Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mika Ben-Yami Wins the First Artists In Music Awards Summer Showcase

Congratulations to Mika Ben-Yami!

Mika is the first of three winners during the Summer Showcase Series. She has secured her place for the main stage at the 2013 Artists In Music Awards ceremony on February 8. The next Summer Showcase will take place on July 29, 2012 at House of Blues – Voodoo Lounge.

In West Hollywood, CA on Sunday, Executive Producer and Program Director of KGUP 106.5FM “The Emerge Radio Networks,” Mikey Jayy hosted the very first Artists In Music Awards Summer Showcase.

With the help of the audience, a pair of judges were in attendance to score and help determine the winner of the night.

At 7pm, Julian Rios III took the stage performing an amazing solo acoustic set including “Deep in Hiding”, “Love & Lies”, “Simple Physics” and he also performed his crowd favorite song, “Greetings”.  

Julian is a Singer/Songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. He is also a Co-Host on the hit radio show Music & Mayhem with Taylor Van Arsdale, which airs on Indie100 and KGUP 106.5FM "The Emerge Radio Networks".
The second artist to take the stage was Brooke Rose. She brought her full crew, but played with a broken down acoustic version of her band. Equipped with an upright bass, an acoustic guitar, and a cajon drum, a single symbol, and tambourine, nothing took away from her solid performance, in fact, the acoustic ensemble was a pleasant change of pace. The audience got to see the softer side of the talented young artist playing both her originals with a few covers including, “Still Breathing”, “Scars”, “Alibi”, “Decode” by Paramore, and a special encore performance of “Perfect” by Pink.

Brooke is a talented 17-year-old Pop artist from Corona, CA. Her music has been aired on television shows including Degrassi, Paper Planes. She's been nominated for numerous awards including Best Pop Single at the LA Music Awards, voted Female Vocialist of the Year by Rising Star Music Awards, and she’s received several other accolades from other organizations. She is also competing for an award at the Artists

In Music Awards for Best Pop Rock Artist.
The final act was Mika Ben Yami. Mika also brought the full  acoustic version of her band, including a massive uprightdouble bass. Mika and company performed a series of originals like her award winning song, “Nothing is Wrong”. She also performed her uptempo fan favorite, “Flow”.

Mika is a Singer/Songwriter and Folk artist from Tel Aviv, Isreal and from London, England. For her debut album Nothing is Wrong, Mika has worked with Producer, Jimmy Iovine of Interscope-Geffen-A&M records. Mika's also worked with Producer, David Foster of Verve Records, Reprise, 143, and Atlantic Records. Not to mention, Mika was a Final Nominee for Best Folk/Acoustic Artist at the 2012 Artists In Music Awards and won an award for Best Music Video from La Femme Film Festival in 2011.

Two judges in attendance were Lacy Daryl also known as Uncle Earl from the hit showUltimate Underground Experience with Uncle Earl on KCLA 99.3FM and Record Producer, Lea Reis of Infinite Music Source. The judges graded all three performers based on a number of factors for lyrical composition, musical composition, vocals, stage presence, overall delivery, and last but not least, audience participation.  
The score was extremely close and only two points separated the two artists with Mika Ben-Yami prevailing with 29 of 30 possible points. With the score cards nearly dead even, the audience was asked to once again cheer on their favorite performer of the evening. Separated by just a few decibels, it was clear that Mika was the winner of the night.

Voodoo lounge is inside one of West Hollywood’s iconic venue and restaurants located on the Sunset Strip. Inside the House of Blues are a number of rooms and one of them being the Voodoo Lounge. The decoration inside the lounge is an interesting spectacle with a combination of Black Magic Voodoo skulls and Hawaiian Tiki. The floor of the lounge is equipped with a dining facility and bar. On the west end of the building is the stage, where the three music artists took the stage to compete for one of the elusive spots on the main stage for the 2013 Artists In Music Awards. The awards ceremony is scheduled for February 8, 2013 at Key Club, also in West Hollywood.

The next showcase is July 29, 2012 at House of Blues - Voodoo Lounge in West Hollywood, CA. Performers TBA 

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