Friday, June 22, 2012

Song Of The Week

It's Friday so that means it's 'Song Of The Week' time again. This week's song is 'Manny and The Coloured Sky - My Love'

A Little while ago I got a message from Manny Ademolu asking me to check out his music. I get asked to check out bands often but it's not usual for something to really catch my attention like Manny and The Coloured Sky managed to. 

Manny's vocals are astounding, that husky tone of his makes you feel relaxed and helps you to get lost in his music. On my first listen of 'My Love' I found myself comparing his music to Ben Howard, Dallas Green and Bon Iver. Nancy Okai features on the track and whilst they're both harmonising I really enjoyed it but I feel her higher range threw the song a little, however Manny's husky tones soon rescued it again. 

Take a Listen;

After scrolling through his Youtube to discover a few raw videos I found Manny and The Coloured Sky is just Manny and his guitar, that husky tone that drew me in comes so naturally and Manny delivers it with ease. I hope Manny and The Coloured Sky record some more tracks. I for one am definitely a fan and I'd love for that husky tone to be on my Ipod! 

Make sure you check him out!

Geekinthepinkk x 

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