Friday, March 16, 2012

Ready Set Stun: The Great Unknowns Presents LIVE, Ep 146

Thanks for tuning in this weeks episode of The Great Unknowns Presents. With 146 episodes now are on belt, today’s show is no different, but are you aware this is our 3rd year? That’s right. Looking back, we went from a simple college radio show and podcast with less than 300 listeners to a core audience of over 200,000 iTunes and Zune subscribers and beating out Adam Carrolla for the No. 1 spot. Our radio show went to the big stage and hosted the first annual Artists In Music Awards with 8 live performances and gave away 23 awards in front of 1,300 people in Hollywood, CA.

While others claim to play today’s best independent music, we actually do. We brag, because it’s true. You won’t hear some hack with a cheap computer program and a microphone. What you would expect to hear on popular radio stations and your favorite video channel is exactly what you’ll hear on this show, except you’ve never heard of these people. So when we say "we play the best music from the independent music scene,"... damn it! We mean it!

This week you will hear music by:
“Manhattan” by Jenny D
“Ready, Set, Stun” by Jared Dylan
“Caves” by Pretty Too Bad
“Superman” by Alex Montanez
“Nature Falls” by Grimus

If at anytime, you like to give us a shout out or make a request, give us a call at 1 (206) 338-1935 or Tweet us at @great_unknowns

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