by AVI and Madd Doc

“I like Girls” by Elle Vee

“Don’t Wake the Liopn” by Joy Valencia

“Simple Thoughts” by Dancelife Metro

“Freedom_WezClarkeRemix” by Del Gibbons

“Definition of a Lady” Beu Sisters

“White Lies” by Stacy Clark

“Bizarre Love Triangle (cover)” by Casino

“10,000 Years” by Tangent Transmission

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