Friday, February 24, 2012

Nothing but a Nightmare: Interview with Atoms Nightmare

Today, we’re headed to Riverside, CA to visit and explore the work of Atom St. George, also known as Atoms Nightmare. Atoms Nightmare’s artwork could be categorized as Modern art. Now, Modern Art is a vast category. It’s very convoluted and that is because Modern Art is continually evolving and it has gone through major changes and minor variations of styles and it’s really dependent on the skill and disposition of the artist.

For an artist like Atom St. George, this rings very true. His style is definitely unique and represents what he calls, “a cluster of organized images that ultimately convey intense feelings from within.”

St. George's work was a coping mechanism. In 2006, a close friend committed suicide and it just so happened to fall on his 21st birthday. Other inspiration came from the news that he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, so much of his expression was fueled by personal misfortune.

If you look closely, you can see his frustration, his inner most demons, and perhaps the source of the inner turmoil that must have eaten away at his soul.

When asked about new communications and media technologies, and how imagery is almost instantly available. St. George was asked if he believed if it had a positive or negative influence on the industry?
“I think artists soley inspired by what images pop up on there computer are headed for second best. Maybe It is a plus for tattoo artists and clothing companies but true inspiration does not come from sitting infront of a computer.”
I also St. George what he see’s as the role of the visual arts in our mass-mediated world and particularly in his profession?
“Given that visual art, the rawest form of art, has been up against the ever so advancing computer technologies, I could see how this would diminish the role of visual arts for many, but not for me.”
We also spoke about the popular images of today and I asked him, what he frequently see rechanneled throughout the entertainment industry.
“I am still seeing a whole lot of "A Nightmare Before Christmas" art and figurines as well as recreated Looney Toon and Disney charachters. Not my cup of tea.”
When I asked St. George, if there are particular images that this industry has popularized, and or created? He simple says.
“Alot of older 'badass' actors like Al Pacino or even images from older movies are the basis for alot of art I have seen like Micheal Meyers, Jason, Pink panther...even E.T. Again not my cup of tea.”
And of course, I asked him who is his favorite visual artist are, or what is his favorite style of visual art in the modern or classical era?
“One of my favorite artists of all time has got to be Salvidor Dali. When I look at his work I feel as if we are connected to the same source. The only difference between me and someone of that nature is time. Right off the back I was drawn to surrealism because of the imagination involved. Anyone can learn to draw a tree but can everyone learned to draw bloody eye balls dangling from that tree?”
When asked, how his knowledge of famous artworks influenced his creative process, he simple states:
“When I open an art book of one of my favorite artists, my imagination is sparked up and then come the goosebumps.”
I also asked St. George where he sees his artwork taking him and what is his ultimate goal was? Recognized art? Multimedia like CD art, gaming, magazine, or film?
“My art will take me to the top. And by the top I mean having my art recognized worldwide and to bring light to 'Atom's Nightmare'. Along with my visual artistic mission, I have recently signed up for the digital media program at Otis to make a cartoon based on my visual art. The cartoon reflecting my art and visa versa, however I am open to do CD covers. Art & music are the best compliment.”
Atom St George of Atoms Nightmare is definitely an up and coming artist and while his art is currently confined to the Los Angeles area, organizations like RAW: Natural Born Artists has showcased his work multiple times and through these types of organized events, there is a possibility that his work will catch on and Atoms Nightmare will become not just art, but an influence on the community, and maybe he’ll earn his place as a prolific figure in art history that represents this moment of the 21st century.

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  1. Love your art and the reason you do it..Keep going Adame