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Final Nominees for the 2013 Artists In Music Awards were named at the Nomination Event

December 2, 2012—It was a cold, rainy evening in Hollywood, but inside the historic Whisky A Go-Go, it was nothing but clear skies and amazing live music for the Artist In Music Awards Nomination Event. Inclement weather wasn’t going to stop a successful Nomination, Red Carpet and Press Event—a pre-show for the 2nd Annual Artists In Music Awards coming up February 7, 2013—please note changed date. Over 20 photographers and members of the media covered the event and the Red Carpet which was held inside—on the second floor—the historic Sunset Strip venue.

Nic Creznic hosted an incredible show, announcing all of the 130 Final Nominees in 26 categories. In addition there were 8 amazing performances by Abi Ann, Cheating Daylight, Deedub, Glitter Rose, Soren Bryce—the 2012 Artists In Music Award Best Alternative Artist winner, In Air, Andrea Desmond, and Melanie Taylor.

There were even special guest appearances by John Cassese the Dance Doctor—who was awarded the "Comeback Album of the Year" for his album Never Too Late. Al Bowman of the Los Angeles Music Awards graced the stage with a special introduction of the Nomination Event.

Award Nominee, Dr. John Carvalho, had this to say, 
“I just want to take a moment to congratulate Executive Producer, Mikey Jayy on his event last night at the Whisky. Wonderful performances by everyone and Nic Creznic did a great job of hosting. Special thanks to celebrity photographers Bob Delgadillo, David McNeill, Jaymz Eberly, Mickey Yeh, Carlos Zeron, Gus Summers, Edwin Leviste, Mike Casper, and the many others. Thank you to all the media outlets, especially Music Scene Magazine, and the staff at Whisky A Go-Go. Press releases and photos are being posted throughout the week! Mikey Jayy's Artists In Music Awards is now in the top tier of music awards around the city as is evidenced by its presence on the World Wide Web. Congratulations!”

Here are a few links to a stream of photos from the event courtesy of Gus Summers of The "IN" Show

More photos from the Nomination Event courtesy of Bob Delgadillo Events Photographer:

List of Final Nominees in all 26 categories:

Best Alternative Artist
·      Leave It To Us
·      The Controversy
·      In Air
·      Feu
·      Cheating Daylight

Best Folk/Acoustic Artist
·      Willie Ames
·      Jenny D
·      Soren Bryce
·      Aoede
·      Mika Ben Yami

Best Christian/Gospel Artist
·      In the Midst 777
·      Ray Ramon
·      Anne McClain
·      Kelly Manu

Best Blues Artist
·      Trever Swell
·      The Nonessentials
·      Marneen Fields
·      Joanne LeBlanc
·      The Como Brothers Band

Best Adult Contemporary Artist
·      Tom Slack
·      Janice Waley
·      Andrea Desmond
·      John Cassese
·      Eleven Dollars

Best Country Artist
·      Jessica Caylyan
·      Glitter Rose
·      Katie Cole
·      Whisky Row
·      Alex Cartwright
·      Abi Ann

Best Jazz Artist
·      Tom Slack
·      Wilma :)
·      Alex Economou
·      Keith Williams
·      Derik Nelson

Best Urban/Hip Hop Artist
·      Deedub
·      Ko-Lition
·      Travis Royce
·      Nix the Future
·      Da Govamint

Best R&B/Soul Artist
·      Michael Annotti
·      G-Lory
·      Nix the Future
·      Ray Ramon
·      The Ill Funk Ensemble

Best Punk/Post Punk Artist
·      Implants
·      Leave it to Us
·      Static People

Best Metal/Hard Rock Band
·      Haster
·      In the Midst 777
·      Hillbilly Herald

Lifetime Achievement
·      Valerie Watson
·      Brad Mercer

Producer of the Year
·      Daniel “Dagger” Kain
·      Avery Berman – The Ground Above
·      Johnathan Cunningham – Soren Bryce
·      Christie Beu and OnDre – The Beu Sisters
·      Nathaniel Kunkel - Darlingside

Best Radio Disk Jockey
·      Mark Lamdanski
·      Diggy Kat
·      Gus Summers
·      Rodney Bardin
·      Taylor Van Arsdale
·      Brad Mercer

Best Music Video
·      Beu Sisters “Never Gonna Give You Up”
·      David Geftakys “Games We Play”
·      Reachback “No One Else”
·      The Controversy “Real”
·      Static People “Toxic Overload”

Best Indie Rock Artist
·      Walla
·      Darlingside
·      Cheating Daylight
·      The Barrens
·      The Robo Drum

Best Pop Artist
·      Beu Sisters
·      Melanie Taylor
·      Cheating Daylight
·      Jamie Alimorad
·      Spencer Kane
·      Amy Barbera

Best Rock Artist
·      Glitter Rose      
·      Katie Cole
·      Reachback
·      Jamie Alimorad
·      Leave it to Us

Best Latin Artist
·      Samy Gana
·      Juan Francisco Zerpa
·      Signa

Best Dance Artist
·      Ray Ramon
·      G-Lory
·      Peter Pappas
·      Melanie Taylor
·      Lisa Panagos

Best Electronica
·      Next Day Fresh
·      Travis Royce
·      The Ground Above
·      Sensor
·      Psy’Aviah

Best Singer Songwriter
·      Aoede
·      Mika Ben-Yami
·      Amy Barbera
·      Tom Slack
·      Janice Whaley

LGBT Person of the Year
·      John Carvalho
·      Adam Lambert
·      Laura Vall
·      Esther Escobedo
·      Dan Fishback

Voting has now resumed for all of the Final Nominees in all the categories. Keep voting for your favorite artists. Voting will resume until January 20, 2013. To vote, click here: www.aimusicawards.com


On February 7, 2012 join us for the final installment of the 2013 Artists In Music Awards for the Awards Ceremony held at Whisky a Go-Go in Hollywood, CA. To purchase tickets, go to www.aimusicawards.com

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