Friday, December 2, 2011

2012 Artists In Music Awards Nominee Showcase V

Welcome to episode 133 and the 5th installment of the 2012 Artists In Music Awards Nominee Showcase. Today, we will be featuring five more artists from our pool of music nominees, plus one that isn't nominated yet, but they definitely should be. We will continue to feature nominees from the 2012 Artists In Music Awards until the night of the award ceremony on February 10, 2012.

Make sure you vote for your favorite artist in their respective categories. They have no chance of winning if you don't vote. If you don't recognize any of the nominees, listen to them all, and then decide.

In this episode, hear music by these award nominess:
“Six in the Morning” by The Suburbians (Nominated for Best Alternative Artist)
“Dangerous (ft Blak Bond)” by Breaking Day (Nominated for Best Pop Artist and Best R&B/Soul Artist)
“Sunset Blvd” by Emblem3 (Nominated for Best Alternative Artist and Best Rock Artist)
“Family” by Jesse Snyder (Nominated for Best Singer/Songwriter and Best Folk/Acoustic Artist)
“Fall featuring DJ Sleeper” by Mind the Gap (Nominated for Best Rock Artist and Best Alternative Artist)
“So Long Goodbye” by Theft

Cast your vote for your favorite artist on Artists In Music Awards website or All Indie Magazine

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