Friday, July 6, 2012

Interview with The Barrens, Ep 161

The Barren’s is unlike most bands you will encounter. They do not easily fit within any specific genre category. Rather, they conform to many including Psychedelic Rock, Experimental Rock, Alternative, and Rock, blending the familiar sounds of Pink Floyd, the Ramones, The Pixies, The Shins, Radiohead, and Temper Trap.

Founded in upstate New York, Debbie Chou, Colin Fitz, Chris Gersbeck, Mike Koene, and Jay Sharp relocated in New York City to pursue their music careers as The Barrens.

The Barrens has one previous EP called, Worming. Three years later in 2011, The Barrens released their latest and full length album and simply called it, The Barrens.

The LP begins with the title, “Claw Remains,” a very pseudo Pink Floyd song, then transitions into a very psychedelic, yet heavy metal track called, “Felt” which has an almost Black Sabbath sound with a thunderous guitar introduction played by Colin Fitz (Fitzgerald), Mike Koene, and Debbie Chou. When the song breaks into vocals, it’s hard not to compare Fitz’s voice to Black Francis of the Alternative Rock band, the Pixies.

In the next track called, “Bottem of the Well,” the band takes a new direction and delivers a sound that is both indie rock and perhaps surf rock-esk, that is more harmonious and less heavy metal, because the song is up beat, fast paced and appears to include the vocals from all five members of the band.

“In and of Ice” is not just a song, but also a journey as they incorporate the bass drum, tambourine throughout the song. Include the angelic voice of Debbie Chou, and you have a unique yet enjoyable song from beginning to end.

The entire The Barrens album is hard to turn away from. Without being aware, you might find yourself listening to every track again and again. Why? Simply because its unpredictable. There are a lot of hills and valleys and when you think you have them figured out, they change in another direction, making it even more enjoyable then the previous song. While The Barrens may fall outside of the mainstream formula, you will be compelled to give it a second glance or you may do what I did and find yourself listening for hours and hours, not realizing you were caught in a “barren” trance.

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