Friday, June 29, 2012

Withdrawls: Interview with Kyle Gattison, Episode 160

Today on The Great Unknowns Presents, we have R&B, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, and Publicist, Kyle Gattison.

If you're in Hollywood long enough, you might find the R&B singer at Red Carpet events standing next to popular recording artists and you might be wondering who this guy is. He's not recognizable now, but he will be.

Kyle is laying down the ground work for his own publicity campaign. He's out there networking and meeting key people in the industry. Like a chess match, Kyle sees 10 moves ahead of himself. Each move is all part of a strategic plan to help the pre-launch of his brand new LP. Although he is in the early stages of his music career, he is out there building relationships and making friends in high places. 

By day, Kyle works as a Publicist for a company called Nati Celebrity Services. This service provides services including media relations, marketing communications, and literary productions. This company represents a wide variety of entertainers and athletes like Warren G, Slim of 112, Brad Whitford, WC, DMX, Wingo of Jagged Edge, Jeff Gordon, Kurt Busch, and many other major famous athletes and various celebrities. 

Kyle moved to Los Angeles earlier in 2012, but has already been working harder than most major recording artists. Together with Producer, Mike Szkmczyk, Kyle and Mike are working each night on the production of his new album well into the twilight hours.

Kyle definitely has the ambition of a seasoned major recording artist. With such dedication and drive, he does not need record label executives standing over him and cracking the whip...he does it to himself. 

Currently, Kyle only has "Withdrawls" and "Life Clock"released and can be found on his Facebook page, but except more incredible music by this talented recording artist this Fall. In our interview, we sampled a special version of "Withdrawls" that was remixed by J6.

If you missed the live broadcast on KGUP 106.5FM, listen to the podcast here or on The Great Unknowns Presents

Compare Kyle Gattison with Chris Brown, Usher, Ne-Yo, Tyrese, Romeo, and J. Holiday.

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