Friday, May 11, 2012

Daylight - Interview with Breaking Day & Lizzi Liz Rock Block, Ep 153

Part 1:
The first part of this episode is an interview with a female quartet called, Breaking Day.

Breaking Day is an all female Pop / R&B group from Murrieta, CA.

Breaking Day’s debut album Daylight just dropped in April of 2012. The 14-track LP is without any disappointment. While it only took one year to recruit, record, and release their first full-length album, one might expect flaws, but surprisingly there is not. When you hear the entire album for the first time from beginning to end, you are both impressed and satisfied. Now, it is all about building a fan-base, touring, and gaining accolades from industry critics to validate their hardwork.


In March of 2011, their label Corporate Ballin held a Southern California area audition in search of four girls to come together and form an all girl group. The founder of Corporate Ballin didn’t want to just form just any girl group, but build an explosive collaboration of talent that would not only sound good, but entertain its viewers.

Founder of Corporate Ballin and Producer, Toma “Maskerade” Johnson decided to cut out the middleman and materialize his personal vision of what a female group should look and sound like. After weeks of auditioning, he decided upon four girls from the Inland Empire and San Diego areas to form the group known as Breaking Day.


The Front Girl is 21-year-old singer/songwriter and dancer, Nicole Garcia-Crisologo. Nicole wasn’t just meant for the part, she was bred for it. Since she was a small child, Nicole spent countless hours working on building her resume as an actress, a vocal singer, song writer, and appearing in musicals, so once she got the call to audition for Breaking Day, she was already posed for the position. In an instant, she was selected from dozens of applicants.

The tall brunette bombshell is Miranda Siegersma. When you see her perform, you’re not only captivated by her incredible vocals, but also by her unmistakable model like presence. Then suddenly you’re caught off guard when you discover, she’s the voice behind the rap lyrics. Miranda grew up in a small town outside of Temecula called Yucaipa, CA, but she also came from a long line of musician’s, so becoming a music artist wasn’t a tough decision nor was it discouraged. Having been inspired by the dance moves of Michael Jackson, she also developed a love for Hip Hop. With the addition of Miranda, she adds a whole dynamic to Breaking Day. Pay close attention to songs “Make It Through”, “Dangerous”, “Fire”, and “Have Dough”.

The third beauty is Gabriela Tristan, a young talented singer from San Diego, CA. While Nicole and Miranda sing most of the main vocals, Gabriela does play a distinct and vital role. Her distinct ability is carrying a smooth and long traveling note. Her voice is noticeable in songs like, “All Falls Down”, “Pretty Faces”, “Explanations”, and “Fire”. Whenever you hear a soft, but sultry voice, you’re hearing to Gabriela.

The fourth and final Breaking Day is Emily Pince. Also born and raised in San Diego, Emily is the blond of the crew and while she is not the front girl, she stands out more than all of the girls combined. She has a stage presence that is unmatched. She seems to strut her stuff and dances with more conviction. Perhaps she is the leader of the live stage. Maybe, her experience as a varsity cheer captain in High School had something to do with that.


Official Website


Part II

The 2nd half of this weeks episode is dedicated to one of our listeners Lizzi Liz of South Florida, and we’re calling The Lizzi Liz Rock Showcase. It is a collaboration of Alternative, Rock, Punk, and Indie Rock.

Music included in this episode:
“Star Crossed Lovers” by Approaching Troy 
“Restless” by Last Stand For Lucy
“Call Me In The Morning” by Drop Dead Pinups
“Pretty Clever” by Early Flight Home
“The Burning & The Falling Down” by Face the King

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